Which wand is the best? Why? In your opinion, do the rechargeable kind seem weaker than the original plug in kind?

xdarkdreamerx xdarkdreamerx
Ok community, I'm sure it's been asked before but I could use your advice. I'm pretty new on here and as I'm sure it is for all of you as well, money is tight and so when I pick a toy I want it to be a good one that will last me a while and be what I need. I think I want to buy a wand, but there are so many options I have no idea which is the best for me. I've heard the original Hitachi is great, but is large and super noisy. The main thing I want is power. It would be nice if it were rechargeable but it's not a make or break thing. I've never had a wand before so I'm really trying to do all the research I can before I buy. Any tips are welcome! Thank you!
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Couture pink inspire
Couture collection Inspire
My mini miracle massager electro power kit or My mini-miracle massager
Fairy wand massager
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