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Double Diddle me Baby!

Release your inner kink and open yourself up to the Flex, a dildo that takes double penetration to an all time high. The beautiful crafted iridescent purple dildo is soft enough to aid in easy penetration and sturdy enough for hours of blissful stroking. If you're looking for a quality product that will enhance and not over power your love making, the Flex double penetration dildo is just what your body needs.
The size works for both newbies to DP and experts. Easy to use. Silicone is soft yet sturdy.
The silicone attracts unwanted debris.
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If you are looking to explore the world of double penetration, then Tantus has the perfect toy for you. The Flex Double Penetration Dildo was made with the newbie in mind and provides ample power for the connoisseur who requires a quality toy that will keep them or their mate continuously satisfied.

The Flex is a multi-functional double penetration dildo that also comes with a bullet vibrator for an added bonus. The ultra premium grade silicone makes double penetration a breeze, pleasuring both the anal and vaginal muscles simultaneously, while the vibrator stimulates the senses in a way that one has never experienced and provides enough power that can be felt throughout the toy.

The toy can be used in several ways. You can choose to use both appendages together or one at a time. Because of the flat base of the dildo you can also use it with a harness for hands-free play. The Flex is designed to be used comfortably during solo play or with a partner. And you can choose to use or not use, the removable vibrator. The Flex is a treasure trove of fun that will single-handedly enhance your sexual encounters for hours on end.

The slightly curved head can also be used for g-spot stimulation. The vaginal head of the Flex provides a gentle massage that will allow a first-timer to g-spotting to relax and fully enjoy their first experience. With a slight change in force of your hand, you can easily go from slow and gentle to fast and forceful for pleasurable g-spotting play, that will satisfy both the experienced and the newbie.

Tantus truly offers versatility with this product while keeping both the beginner and advanced user in mind. Between the various functions, quality of material, fullness, and strength of the toy; the Flex will easily become your "go-to" toy for every occasion. Whether you are looking to add excitement to your love making, try double penetration on your own or with a partner, or just simply want a quality toy that gives a whole new definition to eroticism, the Flex is definitely the toy for you.

Material / Texture

Tantus addresses all of your toy concerns with the Flex double penetration dildo. It is a premium toy that is non-pourous, has no odor or taste, offers flexibility and versatility, and can easily be cleaned.

The Flex is made out of the highest quality of silicone like all of the Tantus toys are. Silicone is a smooth, water-proof, and non-porous material that can be cleaned by boiling, bleaching, or warm water and hypo-allergenic soap. Although silicone is water-proof, this will also depend on how the toy is constructed and where the battery component is housed. In this case the toy is water-proof, however it is unclear if the insertable bullet is water-proof. To be safe, simply use the dildo without the bullet inserted while in the water.

Silicone is a soft material that is gentle to the body and merciful to the orifices. The Flex is made completely out of silicone through and through.There isn't a smell or unpleasant taste with the Flex that will take away from play-time as you may find in other toys.

Being made of silicone means that toy is non-porous. A non-porous toy is easy to clean and cared for. You don't have to worry about harmful chemicals seeping out of the toy over time as with most porous toys.

The shaft of the insertable vaginal portion has a slightly curved tip that makes for easy g-spotting or simple vaginal play. The second part of the dildo is comprised of 5 rounded beads that are made for anal insertion. Both parts are smooth and will glide in easily. But if you need to use a lubricant, always use a water-based lube with this and any silicone toy so that you do not destroy the material of the toy.

Silicone will attract unwanted material such as hair or lint. During play, use a toy cleansing wipe to clean in during down times.

The Flex is soft and pliable but also firm, which makes for a great toy for those anywhere on the sex toy experience spectrum. The dildo is not so soft that it is flimsy nor is it too hard that it will hurt those new to the experience. The smooth and bumpy sides of this toy gives you the best of both worlds. The straight portion is just what your pussy asks for with its thickness and suppleness, while the beaded portion provides small pops of pleasure that will woo even the toughest to please ass.

The bullet vibrator is made of a hard silver-toned plastic. The ring that sits between the battery cap and shaft of the vibe and the push button control, are made of a purple rubber material. The vibrator can be used for clit stimulation, but I suggest not using it as an insertable vibe, because there is no pull out cord and it is fairly slim.

The Flex is hypoallergenic and phthalate-free. There is one word that justly describes this toy: Quality.

Design / Shape / Size

A mixture of purple iridescence is masterfully poured to create this beauty. The finish seems to illuminate as the light hits it. As with most iridescent colors, there seems to be faint highlights of blue and darker purple hues in the finish.The Flex almost begs to jump out of the box when you first lay eyes on it.

The Flex is a 7 1/2" work of art that every kinkster should add to their collection; 5 1/4" of the smooth vaginal portion is insertable and 4 1/4" of the bumpy shaft is insertable into the anus. The dual usage feature of the toy makes it a lovely addition that will earn its place in your heart.

Although the Flex isn't a replication of an actual penis, it holds its own weight with its size. The circumference of the vaginal dildo is 4 3/4" and the circumference of the phallic tip is 5". The anal portion is similar to the width of a finger and the circumference is 2 1/4". These measurements, combined with the smooth material, is perfect for a newbie to enjoy and big enough to satisfy a size queen.

The flared base captures your attention with the waves of sparkling purple that can be seen throughout the whole dildo. The flared base not only provides a good grip for solo and anal play, but is also easy to use with a harness. The weight is light enough that it doesn't pull your harness into awkward positions, which also helps the dildo sit perfectly against the pelvis while in the harness. Now, although the Flex is light, it feels nice and solid in the hand and in the nether regions.

There is a small hole on the bottom of the flared base where you to slide in the bullet. The vibrations can be strongly felt throughout the entire toy. There are several ridges inside of the hole that help to keep the vibrator in place during use.

The vibe resembles a silver bullet with its shiny 3" ending in a point. The vibe is 2" in circumference. To turn on the vibe, you simply press the push button on the battery cap end. The vibrations are strong enough to make the vibe rotate and move up and down the palm of your hand. How's that for power?

The Flex can be tucked away in your travel bag in or out of the case. But because of the size of the plastic box that it comes in, I suggest taking it out and placing it in a plastic bag that will take up less room. But be warned, there is no mistaking it, the Flex looks like a double penetration dildo and it may be hard to explain why it is in your bag to the x-ray tech at the airport.

The powerful little bullet vibe that comes with the Flex is powered by an N-size battery. The wonderful folks at Tantus have seen fit to provide you your first battery. The battery is already inside of the vibe with a paper circle in between the connector to save the battery life during shipping. There is also a thin plastic insert within the vibe that shows you how to insert the battery. This thin slip does not come out of the vibe like some paper inserts; however, it does not interfere with function of the vibe.

More and more adult toy manufacturers seem to be using this type of battery and, although this size battery is not of the more common variety, it is available as a rechargeable battery. So once you have drained the life out of it, try using a rechargeable battery that in time, will save you money and keep your body happy for many more times to come. But don’t look to replace the battery anytime soon. The vibe is not an energy guzzler and will keep on ticking for as long as you can keep on playing.

Care and Maintenance

The Flex is said to be hand-made from the highest quality 100% ultra-premium platinum silicone. From the look and feel of the dildo, this statement from Tantus holds true. Silicone is one of the best materials for use in adult toy making and is easy to care for.

To clean the toy, simply use hypo-allergenic soap and warm water, a 10 part bleach solution, place on the top rack of your dish-washer, or boil for five to ten minutes. When submerging in water while cleaning, remove the vibrator. The vibrator should not be boiled and is best cleaned using a toy wipe, universal toy cleaner, or wiping off with a warm cloth and hypo-allergenic soap.

Once the toy is dried, store it in a cool and dry place; either a bag, storage container, or the box that it comes in.

Because the silicone attracts dust and lint, it is best to clean it before use as well. Again you can use any of the methods above for cleaning, but a universal toy wipe will save time and works just as well.

Silicone toys should only be used with water-based lubricants. Silicone lube on a silicone toy will cause damage and ruin the toy.


The Flex comes in a plastic see-through box that measures 9" in height 6 1/2" in length and 3" in width, making it slightly big to stuff into a drawer. However you can take the toy out of the box and place it in a plastic bag. But only store away the toy after it has completely dried to detour unwanted bacteria growth.

Because the box is completely see-through, everyone will know what it is from far away and should be hidden from prying eyes and roaming kids.

There are no instructions with the box but this is a fairly easy toy that will take no time to figure out. The back of the package does speak on the material and cleaning.
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