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A-Bomb - An Anal Pleasure Weapon

The A-Bomb is a quality product, with excellent design and workmanship. Though small is often beautiful, there may be times when you want something big. The A-Bomb is an excellent choice for “something big.”
The A-Bomb is a very well-designed and sturdy big toy.
It's big--make sure it's what you want.
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The A-Bomb|A-Bomb - Butt plug by Tantus is a curvaceous, sensual-looking, and big toy made of solid silicone. When I pulled it out of the nondescript USPS-issue mailer, it was definitely the big part that impressed me first – at 5-1/2” long, with a 2-1/2” bulge tapering to a 1-1/2” neck on my sample, the size of this toy jumps out at you like a flashing neon sign.

Once I moved beyond the “oh my, that's big” phase, I began to notice the other details of the A-Bomb, such as the sensuality of the design and the good engineering.

The base is a slightly squished oval, similar to the excellent base used in the Ryder plug|Anal sex toys: Ryder butt plug, and nestles comfortably betwixt the cheeks during use.

It's built to last (it won't tear off during use or allow the plug to be lost in the rectum), and sturdy enough to make it easy to insert and remove the plug.

There are no sharp edges or seams to drag or be difficult to clean anywhere on the plug, and the body is nicely tapered for comfort. It's also nice that its phthalates free “just in case.”

Since it's silicone, remember to keep it away from silicone lubes. For anal use, you might want to look at an oil-based non-desensitizing lube (provided that you won't be having anal sex with latex condoms later) so you won't have any problems with lube drying out.

A toy of this size needs to be worked up to, so I grabbed another of my plugs (I recommend the Big Flirt|Big flirt - Butt plug by Tantus for almost any warm-up), and then it was time for the main event. I greased up the A-Bomb, relaxed the sphincters, and gave it a shove. Then, I balanced it on the floor and gave it a squat.

No go yet, but based on the amount of fluid that's leaking out of my penis as I ride the bit that is inside me, I'm pretty sure that the A-Bomb will be quite stimulating once it gets inside.

I tried again the next day, but still no joy. After a third try, I regret to say that I have been bested by this big hunk of red silicone. My eyes were bigger than my butt, and I am unable to get the A-Bomb inside me --yet. I can tell that it's possible, but it will be a long road.

The A-Bomb is teaching me the virtue of persistence. I think I can, and someday I will; but not just now (slow and steady wins the race and prevents injury).

Even though I'm not able to fully use the A-Bomb yet, I'm giving it 4 stars. It's a quality product, with excellent design and workmanship. Though small is often beautiful, there may be times when you want something big. The A-Bomb is an excellent choice for “something big.”
Follow-up commentary
8 months ago, I was unsure that I would ever be able to wrap my ass around the seductive curves of my A-bomb. I had thought I was experienced anally, but I had been defeated (so I thought). Now I sit, the massive plug deep in my bowels, giving my butt and P-spot an erotic zing with every move, delicious sensations
flashing around my neither regions every time my asshole contracts around the solid 1" neck of the 'Bomb. Even when I manage to remain still the fullness of the beast and the solid pressure against my internal anatomy screams "this is what a butt plug is all about!" - the fullness, the sensation that the plug isn't going anywhere anytime soon - so you'd better just enjoy it.

The first time I finally got it in seemed to take an eternity. In, out, wiggle, relax, try
again – but my penis was dripping precum the whole time. The feeling when I
finally knew that it was on its way was almost indescribable – and I still have that feeling every time the bulge slips past my sphincter.
Insertion still takes a time investment - about twenty minutes for me to move through all the stages of insertion from "I think I can" to "Oh my-OHHH YES!!", so make sure you go slow and give your ass enough time to relax. Once you do
that, I'm sure you'll agree that this massive butt pleaser is a five star toy for those who want something a bit more than the standard butt plug fare. I'm not advocating that this is a perfect second step from the Bootie, but once you're anally experienced and willing to take on a long-term challenge the A-Bomb is a worthy one. Just make sure you have lots of lube on the plug and both on and in your ass
every time you use it - and remember you're learning to relax your ass, not stretching it. My advice to first-time buyers of this plug is keep it up and go slow - you may never think you're going to get it in, but eventually you'll learn to relax the right muscles and then -- wow.

The A-Bomb is a great toy. The very stiff silicone is inert, phthalates-free, and can be easily cleaned and sterilized, and the design is top-notch. The A-bomb has a nice
taper for both insertion and removal, so it's just as easy coming out as it was going in. While some people have expressed concern over the small base size, the silicone is very stiff and the base flare is abrupt, so I have never had the A-bomb come anywhere near slipping all the way inside (even when I tried to get it to). This plug stays put, too - so you don't have to worry about it coming loose at an
inopportune time.

In conclusion, I love my A-bomb and I'm very glad I stuck with it. Every time I use mine I think of the line from "Hair" about atomic orgasms, which is what the A-bomb gives me every time. I think I'm about ready to have one right now.
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