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Excellent butt plug for intermediate to advanced players and for extended wear. The size and unusual shape make for a unique experience when inserting. Edges of the base could use some rounding out.

Overall a great toy definitely something you should pick up if you are into larger toys and want to have something that feels great and will last a long time. Just be sure to have plenty of toys to warm up with as this is bigger than it seems.

The only thing keeping me from giving the A-Bomb a 5-Star rating is the flawed edge of the base. That alone significantly detracts from the pleasure it could provide. This might be an anomaly since nobody else has complained about it. I will continue to use it despite this flaw.

Material, shape, performance: this is really the BEST butt plug in the 2" or more diameter class. There is just one good summary: Oh my god!

The A-Bomb made by Tantus is really something that I cannot live without. I have this in the color of red. Instead of using this product for anal use since it is a butt plug, I have used this as a vaginal plug. It feels extremely nice and very full when inserted. I highly recommend this to size queens because beginners will have a hard time taking this product. It feels very velvety and can be stored very easily. I hope you love this product as much as I do.

This toy is more than simply a really big plug. It can be an intensely pleasurable experience in thrusting. It's likely to be a challenge at first, but sphincters will adjust and it will become easier. Thrusting with a toy that provides this much stretch has resulted in me craving the widest dildos I can find to explore the thrusting sensation further!

Longer warm-ups, relax, breath and a little bit of liquid courage are what I need in my next trial. I would suggest to anyone who is interested in the A-Bomb, try to play with a 1.8 to 2.0 inch wide sharp tip plug to gain some "routine" before going for the 2 1/4 inch wide A-Bomb. It's definitely a big jump from any 1.5 inch wide plugs.

The A-bomb is a big, solid toy for advanced users. I wanted to use it in place of fisting, but turns out it was much bigger than my fist and much harder to control.

Dr. Anal-love or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Unless this is your first foray into the world of anal play, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have this in your collection. Perhaps those who are new to this realm can start with A-bomb’s younger sibling B-Bomb and slowly build themselves up. I have not conquered the A-bomb myself yet. But from my wife’s experience and the effects it has had on me so far, there is no doubt in my mind that I will be trying again and again until I too can have this plug buried deep within me.

A solid, girthy torpedo of anal pleasure, the A-Bomb is a challenge that should only be accepted by advanced anal users. It is a powerhouse of a plug, providing massive fullness and very strong anal sensations. If you are very experienced with anal play and want a very large, body-safe plug, the A-Bomb may very well be for you. Proceed with caution and you won't regret it.

Not a great starter toy for people new to anal play, but if you enjoy larger anal toys or want to expand your anal horizons, then this is definitely a plug you want to try out. With proper care and cleaning, this plug will last you a very long time.

The A-bomb is one of two plugs in my collection, and is one of my largest diameter toys. It is super-comfortable to wear, and cleans up with ease. The workmanship on this plug is impeccable (and far exceeds a lot of other toys in its price range).

This is a college level butt play toy, boys and girls, and you know what? If it’s what you want, it’s very good. A toy this size requires warm-up, but this is one where it’s wise to do yourself a favour and take the time to treat yourself right. Trust me on this one – the plug feels SO GOOD when it’s in, but getting it in is probably going to be quite the effort.

The A-Bomb is a quality product, with excellent design and workmanship. Though small is often beautiful, there may be times when you want something big. The A-Bomb is an excellent choice for “something big.”

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