How many sex toys do you own?

reinkaos reinkaos
We just recently bought a decorate box that looks like a treasure chest to store ours in.
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
michael scofield michael scofield
4 as of now. there are many other im very curious and want to buy hope to get up to 15
Double Analysis Double Analysis
It's very close to 20, but I didn't count. I may be slightly over at this point.
Chami Chami
over 30 im sure
elli elli
It depends on what you'd consider a sex toy, honestly. I have lots of pervertibles in my toy box, like a flexible ruler, mini padlocks, etc. But even without counting those, it's higher than 30...
shoutitout87 shoutitout87
I currently have only 3: a Wahl Massager, a Bent Graduate, and one almost identical to the Cal Exotics Pleasure Softee. Briefly had 4 before tossing my dying Pocket Rocket . I have every intention of increasing that number soon though.
Tangles Tangles
I think I have about 15 now. And growing! ;P
ihavenipples ihavenipples
I've probably thrown away nearly 100 over the years. I had a source for super cheap toys at one time and I don't like to keep shared toys after a relationship ends. I've tried many toys in the pursuit of pleasure. Some just don't hold up, like flesh-like masturbators and cheap vibrators, and we all know some are just crap. Currently I have a nice collection of 20 something, mostly from EdenFantasys.
g- g-
I hope to expand my collection greatly over the next few years!!
Cora Jane Cora Jane
I have between 10-20 right now, but I tend to toss the ones I don't use anymore so I don't keep too large of a collection. Now that I'm being much more selective of the toys I'm buying though, I think my collection is starting to grow in a more permanent way.
Abombadong Abombadong
Three...and getting more when we find out what up for the crazy Thursday sale
ToyGeek ToyGeek
I find that the best way to reduce the number is to just count less and less categories of things as sex toys. Bullets don't count, nor do bullet sleeves, or anything else that can be considered an accessory rather than a toy. Right?

Nothing obsessive about my collection, nope, there's barely any toys in there at all.
shannyshann shannyshann
I haven't counted but it's more than 10 and less than 30
15, but I keep adding to my collection. I love toys!
Mr. John Mr. John
Originally posted by hey steady
A friend was recently introduced our box of toys and commented on the variety and number of toys that we own! So can you have too many sex toys? How manys too many?
We have a ridiculous amount of expensive toys from most of the Nob Essence line, Njoy line, Lelo Insignia line, Vixskin (full line), Tantus (too many), We-vibe Sala's and Tango's, Phallix Glass dichroic, vacuum pump toys, Hitachi w/ speed control and many silicone accessories, Liberator shapes such as the Hitachi axis, Bonbon, Wing, and various wedges, Throe and Splash, etc. etc.. Most of these still sit unopened, or just not used. Truth be told, my wife covets her Eroscillator above all others. She's happy, so I'm happy. But I also from time to time remind her she has other options. Oh! She at least still uses me.
Love Bites Love Bites
Originally posted by hey steady
A friend was recently introduced our box of toys and commented on the variety and number of toys that we own! So can you have too many sex toys? How manys too many?
I don't know.. Actually haha my pile is split between two states.
wicked48 wicked48
I purchased my first toy 3 months ago and now have 2 vibes and a dildo. I do have a long wish list!
bowzer311 bowzer311
I have a few but want more
Kitten has left the site Kitten has left the site
I have 10-20, don't exactly know the number right now since the bag of sex toys is in with the husband who is sleeping but I know it's more than 10.
Pastafariette Pastafariette
I only own a few, but they are ones of good quality.
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