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Pure plug medium

Butt plug by Njoy

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This One Is Juuuust Right

If you're looking for a plug that's not too big and not too small, the Njoy Pure Plug Medium is that gorgeous, high quality Goldilocks you've been looking for. A touch over 1.25" in diameter, the slick stainless steel spade head slips comfortably into place filling you up just enough without being too challenging. For intermediate anal play there is truly nothing better.
Weight applies nice pressure, thin comfortable neck, stays in, non-porous, beautiful design
Neck could be a little longer for better G/P-spot stimulation
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After falling hopelessly in love with my Njoy Pure Plug Small, I soon began to outgrow its slight inch wide diameter. I found myself craving a slightly more filling plug, and my attempts to entice my partner into trying stainless steel always ended with "That thing is too tiny, my butt will scarcely know it's there!" Finally, I find myself in possession of the medium and it really is everything - and I mean everything- I could hope for in a butt plug, with the exception of a negligible drawback here and there. I was finally able to coax my anal pro of a partner to try out stainless steel with this thing and now I am happy to report I am worried about my steel getting stolen by him!

The Pure Plug Medium is just like its bigger sibling Large and younger sibling Small, with the exception of the diameter of the head and neck length. From top to bottom the Medium measures about 4" in height, as opposed to the Small's 3.5 inches. The necks of all of the plugs are very close in size, though as you level up to larger plugs you add about a half inch in length at each step. Medium's neck is about 1.5" in height and narrows into a slight and very comfortable .25" in diameter at the base where it meets the ring. This thin neck allows your anus to be relaxed and unstretched while the larger head fills and stimulates you internally. For some this may be a drawback; if you like the feeling of having your anus stretched then you will not find it here. However, if you like the feeling of a full butt but don't necessarily want to feel that push against your anal opening, the Njoy plugs are an excellent option.

An elliptical ring that is about 2" in length punctuates the thin neck and acts as both a handle and a flange to prevent it from slipping into the anus and getting lost. The hole in this ring is not quite large enough to fit your fingers through, but you can grip the outside of the ring comfortably in order to insert, remove or gently rock while it's inside of you. If you have larger hands this may be a little harder to do because it's a delicate little handle, and it can get quite slippery with lube (any kind of lube is safe to use with stainless steel, too!)

Ideally, once inside your Medium Pure Plug should be arched up (or down, depending on your position) toward your bellybutton. The body of this plug curves into a gentle C-shape, with the tip of the head pointing forward like the nose of a dolphin. This "nose" should be facing the male body's prostate or the female body's G-spot, which is found behind the rectal wall and inside the vagina. My partner's prostate is located farther in than this toy can reach; from the base of the neck to the tip-top of the head is barely three inches in length. He was really, really turned on by the sensation of over a pound of heavy metal filling and massaging his butt; each time his muscles contracted around it the numerous nerves in his rectal walls responded by sending shivers of pleasure throughout his body. However, this wasn't going to do the trick for prostate milking or a proper prostate orgasm.

If you are like my guy - with either a deeply set G or P spot then you may wish to opt for the Njoy Pfun instead. It has precisely the same diameter across the head (1.25" across at the widest point) and the neck narrows into almost the exact same comfortable .25" in diameter. It's a great option for deeper probing and it won't exceed the range of intermediate or "medium" anal play. The Pfun is marketed toward male bodied individuals but it will work just the same for stimulating the G-spot, as Carrie Ann reports in her review of the toy.
I, on the other hand, was able to hit my G-spot when I angled this up toward my vagina. The weight of the steel made it much easier for me to hit it than I have ever been able to with similarly shaped plugs made from silicone. Really, it's practically effortless. By lying flat on my stomach, propping myself up on my hands and knees, or even leaning over the edge of my Liberator Ramp, I let gravity do the work and pull the stocky toy down toward my G-spot. Then I am free to use my hands to prop myself up or massage my clit. Because there's a very significant difference between the neck of the Pure Plugs and the diameter of their heads, they stay in exceptionally well. The steel is slippery which might lead you to worry that it'll pop out, but this is not so at all. Furthermore, the weight kind of induces contracting your muscles involuntarily which not only keeps the plug in but also feels amazing! It can also kind of function as a kegel exerciser due to the involuntary contractions the plug can cause. When the muscles of your rectum contract, the vaginal muscles contract in unison involuntarily. So you can have an orgasm and work out at the same time!

Goodness. I don't even know how to explain how perfect this thing is. There are a lot of luxury items that are criminally over-hyped in my opinion; they cost a fortune and can barely accomplish what a $10 item of the same variety can. Njoy's Pure Plugs are the epitome of getting what you pay for. They are non-porous so they are fantastically easy to clean and care for; simply lather with antibacterial soap and hot water or boil for a few moments in a pot of water. If you diligently clean your Pure Plug you can share it with others without fear of sharing germs. Additionally, stainless steel doesn't pick up scents the way some other non-porous materials like silicone can. I've never noticed any unpleasant butt smells on either my small or medium plug, so I feel good about putting them back in their luxurious, satin-lined boxes without fear of stinking up the pretty package.

Straight up, the Medium Pure Plug is just perfection when it comes to moderately sized intermediate anal plugs. If you're already an intermediate player or are looking to step up to that level, and you want a toy that will last your entire life (with proper care) then this is truly the way to invest. Treat your Medium Pure Plug right and it will absolutely treat you ten times as well in return.
Follow-up commentary
I use my Pure Plug Medium far more than I ever thought that I would. The dimensions seemed a little scary to me, because my butt never does more than 1.5" in diameter. The inflexible steel led me to think this would be challenging, but without the drag of silicone? It was far easier than smaller silicone plugs! I love to step up to this from the Pure Plug Small when I'm ramping up to more weight, more girth, and more speed. One day...the large...
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