Wireless remote vibe that doesn't exist (yet).

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Wireless remote vibe that doesn't exist (yet).

I like to try harder I like to try harder
The idea of a wireless remote vibe has caught my wife's attention, so of course it has mine now too. It seems like there are a few out there, but all seem to suffer from too many flaws, mostly related to the remote control. Since I am a bit of a techie, I thought I would throw out some ideas of how this could be improved.

Many people have seen the helicopters that you can fly with your smartphone or ipod/ipad. Think of changing that type of control to a vibe. These have a range of about 100 ft, which is much better than anything out there right now. These use wifi, which not only can be hooked up to your smartphones etc, but allow for the possibility of control by someone at any distance provided there is wifi available. Wifi is great for range, but more expensive.

Bluetooth is another option that is more affordable, but has a shorter range. The radios are typically smaller so it could be used for those small discrete types of vibes. These also have the possibility of control from a great distance if set up the right way.

Anyway, just wanted to see what everyone's thoughts were on the subject. Just think of the possibilities.
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Mr. E Mr. E
It would also be great if the vibe was both powerful and super silent.
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