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The double flare is an excellent way to graduate from slightly bigger than small plugs to intermediate plugs. If you want something that will definitely fill you up and you can wear it all day, this is the plug for you. Furthermore, it is made of silicone, an absolute make-or-break for me. Also, the tapered center of the base just makes it that much more comfortable for long term wear.
Big, silicone, fun graduated size of the sections, the base design is great for long term wear.
Uh... it's big, after 5-6 hours, it begins to hurt more than provide pleasure.
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This plug is my official crown jewel. While I am no anal expert, I would like to say that I am more than capable of using larger plugs. And not to scare, but this plug definitely put me in my place. My largest plug is an inch and a quarter at its largest. This one is much larger and is much more fulfilling! I would say that anyone looking to advance their anal play beyond small or slightly bigger than beyond small (bigger than an inch and a half), would benefit best from this toy.

The style of the plug is great for the gradual increase in size that doesn't feel so slow. The style gives you a much more immediate gain in size with, I would say, an area for rest and a stop area to come back to when you feel like you can't take the gain in size.
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Material / Texture

First, and most importantly to me, this is silicone. 100% super clean silicone. And, for those who don't know, that means you can boil it and dishwasher it making it super clean to use even on other people (not that you would because you want to be stingy with something so good). It is also a nice and soft silicone. It's a lot stiffer than probably that jelly stuff but nowhere near as hard as plastic. And, unlike most silicone, it has a very smooth texture (rather than that velvety texture most silicone toys have).

However, the most important and first thing I look for in a toy is material. Because I just love making sure my toys are clean, silicone is very important. If you have the extra dollars to spend on silicone or glass, do it. The quality is always better and you'll be happy with it more often than not.

Design / Shape / Size

I mentioned it earlier, but the fact that it has a middle "resting" section is such a huge deal. Most plugs are simple gradual increases and it's quite a distance (as far as length goes) to get back to a comfortable place. And while that doesn't seem like much, training your butt to get to bigger toys (as far as girth goes) is such a pain - literally. Even with plenty of lubricant, plugs rub on sensitive areas and the more pain you endure, the more unlikely you are to succeed.

Furthermore, the fact that it has a resting area means you can keep yourself well expanded in a nice place to come back to that won't budge and is harder to move from than that of traditional plugs. Again, that doesn't seem like a big deal, but neither did about half an inch. So, in my opinion, every little bit helps.

I really do not recommend this toy for beginners and even some confident intermediates (which I what I consider myself). It took me a good 10 minutes to really get the courage to really go for the gold and let it slide into my butt. It does expand quite quickly (because of its design) but it is also a pro, as described previously.

By the way, I wore this toy out with a friend for about 5 or 6 hours. The fact that the base is tapered toward the actual plug section (the base curves inward toward the insertable part) is a big plus. Other plugs, because of their girth at the midsection of the base, tend to chafe. While my butt is pretty big, this didn't hurt quite as much and was actual quite pleasurable once I started flexing the muscles back there (even in public!).


In my opinion, butt plugs are measured by how long you can keep them in. I was kind of forced to keep it in for 5 or 6 hours, but it was enjoyable the entire time. The fact that I really wanted to keep it in more was a big deal for me. And when masturbating afterward, it was even more exciting because of its size. Because, for me as an intermediate, it was just so big to me, I was clamping down pretty hard on it. Furthermore, I could kind of feel the large size of it putting just ever-so-slight pressure on my p-spot making orgasming so much more fun.

While my female friend says it does little for vaginal use (as she likes dual purpose stuff), she too agrees that it makes orgasms so much better. When your body tenses up and the muscles clamp down on this baby, you feel like your butt can't really take it and you just have the orgasm that you feel you deserve - both in the front and in the back!

Care and Maintenance

This toy, because it is silicone, is very easy to take care of. Antibacterial toy cleaner, dishwasher - all good choices. While this is different than my other silicone toys (which are velvety in texture), I can only assume so much about this gel-like feel. For example, can I boil this? More than likely. It is silicone and that is the purpose of having it. I haven't had this toy long enough to feel as though I need to start boiling it for added protection (just for me at this time!). Otherwise, I store this thing with my regular toys in my little toy box.

Be wary that because of its very smooth non-velvet texture, it does attract some lint. I left this on an actual velvet thing and it picked up quite the lint. Of course, if you store your toy in a nice place, a good rundown with some water will clean it up nicely.


I got this toy in a nice little plastic case. Nothing to be afraid of or impressed about. Tantus, it seems, tends to package all of their toys the same way. It sits in a clear, plastic box with just some quick little blurb about the product, telling you only the stuff you care to hear about.

Otherwise, the packaging really adds nothing to the sell of the product. I guess it's because Tantus relies on high quality product than how it looks before you use it (which I am totally okay with!)


I pretty much bought this toy as a replacement for my old plug that just chafed so much. Its base rubbed me the wrong way. It wasn't big enough. Didn't fill me up like I wish it did.

The Severin is more than a step up. It's a floor up. For me, this was graduation from beginner anal play to intermediate. I was able to keep the toy in longer. Moving around and doing day-to-day stuff with it in really made me feel super sexy all day. I wasn't afraid it would fall out. I wasn't afraid that it would get sucked in (a very constant fear, though it has never happened to me [knock on wood]). And all day, I kept trying to push it out and I just felt the toy go, "Nope... you're gonna enjoy every second of this." And enjoy I did. I shopped for clothes, had lunch with a friend, and even played some video games all with my new friend.

After I took it out and went to using a dildo to hit my p-spot, I just felt an absence in size. Perhaps it just means I need to upgrade my dildo. Oh darn... such a hard life I live.
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