wooo got my VCH piercing!!

AOutrajus AOutrajus
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YAY. went and got my VCH piercing Wednesday. It hardly hurt just like I thought. just a hard quick pinch.
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I had a VCH for a few years, and really enjoyed it. However, it rubbed me raw when I was using my hitachi once too often, so I retired it. I hope you enjoy yours! I think they look so cute.
toxie m toxie m
Oooh, fancy Enjoy! New piercings are always exciting, but that one would clearly be double the excitement
JessCee JessCee
yay!!! I want one so bad!!!!
FaerieLove FaerieLove
That is a piercing I have always wanted but have always been too scared to do it. Power to ya!
Jimmy Stevenson Jimmy Stevenson
What is it?
AOutrajus AOutrajus
its a vertical clitoral hood piercing.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
Too scared to do it, but I've heard others do it.
sktb0007 sktb0007
Awesome, congrats!
Gingy Gingy
Ive thought about getting one but then chicken out when i realize i have to show my goods to someone other than my partner :S
Kitka Kitka
I would love to get one but not sure where to go to get it done properly around here. Not all the piercers around here know what they're doing unfortunately.
MamaDivine MamaDivine
YIKES! I know, Im such a prude here...but OUCH! lol. You have more guts than I ma'am! lol
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