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Whether you're straight up fucking or being as intimate as possible, this position pillow makes sex an experience. The fun factor is that it comes with a carrying cover, it's so big that I can't imagine taking this with me anywhere, but at least I know I have that option.
It makes sex easier on wrists, backs, knees, legs, and necks.
It's huge!
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I received the Liberator Wedge|Liberator wedge - Small foam positional aid for sex a few weeks ago and I've been abusing it in the craziest ways imaginable ever since. It has held up so well after all my time spent using it, that I immediately knew I had to get my hands on the Liberator Ramp|Liberator ramp - Position pillow.

As soon as it came, I threw it up on the bed and my wife climbed on top of it like a kitten ready for play. I had her lay her head on the bottom of the ramp and with her ass at the top of the incline and her legs positioned in the air like a Vegas Showgirl. The angle lifted her hips at an altitude of 12 inches, giving me incredible depth control and amazing g-spot contact. I was able to fuck her exactly how I wanted, I could put thought into my strokes, and the new height let me play around with different ways of penetration.

I needed to try Doggy Style with the Ramp because using the Wedge with rear-entry turned out to be a huge disappointment. With this new pillow there was a big difference--her ass was now 12 inches in the air with the Ramp as opposed to 7 inches with the Wedge. The increase in elevation enabled her to drape herself across the elongated pillow, supporting more of her body and allowing her the freedom of not having to put all her weight on her wrists.

Normally with rear-entry she would complain that she was getting tired, but there was no work required from her now, she was able to fully enjoy herself longer than she had ever before. It put her ass up in the air exactly where I needed it to be; I didn't have to sink low into the mattress to get to her opening, as I had to do with the Wedge. To make it even better, she was able to lay a vibrator down between the pillow and her pussy. Her clit rubbed against the vibe every time I thrusted into her and she was able to have a completely hands-free orgasm.

On to my all time favorite--cowgirl. I thought the Wedge was incredible, well the Ramp was even better. I laid back against it and immediately felt the support that I had long been needing. It's a bitch laying flat on my back while the wife bounces around on top of me, the slope of the ramp made this position more comfortable and easier on my back. The incline put our bodies closer together and that extra bit of skin on skin made it sexier and more intimate than it had ever been. It also helped to lift my hips up and off the bed making my erection more accessible to her, leading to a deeper penetration than there had ever been.

Whether you're straight up fucking or being as intimate as possible, this position pillow makes sex an experience. The Ramp doesn't just aid in orgasms, it creates them.
Follow-up commentary
The ramp has become my best friend in the bedroom. I can't really add anything else to this fantastic furniture. It's maintained its shape and the cover is still soft and snuggly after multiple washes.
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  • Contributor: Chris
    Positioning toys are the best. I have the ramp/wedge combo, and they have made for some of the best sex of my life!
  • Contributor: AJ
    It was your review of the ramp/wedge combo that convinced me to try Liberator's line of sex furniture.
  • Contributor: Nashville
    God I love Liberator.
  • Contributor: Average Joe
    As do I! Winking
  • Contributor: Sera
    Amazing review. Thanks for the advice on the cowgirl position. When I get this I'm going to try that with my husband!
  • Contributor: nicky51679
    Awesome review, thanks.
  • Contributor: Elbert's Angel
    Great review been wanting this forever and it's finally on it's way!
  • Contributor: lnf77
    Great Review. Thanks
  • Contributor: newonetwo
    Great review
  • Contributor: Finso Nin
    thanks for the review
  • Contributor: Murdoc
    nice review, only wish it came in a black label wedge.
  • Contributor: hoorah1784
    good review
  • Contributor: Blooddragon
    Great review!
  • Contributor: Jon S
    ty for the review
  • Contributor: mudpie
    Sounds awesome!
  • Contributor: GirlyGirlRed
  • Contributor: Beneath The Bed
    Great Review!
  • Contributor: jalolo
  • Contributor: ECU Pirate
    Thanks for the review!
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