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32 reviews

The Masseuse 3 is only superficially about a masseuse – it’s more about Kayden, her multiple personalities, and some sexy encounters. If you like the cast, you’ll enjoy watching them perform in fairly vanilla yet fun scenes.

Sadly, I don't recommend this because I know there are plenty of better porn videos to waste your money on. Seriously. Even if you're a Kayden Kross fan, this one's sort of difficult to stick through with. If you're looking for Kayden Kross, try Family Matters. The Masseuse just is not a good movie.

I expected more from DP. I've seen a lot of good or at least decent porns from DP, but this was an abomination. I know that I shouldn't expect a lot of accuracy surrounding mental health in a porn or any type of popular media, however, I found the attempt to make a psychiatric disorder into something sexy to be in poor taste. Overall, this porn was pretty pathetic. The scenes were repetitive and boring and there was really no plot to connect these pitiful dicey scenes.

The Masseuse 3 is another well done DP film. Kayden stars and is amazing in her sex scenes, as per her usual. It has very little plot to it, but what there is is easy to follow. It has a lot of vanilla sex, but I still liked it!

I didn't like this one, I thought the plot was dumb and there was 0 sexual chemistry between the actors.

Yes, there was one small scene of a massage. But when a title features ‘Masseuse' in it, you expect the plot to focus around massaging. It isn't the worst porn DVD I have had the displeasure of sitting through but it is a little bit of a snooze fest. The sex scenes are pretty much the same with no anal penetration. If you're looking for something relatively simple, then perhaps you'll enjoy this.

This movie was awful. It's extremely boring, the sex isn't so great, and well there was a plot but I couldn't really figure it out, too confusing. I gave up and starting skipping through the dvd about 10 minutes in.

This is a typical porn flick in which all reality is suspended and there are no consequences for unprofessional behavior and outright ethical violations. The sex is run of the mill and not at all unusual but the situations are still kind of kinky. In short, though inappropriately named, 'The Masseuse 3' has a spot on my porn shelf. It's just the sort of odd movie that catches my attention and makes me come back later.

This dvd was not real exciting to me. I found myself pushing fast forward more then I should be for a porn. I like to watch porns with plots sometimes and this one was suppose to have one and did not. It had little to do with a masseuse and the scenes weren't that exciting. My hubby and I had to put in another porn to get turned on.

The Masseuse 3 is good looking, well produced and features some fine looking sex scenes; but ultimately lacks that spark of magic which makes some of Digital Playground's other productions so compulsive.

The plot is a bit thin in this third installment of the Masseuse series, but dialog is good and the acting is solid. But what really matter is that the sex scenes are super hot. There's good chemistry in every scene, with some really intense, energetic fucking throughout.

For a film called Masseuse 3, there is almost no massage in this flick. The one massage scene is not a prelude to sex. The most I can figure is two people playing masseuses (Scott Nails and James Deen) have scenes in this film. The real star is Kayden Kross who plays a delusional woman. There is a little plot stringing these straight vanilla sex scenes together, but mostly it is what it is: porn.

I can't say enough about how awesome the movie "looked" on blue-ray with a hi-def TV. And the sound quality was superb. But, the sex scenes overall were pretty plain and not incredibly arousing, and they seemed really long. I found myself hitting the fast fwd button more than the play or pause button. I don't find myself looking forward to Masseuse 4.

The title does not really reflect what happened in the movie! I feel like I was left out of some joke. This movie was not what I was expecting, and all around a disappointment. There was little to no massaging, and some of the scenes didn't make sense (psych doctor's office looks like a medical doctor's office). The scenes were too long, and the sex was too boring.

Masseuse 3 is a well-written, well-directed and extremely well-executed porn. It may be light on the actual massages, but it is chock full of hot and steamy sex. Enjoy!

Unfortunately, The Masseuse 3 got nothing but a lot of yawns from me. The rinse and repeat vanilla scenes were a bore. This movie could have been so much more than what it actually is.

Kayden Kross is hot, and at times her and Samantha Ryan's acting is commendable. But overall, this video really set me up for disappointment. The introduction promised something different, funny, and very hot. What Digital Playground delivered, however, was a poorly filmed, half-assedly acted, poorly scripted porn, complete with next to NO plot, though it promised one, and the same 'cunnilingus, fellatio, military, doggy style, ejaculation, end scene' formula throughout.

The Masseuse 3 is a porn full of sexy scenes and variety. Kayden gets to be several different characters which is entertaining as well as sexy. The story is also entertaining so you get a little bit of everything in story and sex.

While having some of the best camera direction I have scene from the adult film industry and the best picture quality to boot, this film falls flat and can best be described as average. While James Deen and Samantha Ryan have a sizzling sex scene, it is countered by a boring Toni Ribas and Yurizan Beltran. The story itself was also average, but the acting was ironically enough well above average.

The Masseuse 3 had very little to do with a Masseuse, which I was disappointed in. The sex was vanilla, mostly PIV, a little anal and lots of oral. If you like heterosexual, PIV, nothing to wild or exciting porn, I'd say go for it. It just really wasn't my taste.

This movie had little to do with the masseuse. His story must have been completely played out in the first two movies. I am beginning to see a pattern with Robby D., Digital Playground movies. The sex scenes are pretty much the same - insert different dialog and actors. There seems to even be the very same issues with the camera angles in each movie.

Kayden Kross stars in this movie about supposed masseuses. The sex was vanilla, the story didn't make sense, but everything was shot in pretty HD.

Who does not like a sensual massage; add in a great cast of good looking actors and it’s a big WIN, right? Well, no, not really. For me, the Masseuse was an epic fail. The sex was not only vanilla but downright boring. Massage? Only one small scene there, unless you consider a hand job massage. A plot, not anything to speak of.

This movie is just too similar to too many others to make it distinguishable. The sex scenes are too long, too boring and too routine. It might be enjoyable for some, not probably not for most.

If you like vanilla sex and oral you will like this movie. If you want something, anything more then this should probably not be your first choice.

The Masseuse 3 features attractive actors in drawn out, unimaginative sex scenes. There is a poorly developed plot line that leaves viewers confused more than anything else. We would not recommend giving up two and a half hours to watch this film; there are much better productions out there.

If ya just want to watch attractive people have sex, go ahead, check it out! If your expecting more too bad!

The Masseuse is a cross between every masseuses dream and a malpractice suit for an MD. We find fake illnesses, fake treatments, and lots and lots of sex. If you like long, drawn out scenes you'll love the film. If you like believable plots, look elsewhere.

This is a fun film for those who are looking for their first porno or is looking for a very traditional sex tape. It has a fun doctor/ patient relationship, but as for fetishes or any kind of play, that's as far as it goes. I liked how attractive all the actors and actresses were, but I probably won't watch this unless I get really bored.

This movie left me wanting more and I found myself dozing off during it. If you want something to stimulate you this is not it.

The highlight of this movie for me was the opportunity to hear Mick Blue's delightful accent. He has more dialogue in this movie than in other movies of his that I've seen. Too bad I can't say that a sex scene was the highlight. Usually porn movies have one scene that I enjoy, but this movie didn't. It does however have a very erotic massage scene.

While the word limit cut me off for everything I had to say in this review, it all boils down to me being disappointed. It just wasn't my style and did next to nothing for me. If you want sensuality, plot, or to escape into a lovely sexual fantasy world - this ain't it.

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