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Severin medium reviews

18 reviews
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18 reviews

This is a well-designed plug, perfect for experienced anal players. It's certainly not for beginners - its 2" diameter may be too much of a challenge even for many intermediate players.

If you are an intermediate analist, you absolutely should have the Severin Medium as part of your collection. It provides great sensation. It is very comfortable. Overall, a wonderful butt plug.

Was the Severin worth it? You bet. It's my favorite go to toy when I'm looking for anal pleasure. It rarely disappoints me, and on those occasions it's only by coming out too soon. The smoothness yet firmness of the toy makes it easy to use, and just an excellent toy for anal play.

The Severin Medium has an excellent feel and a unique base that makes it stand out from the rest. It's made from an excellent material that will last a long time, and is very reasonably priced.

Severin Medium really should read Severin Gigantic, be careful when ordering this guy. It's like parking a VW bug in your bum! Without test driving this toy we cant give it 5 stars, but the concept is good, so 4/5.

I'm a big fan of the Tantus Severin and can happily recommend it to anyone who can take the size. It's well built from a lovely material, and has a fun shape which both looks and feels good. It's just not one for a beginner.

I'd recommend this toy to BDSM players as a real punishment, not a fake one like slaping a bum with a paddle. I think it must go right after ass-hanging with a good hanger.

Tantus Severin Medium is a uniquely designed plug for intermediate users. While I wouldn't recommend it for absolute beginners, it does offer the opportunity to slowly warm up to larger toys. It's very stimulating and made of a fantastic material; the quality really shows. Great for both short- and long-term wear, Severin is an all-around nice plug.

I wear this toy multiple times a week, and it is currently my go-to toy for longer play sessions. This toy can be credited with helping me move up to the wonderful Severin Large.

The quality of the material, design, and performance of the toy is outstanding. Severin medium provides a wonderful combination of qualities that is difficult to find together in one butt plug.

If you like large plugs that deviate from the traditional bulb than this one just might be to your liking. Its significant size and smooth curves are enough to tempt starters and connoisseurs both. And the silicone. Holy crap the silicone. Take it from someone who knows anal toys, this plug is just great and is well worth your attention.

The Severin is a fabulous butt plug because it can be inserted in "steps" depending on how much girth you can handle. The bulges separated by "rest areas" allow for slow, gradual insertion. The base of the plug is comfortable to sit on, although somewhat noticeable. The silicone material is easy to clean, but needs plenty of lube and attracts hair and dust easily. Overall, a good step up as an intermediate user's toy and a great one to use for a little exhibitionism.

Yet another extremely high quality product from Tantus. This is a great, long-term plug I bought as a step up from the Ryder, and they delivered with a product exactly what I was looking for without breaking my...butt.

The Severin from Tantus is a awesome plug for those in the intermediate to advanced side of butt play. The shape lends itself to prostate massage and is very filling. The base is soft enough for long term wear while still being safe. All of this comes together to push my long loved Ryder to just a warm up toy.

The double flare is an excellent way to graduate from slightly bigger than small plugs to intermediate plugs. If you want something that will definitely fill you up and you can wear it all day, this is the plug for you. Furthermore, it is made of silicone, an absolute make-or-break for me. Also, the tapered center of the base just makes it that much more comfortable for long term wear.

If you are an average anal player and looking to try something that might push your limits a little...give this a try!

The medium version of Tantus' Severin plug represents the excellent application of a great concept. It starts with a small tip which quickly works up to the first bulge with about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. It reduces to 1 1/4 inches before increasing at the second bulge to 1 7/8 inches. After this second bulge it comes back down to 1 1/8 inches for the neck. The base is not quite as nice for long term wear as some others, but it is an improvement over the old base.

The Severin Medium is on the big end of "medium" plugs, but the two bulges provide a "rest area" for easy insertion. Once inside, it's both secure and stimulating. The Severin's bulges feel great inside, and it's equipped with a long and comfortable neck and a base that is both discreet and comfy.

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