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Cam Girl

Cosmonaut Cosmonaut
I know what you mean. Starving student =/

I started out on MFC and took a break and going to start the up again soon.

Another site I like would be Chaturbate. It has male,female, transgender, and couples cams. You can start out as exhibitionist and if it is right for you and you want to make money, then you can start "Chaturbating" and accept tips. It's pretty fun and most people are nice. If the free, non-paying, accounts become a nuisance, you can silence them, or silence just individuals. You can also select people to mod and to help you out =)

You just have to find your niche in it.
kanida kanida
I'm interested in trying this. It'd be really nice to make the extra money and it sounds kind of fun, but I'd be waaay too worried about it coming back to bite me in the ass later on.
falalena falalena
Originally posted by Katelyn
I am thinking about starting a cam career to make some extra money. I am a starving college student! I was wondering if anyone has any advice on websites or how to start out.
I am also concerned about how I will like the job and am looking for ...
i remember reading something about cam girls, and how the guys become extremely possessive and jackasses and the people you work for can be big douches. just be careful.
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