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Sunny Bunny Sunny Bunny
iv been curiouse about the personal store thing, what is it? how do you do it?
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Rockin' Rockin'
For onsite personal stores like these types of stores you would just email saying you'd like to have an onsite personal store and include the name of your store (you can change the name later). These stores are really fast and easy to set up and lets you have a little section of products that you choose. Once it's live, a link to the store shows up on your contributor profile.

If you would like to have a store on your own site, you can learn how to get one at our Eden Personal Stores blog. We can help with the setup and answer any questions you have. This setup is more involved but you'd end up with a store on your own domain and more freedom to customize the design and organization of it.
lukymami lukymami
Is there a cost to have your own store?
Aishiteru Aishiteru
Originally posted by lukymami
Is there a cost to have your own store?
No, and you can get commissions.
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