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The Lady and The Ramp

The Liberator Ramp is wonderful piece of sex furniture that will spice up and add new angles to any and all positions. The outer layer is made of a luxurious velvety microfiber that is machine washable and dryer safe, and has a waterproof inner lining to keep the solid foam clean and dry. It is firm and supportive and yet, surprisingly comfortable. I highly recommend both the Ramp and the Wedge.
Wonderful velvety microfiber fabric that is washable and dryer safe. Firm comfortable champagne foam
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Once upon a time there was a lady who loved having sex with her husband in many different positions. But sometimes it could get a bit uncomfortable or difficult to maintain them. “Not to mention, it sure would be fun to try some new positions”, she thought. She already had a Liberator Wedge and really liked it. But felt that she would really enjoy, and be able to do even more by having a Liberator Ramp to go with it. So she made a wish to the awesome Edenfantasys Fairy.

And upon completion of her 100th review, that wish was granted.

When the Liberator Ramp arrived she could hardly wait to take it out of the box. And even though she had read that it was 34” long, 24” wide, and 12” high, she was still surprised, but pleased, by how big it really was. She brushed her hands across the beautiful purple microfiber. It felt so rich and velvety, she could already imagine how wonderful it would feel brushing against her naked body. She laid it across the bed and leaned back against it, and was immediately impressed by how firm and supportive, yet comfortable, the champagne foam was. And as she lay there, she browsed through the enclosed pamplet that showed pictures of all the different positions that were possible with the ramp and wedge. All the while, fantasizing about all the amazing orgasms that she and her husband would have because of her new sex furniture.

Then all of a sudden a thought came into her head. “What if we accidently make a mess while we’re playing?” But she really had nothing to worry about because fortunately Liberator thought of everything when they made the Ramp. First of all, the outer microfiber layer has a large black plastic zipper, making it easy to remove and put back on. It is machine washable and dryable. Then underneath the microfiber is a protective liner, made of a Teflon coated waterproof nylon. This liner can be damp wiped with a mild cleanser to keep it clean and fresh. The Ramp even came with a nylon carry case with handle, to keep it clean when it’s stored away and not in use.

The Lady was so excited about her new toy that she really didn’t want to wait for the weekend to arrive to test it out. But the wait proved to be worth it. On Saturday night they decided to try it out on their bed. The first position she wanted to try was with her husband laying back leaning against the Ramp, with her on top, which is similar to one of her favorite positions on the couch. But the support from the solid foam, combined with the angle of the Ramp, made this position even better than it was on the couch, for both of them. The next one they tried was one she saw in the pamphlet, where the Ramp faces the side of the bed with the narrow end at the edge. She was to lie on her back facing the edge of the bed while her husband stood and held her legs that were wrapped around him. While they both thought this was kind of interesting, neither of them was particularly crazy about it. Though they may at some point and time give that one a try again.

All night long they played and played, trying all kinds of different positions with the Ramp and also incorporating the Wedge as well. One of the things she loved the most about it was that it made many positions that required support, like doggie style, much easier. While this is one of her favorite positions, normally it can be difficult to maintain for longer periods of time. But with the help of the Ramp and the Wedge, she was able to last much longer. Another wonderful benefit of the Ramp and Wedge is that they turn positions, like good old fashioned missionary, into a whole new experience. And can aid in deeper penetration and the ability to hit the lady’s G-Spot even better.

Since that night, the happy couple has tried the Liberator Ramp, and Wedge, on the living room floor, which was draped with their purple Liberator Shag Throe. While the lady doesn’t normally like how unforgiving floors can be for making love, her husband (for some odd reason) does. Fortunately for her, the Ramp and Wedge not only made having sex on a floor much more comfortable, but even more fun that than it was using them on a bed.

Yes, thanks to the wonderful Edenfantasys Fairy, her dream had come true. And the lady and her man have been playing, with their new Liberator toys, happily ever after.

The End
Follow-up commentary
We still use this quite often. We've tried several different positions with it and love it for almost all of them. I've also washed the cover a couple of times and it comes out of the washer and dryer good as new. Plus it did not shrink at all. It slipped right back on, no problem. I highly recommend getting both this ramp and the wedge.
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