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Liberator ramp reviews

17 reviews
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17 reviews

I wanted it, I contemplated and I finally got it. No regrets and it was so worth every penny. I use this for lying back and watching TV, Cuddling on, To elevate my hurting legs after 12 hour shifts and yes I even use it for sex!!

I would totally recommend this product to anyone, whether you are happy in the sack or just need that extra perk up! This helped my sex life in more ways than one!

I highly recommend the Liberator Ramp for everyone! I honestly do not remember the last time my wife and I had sex without it. I would especially recommend it for couples with a tall man and a short woman. While it is relatively expensive, it is worth every penny.

This is a great shape. I rank this one up there with our jazz. And we love our jazz and use it all the time. I just wish it was a tad bit smaller, easier to store.

The ramp is great as an aid to sexual positions. It has helped to lower back pain for my husband and just make me very comfortable and happy. It lines our bodies up perfectly and allows for comfortable, long lovemaking sessions.It's large and pricey and a lint magnet, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

The ramp allows my partner and I to have many new moves. NEW MOVES! The positions are spectacular compared to the old flat bed! It allows us to move and fit like a glove! There are a lot of positions you can do with this ramp - both for her and him!

The Liberator Ramp is a great accessory for anyone looking to explore with their sex life! It can be used to make old positions exciting again, and even to find new sex positions! It takes the extra work out of sex, and lets it be fun and easy!

The Liberator Ramp is a sexual aid that can be used by pretty much anyone even if you decide to use it solo. It aids in positioning, eases the strain on the body to allow for longer, more comfortable sex, and can even help couples find the g-spot. It has proved to be useful for a number of situations and hasn't shown much wear over three years of use.

Who said sex had to be boring? Who said you had to be scrunched up by all those pillows that move everywhere on the bed and are just a big pain in the butt? Elevate that butt in comfort with the Liberator. Feel what it's like to have extreme G spot stimulation while still being in comfort. Discover new positions without the need for being an acrobat. Come on, you know you're tempted.

Liberator's Ramp is a simple chunk of foam that just may dramatically change the way you have sex for the better. So basic you'll wonder why you didn't think of it and so endlessly useful you'll wonder how you did without it, the Ramp takes your favorite positions and gives them a helping hand. No more faces smooshed into the mattress, no more slipping out of that ideal arch during rear entry sex, no more focusing on positioning instead of enjoying the moment.

Buying a ramp is not like buying a vibrator or some new lube. This is actually a piece of furniture designed to enhance your sexual experience. The ramp costs more than a toy, so be sure to find lots of ways to use it to get your money's worth. So far, we have only found a few ways to use it that are comfortable for both of us, but we will keep on using it in hopes of successful doggy-style.

The Liberator Ramp is wonderful piece of sex furniture that will spice up and add new angles to any and all positions. The outer layer is made of a luxurious velvety microfiber that is machine washable and dryer safe, and has a waterproof inner lining to keep the solid foam clean and dry. It is firm and supportive and yet, surprisingly comfortable. I highly recommend both the Ramp and the Wedge.

The Liberator Ramp is a good addition to anyone wanting to add something to their sex life but it's not necessary. Make sure you have space to store it because it is very large! Great for doggie style! The Liberator Ramp is easy to clean and can be used with other shapes for customizable fun!

The Liberator Ramp has absolutely changed my sex life for the better. It's soft yet firm and supportive foam allows for longer holding of positions and unbeatable support. The washable microfiber and water proof inner liner keep the foam in good condition and free of bodily fluids. The Ramp (and Wedge) have become an irreplaceable part of our daily sex lives.

After many nights of play & experimenting with this new toy of ours we've both fallen in love. We are able to use this pillow for BOTH of our pleasure and enjoyment. Not only was I able to lay on it, bend over it, lean against it, so was he. It raises me up perfectly for penetration from behind or with him facing me, and when he lays against the ramp he loves that he's raised perfectly allowing him to watch me pleasure him.

Whether you're straight up fucking or being as intimate as possible, this position pillow makes sex an experience. The fun factor is that it comes with a carrying cover, it's so big that I can't imagine taking this with me anywhere, but at least I know I have that option.

The Ramp was designed to make certain sexual positions easier to attempt and maintain. I really enjoyed the Ramp's support while in doggie-style position. I am by no means a small woman, but the Ramp's firm foam held me up without flattening.

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