How to make your own...

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How to make your own...

emiliaa emiliaa
Anything that I'm putting inside me? No.
s00z3 s00z3
Originally posted by Falsepast
Would you trust one of these guides from the internet telling you how to make your own sex toy? I wouldnt.
It depends on the toy itself. Some stuff I've tried myself then saw it online later and thought, "Oh hey, someone else thought of that too!"

Some stuff you can make with a little imagination. Using golf balls for kegel balls, hairbrush handle as a dildo, electric toothbrush for a little vibrator, etc.

But actually building one from wood? I don't have the skills for that, and after a few splinters, I think I'd be done trying.
PrincessJones PrincessJones
Be careful lol. thats my only advice :S
Slutty Girl Problems Slutty Girl Problems
Definitely interested - especially for BDSM toys!
CinnamonNights CinnamonNights
I've always wanted to make one! Of course only with safe materials. I think I could pull off silicone, or ceramic (with access to a kiln). *-* I have ideas...

Of course I'd probably still mostly buy toys, but yeah I think it'd be fun to make them.
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