What is the worst sex toy that you have ever purchased?

ABC123 ABC123
The worst sex toy that I ever purchased was a bullet a few years back. It was so weak!
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Rossie Rossie
A skinny and basic butt plug made with silicone - it kept slipping out.
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
For me it was a G-spot vibe that was LOUD, super buzzy, and the G-spot curve bent backward every time you put a little pressure on it.

For Alan it was a masturbation sleeve by the same manufacturer that was sticky enough to pick up its own box, smelly, and tore the first time we played with it.
Noelle Noelle
Originally posted by ABC123
The worst sex toy that I ever purchased was a bullet a few years back. It was so weak!
Waterproof Wall Banger. My first mistake was ordering it from "another" site. (before I found EF). The suction is worthless, the power weak, and the prongs (it is modeled after a Rabbit) are so pokey, they acutally hurt. The only thing it's good for is an anal dildo basically. I wasted $30 on a piece of junk.
A jelly g-spot vibe that never once stimulated my g-spot.
Roz W Roz W
a big pink jelly dick. and honestly, that was just for fun and it was fun to own for a while. but it does /not/ hold up well.
ToyGeek ToyGeek
Some plastic vibrating anal "beads" from Doc Johnson that were horrible in every way possible -- painful sharp seam that had to be sanded, buzzy loud vibration, unsafe cord situation, etc. They made their way to the trash pretty fast, and the electronics from the controller are now a dimmer switch on a lamp.
Ryuson Ryuson
This piece of @#$*. Luckily it was a free gift... *grumbles*
Pixel Pixel
One of the Nassvibe 'silicone' rabbits. It stopped rotating whenever I got close to orgasm, and wasn't actually silicone.
ellieprobable ellieprobable

Trysexual Trysexual
plastic anal beads with knots on them. They were part of a kit. never again.
bh253 bh253
A jelly vibe from Lovers was probably the worst, just because of the material and the fact that it broke after a day and it was a replacement for the same toy that had also broken in a short period of time.
ABC123 ABC123
The slim g was my worst.... All I could do was laugh at it, LOL...
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