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Pure plug medium reviews

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I adore this plug. It is now my go-to for anal play. It doesn't vibrate, but it doesn't need to, its weight makes it deliver a different kind of movement. I would recommend the Pure for anyone who enjoys anal play!

The pure plug medium is small, but heavy. It hasn't fallen out for me and probably won't for you. The base is big enough so it won't slide into you. The neck is very small, so the difference between it and 1.25 inches of the biggest diameter makes sure it won't slide out of you, either. It is great for temperature play but you might get an unexpected chill if it's cool upon insertion. It is comfortable and can basically be used anytime, anywhere.

When I started on my ass adventure, I knew that eventually I would want one of these beauties. I struggled to decide between the medium and the large. The determining factor for me was the fact that I wanted to be able to experience double penetration with my boyfriend and the pure plug while keeping both of our comfort in mind. I already have a toy about the circumference of the large plug so I went with the medium. Plus, if I grow it I have a reason to buy the large!

Njoy knocked this one out of the park. The shape fits both male and female anatomy for maximum pleasure, and it's fun for users of all levels. This is a fantastic toy and the weight adds so much stimulation; it's unbelievable. There is no flaw to this toy.

Excellent plug for semi-experienced anal players and beautifully finished. The design makes it especially ideal for anyone with a prostate.

Of course you're going to get a quality piece when it comes to Njoy. I'd highly recommend the medium sized Pure Plug to someone that is less experienced with plugs as well as someone that's well versed. It's beautifully made with the safest materials and it's extremely easy to clean and care for. Steel is a wonderful material for sharing. I have nothing negative to say about this product!

If you are new to anal play or have done it many times before, the Pure Plug is perfect for anyone who is looking for a well made and comfortable toy. It works both in and out of the bedroom, no matter what you might want to wear it for. Fits all body types and sizes with ease and will last you a lifetime.

Literally, the nJoy plug is the best toy we ever bought. 8 months ago, my my wife said she would "try" anal play. Today, she loves anal play, anal sex, she begs for the plugs, and she squirts, because she is in so much pleasure. What else can I say....THE HOLY GRAIL OF SEX TOYS!

From the beautiful shiny finish to the comfortable base the Pure Plug medium is sure to win your heart. It's smooth, goes in with only a little lube, and has just enough weight to remind me it's there. I would recommend this plug to daring beginners after some warm-up with smaller toys or to intermediate users. Did I mention it will also last you a lifetime? Seriously, order this now.

The Njoy Pure Plug Medium is an amazing toy. It's smooth, lubricant friendly, large and heavy enough to give great sensations, but not so big that it's daunting.

We really like this toy. It was definitely worth the price we paid for it. Before purchasing this one, I actually looked at several similar items. This one was not only cheaper, but made of higher quality material. It is our first stainless toy but we will surely be looking at others.

I never worried that this toy would come out prematurely, not when I went to the bathroom (to pee) and not even when I had to pass gas (sorry, gross, but it's practical information to help boost confidence for others). This plug is loyal!

If anal play is your thing, or you want it to be your thing, then invest in a toy that will absolutely return your investment. The nJoy Pure Plug is an outstanding anal plug.

All in all, I have to give this toy 5 stars. Everyone I know that has experienced this toy has enjoyed it quite a bit and found it quite satisfying.

For me, this was my first experience with Njoy after lusting after many of their stainless steel products. I am a very happy customer. The feel of stainless steel is amazing and everything I had hoped it would be and more. This Njoy plug is a favorite for me and a staple in my sex life, fully worth every penny.

Well, I am not sure the Pure plug can live up to the hype for me personally. I will give it 5 stars on material, design, packaging, and aesthetics, but it just might not be the ideal toy for me or my partner at this time. I like it, but I'm not sure if it is the euphoric feeling I was expecting. If you enjoy butt plugs, look no further though. It is really nice, but I can't say it is my favorite toy yet. Time will tell.

I have really enjoyed the Pure Plug medium. The only complaint I have is that the large was out of stock for so long, and I ordered the medium when EF had a 20% discount on the product and based on other reviews, I had to have one, no matter what the size. I will definetely be placing an order for the large as soon as possible. This is the best plug I have had the pleasure of experiencing to date.

Worth its weight in gold

Absolutely worth its weight in gold, njoy's Pure Plug is a fantastic stainless steel butt plug. The design is perfect for what ever you enjoy your butt plugs for, whether it is for long-term wearing, anal sex prep, an added stimulation during foreplay, or for double penetration during sex with your partner. Offered in three sizes the Pure Plug should be something any anal enthusiast includes in their toy box.

The Njoy Pure Plug medium is a beautifully crafted pound of solid stainless steel capable of giving great pleasure to a wide variety of users. Everything about this deceptively simple toy is well thought out for maximum comfort and effectiveness, and it's remarkably easy to use as well as satisfying.

While I am disappointed this toy wasn't everything I thought I wanted in a plug, I can still recommended it. It's such a quality toy, and so comfortable to wear that I doubt there is much that competes for comfort and extended wear, as well as its ability to stay in place. We pretty much forgot it was even there. I'm keeping it around; I think it will be a great warm up toy for those nights when I'm hoping for something bigger and more intense later.

This product was worth every penny and is beyond enjoyable. It will last forever and will always have the high quality!

Pure plug is simply one of the best long term wear plugs you can buy. Everything about this plug is perfect. You can't go wrong by buying this plug.

nJOY makes some great toys. This plug is about the perfect size, not too big or too small. Out of the 4 sizes they make, you should be able to find the one that fits you perfectly.

The Pure Plug Medium by Njoy is the Cadillac of anal plugs! It's weighty and made from material that can be easily washed and sterilized. This plug also has the benefit of being super comfortable for extended periods of wearing so it's perfect for keeping your submissive plugged or wearing it out in public to add that extra excitement to the stimulation you get from it.

Pure Plug is a wonderful butt plug for beginners to advanced users. It accomplishes everything a good butt plug needs to. That makes it worth every penny of the price.

Overall a great plug, I can't say enough about it. Do your P-spot a favor. This is an awesome way for a beginner to enter into the world of ass play. As Nike would say - Just do it!

You bet your heiney it is! In my opinion, this buttplug is fantastic and well-worth its price tag. There aren't many pieces out there that are quite so easy to care for and not worrisome at all when it comes to bacterial growth on the surface. Do yourself a favor and 'njoy' some stainless steel for yourself!

The Njoy Pure Plug Medium is the perfect toy for introducing the pleasures stainless steel can bring to your anal play. The size is just right those not accustomed to larger toys, while it is large enough to be felt and enjoyed.

For the ease of use, price, comfort and pleasure, this plug provides one of the biggest bangs for your buck. I would recommend one of the Njoy plugs to almost anyone interested in anal play.

The material, design, weight, packaging, and easy cleaning of this toy put this plug far ahead of all others into a league of it's own.

No one should have to wait as long as I did to finally buy a pure plug. The medium pure plug is just the perfect size for intermediate anal players who are looking for a toy that requires no warm up for insertion and will be comfortable enough to enjoy it for long term wear, during sex or solo play. The pure plugs are expertly crafted out of such an amazing material and it is a toy that is going to last a long time with good care.

I love this plug! It is comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time and still make its presence felt. If you enjoy a lot of anal play I would probably recommend a larger size, either the large or even the 2.0, I am fairly inexperienced in anal play and found this to be just right.

The njoy Pure Plug medium is a steel butt plug that really is as good as everyone makes it sound. The weight of the head feels amazing when inserted. The handle is easy to grab and move. The curve of this plug is perfect for P-spot stimulation, or even G-spot stimulation through the anal wall! It's comfortable to have in during sex, during solo sessions, or just while doing your everyday stuff. The steel makes it safe for long term wear. Overall, this is a fantastic plug.

The Pure Plug Medium is a stainless steel anal plug for beginner and/or intermediate users. The shape is great for staying in place while moving around and it will not get in the way during vaginal intercourse (with a partner or toys) if you like dual stimulation. An overall great plug that is worth saving up for.

The Pure Plug medium is small enough to fit into any activity, no matter how crazy, while being heavy and intense and present and oh-so stimulating all at the same time.

After great satisfaction with the Pure Plug, I threw away all the disappointing butt plugs I have previously bought. Why did I not buy the Pure Plug in the first place, and wasted money on a bunch of useless plugs? None of those light-weight silicone plugs will ever provide the constant sensation the Pure Plug offers!

Pure Plugs are the paragon of ergonomic butt plug design, and they're a joy to wear for extended use or for intercourse. The industrially sexy sleek steel construction is flawless, the weight is stimulating, and the handle goes unnoticed until you need it. The Medium size is perfect for use in double penetration or for those who like to push our butts' limits only as far as the average cock.

The pure plug medium is amazing during sex, though with my anatomy it wasn’t a perfect fit for longer term wear. The stainless steel is great because it slides slickly, it’s easy to keep clean, and its weight stimulates the G-spot and heightens the sensation of fullness. I think the medium is also totally do-able for a relative anal beginner.

The Pure Plug is beautiful, and I like holding it in my hands. Even now, I can't stop fiddling with it. It's sleek, it's sexy, and it's got heft and style. It looks good sitting in the box, it looks good sticking out of your ass, and it's the silkiest steel possible. The Pure Plug feels like a piece of fine art. It's that good.

If you're looking for a plug that's not too big and not too small, the Njoy Pure Plug Medium is that gorgeous, high quality Goldilocks you've been looking for. A touch over 1.25" in diameter, the slick stainless steel spade head slips comfortably into place filling you up just enough without being too challenging. For intermediate anal play there is truly nothing better.

The Pure Plug Medium is a gorgeous little butt plug that works well for our purposes. It provides good sensation without being too difficult to get in. It can be worn for long periods of time without any sort of pain and because of the weight, it makes its presence known in a good way.

The line of plugs by Njoy are absolutely gorgeous. Combining all the great properties of stainless steel such as its weight, smoothness, ability to conduct heat and ease of cleaning as well as a really great design, there is sure to be one in the range to please any anal aficionado, no matter what your experience level is. The medium seems best for novice-intermediate users because of its relatively petite size.

Great look, feel and weight. Beautiful presentation. High quality, smooth and sleek. Think carefully about size before ordering! Overall a wonderful product, just disappointed about it not staying in .

The Njoy Medium Pure Plug is a beautiful piece of work. It is made from the finest medical grade stainless steel. Which makes it perfect for temperature play. Also the weight of it makes it very noticeable when wearing it. And the shape makes it very comfortable to wear for extended periods. And from what I understand, it if works for you, it is an amazing plug. Unfortunately it did not work for me. It would not stay in.

The Pure Plugs by Njoy are some of the best on the market. I bought the Pure Plug Medium and it's my ideal plug. If you have some anal experience, I would suggest buying this one first and then purchasing either the small or the large if you so desire. It is an expensive proposition, but these plugs will last forever (aka they won't need replacing which makes them relatively inexpensive in the long term!)

If you're looking for a comfortable, quality plug for long term wear, look no further! Great for both beginners and experienced anal players alike!

The Pure Plug Medium from Njoy is a fantastic butt plug. Its weight is a constant reminder that it’s inside, and it’s comfortable fit allows for the enjoyment of everyday activities. It’s discreet and fun to wear anywhere, even in public. A good investment for a quality plug.

If you are looking for a an anal toy to bring you pleasure time and time again, this is the toy for you. If can be used during sex or to wear around town to bring you pleasure throughout your daily life.

The Njoy butt plug is pretty and shiny medical grade stainless steel. It is the first ever butt plug to stay inside me. I love the weight of it and how the shape fills me. It's my favorite butt toy ever!

If I could, I would give this toy a far better rating then five out of five, but since those are my restraints, it definitely earned a top report! I recommend this toy for those experienced with anal play, as well as those new to it.

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