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Reasons To Love Triangles #500

Liberator's Ramp is a simple chunk of foam that just may dramatically change the way you have sex for the better. So basic you'll wonder why you didn't think of it and so endlessly useful you'll wonder how you did without it, the Ramp takes your favorite positions and gives them a helping hand. No more faces smooshed into the mattress, no more slipping out of that ideal arch during rear entry sex, no more focusing on positioning instead of enjoying the moment.
Water resistant, easy to remove/wash covers, relieves stress on joints and muscles
Attracts hair and lint like crazy, large and difficult to hide
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Triangles are awesome. They tessellate, they are possibly the most stable shape and therefore are the basis for so many buildings, bridges and edifices world over, and are found all throughout nature from the tallest mountains to the most microscopic crystalline structures. There's nothing not to love about triangles; the reasons to adore this geometric shape in its various forms are endless.

Well, today I am officially adding the Liberator Ramp to the mounting list of reasons why I love this pointed form. Topping out at a foot in height at its tallest end, and sloping down across 34" inches of length into a slight 2", this scalene triangle strikes some magic angle that makes fucking, well, brilliantly easy. Two whole feet across, the Ramp grants users of all shapes and sizes plenty of room to flop out with full support. Its firm inner core of "Champagne Foam," as Liberator describes it, is dense and squish-resistant so that it can elevate the weight of your body along its calculated lines without caving in.

All of those numbers add up to equal one truly great support pillow. Like other Liberator shapes the foam in the Ramp is not downy and soft like a pillow - it's not for cuddling up with. In fact, none of Liberator's stuff including the Fascintor Throe are exactly what I'd call comfortable ...well, at least not particularly so. The microfiber sleeve that is zipped up around the shape is a thin, velvet-esque material that does a great job up creating friction so that other Liberator shapes (like the Heart and Classic Wedge) can be stacked on it. This same friction also attracts hair and lint easily, but luckily for us that can easily be fixed with a lint roller, some tape OR just by unzipping and washing.

What's that you say? You didn't know you could wash the outer layer? Ah, well then let me start at the beginning. Liberator shapes such as the Ramp are made up of three layers. The inside is made from that dense and very supportive champagne foam we talked about; this stuff is the heart of any Liberator shape, it is essentially what you're spending your money on. This foam is not like a Wal-mart mattress pad or even one of those headrests for car seats - this is some serious stuff! As such, you probably don't want it getting punctured or stained or covered in sex goop. Hey, I think that's a reasonable request, don't you? Well, Liberator thought so too!

For this reason the inner core is gift-wrapped in two layers of material. The first is made from black nylon and can be removed by unzipping - I would really only recommend doing this when washing (use a damp cloth to wipe down) because it does a world of good for protecting your foam against fluids. This nylon sleeve is resistant to ejaculate, lube, oil or whatever else may spill on your microfiber and seep through to the other side. Consider this layer your second line of defense! Your first lies beyond the slippery, windbreaker-feeling nylon and is the softer (though hardly plush) layer of the microfiber. This feels a heck of a lot sexier against naked flesh than crinkly nylon, and it also does a pretty good job of repelling fluids. It's not fluid resistant per se, but it significantly less absorbent than say cotton. The microfiber layer can also be unzipped and machine washed when it becomes dirty.

I would actually recommend washing the microfiber before using because it helps to soften it a bit. As I mentioned earlier the foam is stiff and the microfiber is thin, so do yourself a favor and break your microfiber in with a machine wash before hand! Please don't misunderstand my slight grousing about the stiffness, however. Yes, I do sort of wish this were feathery soft, however I realize that the Ramp's stiffness is exactly why it's so brilliant. I do not sink gradually into the blankets as I'm enjoying doggy style, nor is my partner's neck constantly cracking from attempting to level his mouth with the mattress during oral sex. So yeah, it's not a down pillow, but down pillows are TERRIBLE for support!
I haven't been the owner of my Ramp for very long, but already I've adapted so many of my favorite positions to it. Probably my biggest triumph is rear entry sex over the edge of the bed; the Ramp has totally revolutionized this position for us. By placing the tallest egde of the Ramp against my torso as I stand at the edge of the bed, and then leaning over the shape, I get amazing support that doesn't leave my face smooshed into the mattress OR me standing on my tip toes trying to keep my butt propped up. Somehow in this position I always end up with my feet planted about a foot out from the bed and gradually slipping further until I slip completely and need to reposition. NOT with my Ramp! The microfiber grips the bed, and I? Grip my Ramp! My only complaint is that I don't necessarily love the feeling of blood rushing into my head, which sort of happens with this position, but luckily I have the Heart Wedge. I usually stack that near the bottom of the shape and it props my head up, though you could use a regular bed pillow for this purpose if you'd like.

You can also turn this shape around with the lower end at the edge of the bed so you can recline comfortably while being penetrated by a standing partner. I love this because it lifts my torso up so my chest and face can be closer to him, which means leaning in for a kissing or reaching down to touch my breasts is much easier. A partner could also kneel in front of you positioned missionary-style on the Ramp for oral; again this is great because you get a better view of the action from your position on top. Of course the tall end is great for oral too. With your hips propped up weightlessly in the air your lover doesn't have to lie on their stomach with their chin digging into the mattress. My guy and I take turns going down on one another like this and are able to kneel (with our butts resting on our ankles) in front of the Ramp and simply lean in for VERY comfortable oral.

Really? You can do just about everything with the Ramp! Sky is the limit, here. It's not that it completely reinvents the way you have sex or anything, afterall if you weren't terribly creative to begin with then the Ramp won't likely make you an innovator in the sack. But if you're already an adventurous sort, and are looking for something to support you while you're exploring new positions or perfecting old favorites? This is definitely an invaluable tool.

Thanks again to Edenfantasys for making the Liberator Ramp my gift for my 100th review. You guys are awesome!
Follow-up commentary
I still like this, but it doesn't get as much use as my Heart Shaped Wedge. The Ramp is a great piece of positioning furniture, but it's a terrible pain in the ass to pull out of the closet every time I want to use it. For the ease of storing and setting up, the Wedge always takes priority over the Ramp. I still enjoy the Ramp, and part of its charm is that it's so large and supportive. I just wish there were some easier way of storing it...somehow...
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  • Vegan Silk
    I love the mathy-ness (it's a word now!) of this review! Triangles rock! This looks so nice. just wish I could afford it. maybe I should start saving my pennies!
  • Owl Identified
    Yay for math! I think the Ramp is AWESOME but yes, it's very expensive. In my opinion it seems to be more of a must-have for people with joint/muscle problems, or those on the larger side I think. If you're smaller in shape and relatively flexible without pain or discomfort (I am both) then the Ramp is still an amazing addition to a bedroom, but a little harder to make the decision to spend on.
  • Blooddragon
    Awesome review!
  • BellaDonna2884
    Great review
  • Blooddragon
    Great review, thanks!
  • SexyStuff
  • jalolo
  • ichwillwaffels
    Great review
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