Liberator ramp - position pillow by Liberator - review by Carrie Ann

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R-r-r-ramp it up

The Liberator Ramp has absolutely changed my sex life for the better. It's soft yet firm and supportive foam allows for longer holding of positions and unbeatable support. The washable microfiber and water proof inner liner keep the foam in good condition and free of bodily fluids. The Ramp (and Wedge) have become an irreplaceable part of our daily sex lives.
Soft cover, firm foam to support plenty of weight and vigorous movement, multipurpose.
Large, difficult to tuck away.
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extremely useful review
Liberator. Synonymous with quality. Savior of my love life.

Well, ok, maybe that's going a bit too far. But Liberator has definitely improved our sex life and has gained my undying devotion.

Awhile back, I was one of those folks who thought the Liberator products were too expensive, too bulky, not really necessary. And then I bought the Wedge. And I became a member of the club.

The club of folks who "get it". Who understand. Who worship at the alter of Liberator.

And so when I had the chance to get the Ramp...

Let's just say I jumped on it.

The Ramp is quite a bit larger than the Wedge, though similar. It's 34" long, 24" wide and 12" high. It's a bit bulky and less easy to hide or tuck away. But I've found I really don't need to hide it because it's not glaringly obvious that it's a piece of sex furniture. It even doubles as my laptop table when I want to lay in bed like a lazy, indulgent thing and still be online.

It really just looks like a large, microfiber covered, angled pillow and could easily be mistaken for something you'd lean against to watch t.v or play video games. My teenager frequently tries to steal mine...

But for those in the know, it's a luxurious piece of bedroom magic.

It's almost twice as high as the Wedge so it really lifts and braces the hips if used for standing doggy style, it's length giving your entire upper body a good deal of support and allowing you to stay in position much longer than is possible using nothing or just a few pillows.

It works just as well for kneeling rear entry sex. And for him to recline against for her on top sex. And for his or her hips to rest at the top of the incline for oral sex. (And YOU say no more neck strain?) The positioning possibilities are endless, especially combine with the Wedge.

Each piece places the body at a very particular angle and the Ramp is especially good for hitting the g-spot thru rear entry sex. It keeps things tipped and tilted and lifted, the microfiber keeps you from slipping and sliding and the sex is... fantastic.

The Ramp's microfiber cover easily zips off for cleaning. Simply toss it in the washer and dryer and it's even better than new. (It seems to get softer every time I wash it) Inside the microfiber cover is a nylon cover that prevents liquids from leaking into the foam itself. This cover, while it does zip off, is best wiped down with a damp cloth and mild cleaner.

The foam inside is amazing. It's firm - almost to the point where you don't think it's going to be comfortable - and yet it supports your body with enough softness that you can maintain positions for a good, long time. It doesn't squish like a pillow or cheap memory foam. Neither Taylor nor I are what anyone would consider small and the Ramp holds our combined weight with ease, never losing it's shape even after very vigorous fucking.

The Ramp does come with a nylon carrying case that makes it a bit easier to carry the rather large piece of equipment, but more than that, keeps it a bit more lint free if you use it for storage when the Ramp is not in use.

Microfiber picks up a LOT of lint and pet hair. Washing gets rid of most of it, as will a lint brush or even rubbing it with some tape or a microfiber towel, but storing it where it will pick up less in the first place works best of all.

The Ramp is not cheap. But it is quality. It holds up well, does what it's designed to do flawlessly, is discreet for it's size and is very multi-purpose. Definitely worth the cost - so much so that it has me considering larger purchases of larger pieces.
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Follow-up commentary
I'll admit it. The ramp gets more use as my laptop desk than it does for sex. Not to say we don't use it for sex; we do. And it works fabulously, just as it supposed to. We just prefer the height of the wedge much better so *it's* the one that gets all the sexual monkey play while the ramp.... holds my laptop and occasionally gets pulled out for a special night on the monkey bars.

The cover has been washed five or six times and I generally keep it out in the open, not covered with it's nylon carrying bag, and the material is in excellent shape, as is the interior foam. It hasn't lessened in quality thru use at all.
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