Have I overused my toy?

Beautiful-Disaster Beautiful-Disaster
The other day I received the Amethyst glass dildo and used it quite a lot. I got orgasm after orgasm. Now I can't seem to get one. Is it possible I wore myself out?
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Fluke Fluke
Yeah I think so. The first time you are with a new person or try something new, you get a new unique feeling that gives you a crazy powerful orgasm. And then you either try again too soon and wear yourself out or you have unrealistic expectations and think it isn't as good.

Wait a few days then try it again.
I didn't even know that was possible, wow! You should give it a rest for a bit and start slow when you're feeling better.
SMichelle SMichelle
It's possible. I would say to just take a break for a bit, and then you'll probably enjoy it just as much as you did before.
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