Is there anything else like this?

Mylo Mylo
Just in case
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I love the little case but from reviews it doesn't look like it's worth the money. Does anyone know of a place I can buy something similar?
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solitudinarian solitudinarian
For Your Nymphomation makes some condom cases, but I don't know what they are like. They're not as discreet as this one.
MeliPixie MeliPixie
All products on this site, near the bottom of the page have a list of similar products that are also offered here, you can start there.
amenti amenti
The condom cube. it comes with pretty lace on it.
Kiss Kiss
I think those are cute, too...but I'm like you; I don't want to spend THAT much money! I googled it, but I cannot find anything else like it...too bad!
SumFun75 SumFun75
I really never thought about a condom case. Really cute.
Bi-Pedal Draon Bi-Pedal Draon
Never thought of a condom case, but sounds pretty cool.
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