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I have a contest I am running on my blog about which products may be missing from my personal store.... KissingBlue The contest ends on Wednesday, go put your entry in and help me add more to my store!
  • Get 3 amazing toys for $60 only
  • Black Friday Cyber Monday 70% Clearance
  • Black Friday Cyber Monday 50% Clearance
  • Black Friday Cyber Monday 40% Clearance
  • Black Friday Cyber Monday 25% Clearance
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mh11 mh11
Excellent! I'd be happy to help.
mh11 mh11
doesn't exist anymore...
SilverIsis SilverIsis
it says that the blog does not exist when I click the link.
Rockin' Rockin'
The original post is 6 months old. Karen has moved her blog since then, and her new blog is here. Have fun!
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