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Amazing piece of Average!

While having some of the best camera direction I have scene from the adult film industry and the best picture quality to boot, this film falls flat and can best be described as average. While James Deen and Samantha Ryan have a sizzling sex scene, it is countered by a boring Toni Ribas and Yurizan Beltran. The story itself was also average, but the acting was ironically enough well above average.
Amazing picture quality and camera work!
Lackluster story, and a boring sex scene.
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Covers & Presentation
The front cover has a wonderful picture of Kayden Kross on the right hand side, and another picture of Kayden lying on a massage table near the lower left hand corner. There is also a picture of Mick Blue and Francesca La’ being intimate together.

The front and back covers uses a lot of warm colors and filters, the color scheme is reminiscent of fall colors.

The back cover features twelve explicit images of sex and sensual images. There is also a tiny description of what the film is about, and what special features the film has.

The menus are attractive and simple to navigate; the background features a full motion clip from the movie.

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
The film starts out with a “previously on…” segment that explains the events leading up to the films start. Apparently James Deen’s friends somehow involved themselves in James’s massage business, however his friends have taken things too far and had sex with James’s cliental.

The next scene starts with Kayden Kross putting on camouflage clothing while looking out the window as if she is paranoid someone is after her. Kayden pulls out a plastic orange tipped toy gun from underneath her bed and confronts Scott Nails who is at the door. Kayden forces Scott into the house and walks around him while pointing her toy gun his face. Kayden then interrogates Scott. Kayden asks Scott what his mission is, to which he has no clue what she is talking about, he tries to explain that he is there to give a massage to a client. Kayden forces Scott to strip and then kisses him, then proceeds to throw him down on a leather couch. Before long, Scott is performing oral sex and soon after Kayden returns the favor. Afterward, the two have vaginal sex in multiple positions before ending the scene in typical porn style with a facial cum over.

The next scene has no set up and shows Yurizan Beltran and Toni Ribas touching and kissing each other on a bed. The two have oral and vaginal sex, and finish the scene off with a messy hand job. When Tony and Yurizan finish up they walk from the room, and find Samantha Ryan sitting on a couch. It appears that Samantha and Toni have just recently broken up and Samantha is none to pleased to see Yurizan and Toni together.

James Deen arrives at Samantha’s home to find an angry and frustrated Samantha. Samantha is frustrated with men and why she feels they treat her so poorly. Samantha asks for a hand massage and James obliges. The hand massage quickly turns into something more and before you know it the two are kissing. Kissing leads to some fingering and oral sex, before the two go into vaginal sex. This scene ends with James’s ejaculating over Samantha’s breasts.

The next scene takes place in Doctor Mick Blue’s office, with his wife Francesca La showing him the new swimming suit she has bought. Dr. Blue is not so happy and wishes that his wife would dress more modestly for the upcoming pool party. Francesca disagrees, and wants her husband to spend more time with her. Mick tells her that his patients are waiting on him and that he must see them. Francesca won’t take no for an answer and walks out to the waiting room and tells Kayden (Mick’s waiting patient) that the doctor is running behind and to please give him ten to fifteen minutes. Francesca walks back into the office and kisses Mick. The two both perform oral sex, before going into vaginal sex. The scene ends with Mick exploding on Francesca’s face and chest.

After Francesca leaves, Kayden goes into the doctor’s office and Mick asks Kayden if she has been taking her medication. Kayden tells the doctor that she has, and that she has not had any more episodes. Mick asks to see her journal, he reads in the journal that Kayden has found herself dressed as a nurse in a grocery store recently and also that she has woken up in camouflage next to a naked man she did not know. Mick is worried about her and tells her that he plans to stop by her home at a random time to check up on her.

The next day Kayden is giving a tour to a person, she is acting as if she is a real estate agent. Mick shows up in regular clothing and shakes her hand and introduces himself as “Mick”, she does not seem to recognize him. The other person appears to be an associate of the doctors and this was all a test.

The three are just about to go on a tour of the house when James shows up to give Kayden a massage. Kayden tells him that he must have the wrong place. The other guy explains that he is going to buy the house and that he will pay for her to have the massage. The other guy leaves, but the doctor stays behind.

In another room James is gives Kayden a massage. When he exits the room he is confronted by Mick. James leaves, and the doctor goes in to check on a sleeping Kayden. Kayden wakes but does not seem to recognize Mick; she thinks he is the grocery man or a prostitute (I really can’t tell which). She tells him she wants to have sex (in so many words), and the two do! The two have oral and vaginal sex before the good doctor ejaculates over Kayden’s face and chest.

Camera/Picture Quality & Sound:
The picture quality is beyond superb, the image was very clear and wonderful to behold. The camera direction and all the angles used really added to the quality of film. Top notch in terms of camera and picture!

The sound was also very good, the dialogue for the most part was easy to hear and understand, with only a single piece I struggled with (The reality scene). The sex sounds were all very clear. The use of romantic guitar music was very good and especially added something to the James Deen and Samantha Ryan scene.

Bonus Features:
Behind the Scenes
Slide Show

Personal Comments:
This was not a bad movie, I wouldn’t call it my favorite, nor could I tell you I would watch this several times. This is a tough one for me to rate, the picture quality and the direction of the camera was just fantastic, the director really knew what he was doing. Although I got to say that there was a blemish, I thought the Toni Ribas and Yurizan Beltran really added nothing other than giving Samantha’s character a reason to be upset. I really did not like the sex in that scene, I just did not like the scene, I felt it would have been best to cut it out, pay the performers for their time and just cut the scene.

I felt the acting for the most part was very good. James Deen is a natural, as is Kayden. Mick did a swell job, as did Scott. My favorite had to be James Deen though. My favorite scene was James Deen and Samantha Ryan; the two had great chemistry, and the music that was playing at the beginning of the scene added to a more romantic and sensual feel. My second favorite scene was definitely the Scott Nails and Kayden scene, the two did very well, plus it’s got Kayden in camouflage. I thought that the scene was sort of funny, which may or may not been what was attended.

Overall I am going to give this a three star rating. The story did not do it for me, nor did the Toni Ribas scene. This had the picture and camera work of a five star film but the story of a two star film.
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  • Contributor: Kayla
    As always, very useful DVD review!
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    Great review! The screen shots were most appreciated.
  • Contributor: oldman
    This sounds like a hot DVD--from your description I am not sure why you didn't enjoy this--were you looking for a movie format rather than (as it seems) just some hot sex without a plot?
  • Contributor: wuwu
    nice job
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