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My New Flexible Friend

The flex is a unique toy that is great for trying out double penetration. It's not overly intimidating, and it has nice size to it. It is completely sterilizable and is easy to take care of.
Sterilizable, double penetration
difficult to get bullet in and out, silicone muffles vibrations
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The Flex from Tantus is a unique dildo that has a lot of great things going to it. It is unique in that it has two arms and can be used both anally and vaginally for a double penetration experience. The base is very wide, so there's no chance of it getting lost inside. The arm can also be moved out of the way if you decide you aren't in the mood for double penetration that night. The toy was designed for use by women, but it can be used by others as well. It would work great for solo play as well as with a partner and with it's size it will most likely work for pretty much anyone unless they like very large or very small toys.

Material / Texture

The Flex is made of silicone and comes in two different shades of purple. I have the purple haze color which is a medium purple, but it looks more bluish when light shines on it. It also has some pretty swirls in the color which looks very beautiful.

Silicone is a bendable material that will still feel pretty firm. It isn't so bendable that it feels flimsy though. The anal arm is quite a bit thinner and because of this, is much more bendable than the rest of the toy. Here's some pictures to give an idea of the amount of flexibility the toy has.

My favorite thing about silicone is that it is completely sterilizable. It is non-porous and because of this it can be shared with partners without worries of it spreading any infections as long as it is properly washed in between. The silicone does tend to attract dust, hair, and lint and can be a little bit tricky to keep clean so be sure to wash it off before use. When you are playing with your flex, or any silicone toy, be sure not to use a silicone based lubricant as it can damage the toy.

The bullet is silver and made of hard plastic. Plastic is not completely sterilizable, so keep that in mind if you plan on sharing the bullet with others.

Design / Shape / Size

The design is pretty unique. It has two arms which are designed to be used simultaneously for double penetration. The Flex is 7.5" long from end to end, with 5.25" of the vaginal arm being insertable, and 4.25 of the anal arm being insertable. The vaginal arm is somewhat similarly shaped to a penis and had a head on the end of it, while the anal arm has several bulges to create a different feel when inserting. The circumference of the toy is 4.25" for the vaginal arm, and 2.25" for the anal arm. So this end up being a happy medium sizewise and should suit most people unless they like very large or very small toys.

The bullet is about 3" long and comes to a point at the end and runs on N sized batteries. It has an on/off button on the end and only has one speed. It's a little bit longer than your standard bullet and works well both on its own and along with the Flex. The Flex also has a hole in the bottom where a bullet can be placed which you can see below. It really grips the bullet pretty snugly and it can be difficult to pull out at times.


The anal arm was a little disappointing in my opinion. Since it is more flimsy than the rest of the toy, it ends up being somewhat difficult to insert at times. I think if the anal arm had just been a little bit thicker, that this could have been avoided.

There is a hole to place the bullet into to allow the entire toy to vibrate. Other bullets than the one that comes with the Flex can be used as well, but be sure not to push it in too far. My partner did this and the bullet ended up getting stuck in the hole and no matter what I did I could not pull it out until finally as a last resort I tried pliers. I was able to get the bullet out, but it got broken in the process. So if you put either the bullet that comes with the flex, or another bullet inside the toy, be sure to only push it in far enough where you are sure you will be able to pull it out.

The vibrations aren't all that strong when the bullet is inserted in the toy and feels much weaker than the bullet feels on its own. I believe the silicone tends to muffle the vibrations, they can still definitely be felt but I find myself wishing that they were stronger.

The toy works pretty well for thrusting and has a very nice double penetration sensation. There isn't much G-spot stimulation with this toy due to it's shape, but it still feels nice. It feels different from every other toy I've tried.

I believe this toy could possibly be used with a harness. However I have not tried using the toy this way, so I can't comment on it's performance in this area.

Care and Maintenance

When I clean the toy, I use antibacterial soap and water to wash it with after taking the bullet out. Then I let it stand up and air dry so it doesn't get too many fuzzies since the silicone tends to attract them. It can also be boiled, washed in the dishwasher, washed in a bleach solution, or washed with a toy cleaner or toy wipe.

Storing the toy in some sort of container is a good idea to keep it away from fuzzies. I like to keep mine in a small box so it doesn't get dust on it.

The flex should be used with a water-based lube. Silicone lubes tend to damage silicone toys and it would be a shame to ruin a nice toy by using the wrong lube.


When we got this toy, I was very excited to try it. The idea of double penetration really excites me and this toy seemed like something that would work great for me. It is a nice toy, but the shape of it just didn't do as much for me as I was hoping. I still think it is a great toy, but it just didn't rock my world the way I had hoped that it would. I think I will be better off using two separate toys when doing double penetration with toys than I am with the flex by itself. I need more curve vaginally than this toy offers so unfortunately I don't see this one getting a ton of use, though I'm sure I will be happy to pull it out from time to time.
Follow-up commentary
This toy just wasn't a very good match for me. I think it would be a perfect toy for a lot of people. However, after trying it several for times, it just wasn't an exciting toy for me and I eventually ended up giving it to a friend. She does tell me that she loves it, so I feel like this toy it hit or miss. It might work for you, but it just wasn't a toy that got me off.
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