Favorite Interview Questions?

Sera Sera
All of you who have read or participated in the interview questions with the Director of Marketing at California Exotic Novelties, Al Bloom, what was your favorite interview question and answer? I'm simply curious to know who the winner of this contest was as well, but I'd like to see what you viewers and EF members think! THanks!
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B8trDude B8trDude
I wasn't aware that there was a contest but Al Bloom just answered my question about the mysterious "American Pumpers Association" that endorses some of Cal Exotic's penis pumps. I really did not think he would answer the question but he has just stated that it's a genuine group - LOL! I had created another discussion on the forum to find out more (should have posted it here instead). I thought his response was hilarious! He didn't, however, discuss what his experience was like at the meeting he attended. Oh well . . . just more to ponder
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