Severin medium - sex toy by Tantus - review by Mr. LLamma

My not-Medium disappointment

I'd recommend this toy to BDSM players as a real punishment, not a fake one like slaping a bum with a paddle. I think it must go right after ass-hanging with a good hanger.
The base is really comfortable and it stays put really well
It's a disaster to your bottom and complete torture.
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One of the reasons to write this review, actually, main reason, is to aware the community of potential disappointmets caused by using of this toy.
My fellow reader, if you haven't read another reviews of this toy, I'd suggest you to do this, afterwards you're welcomed here. On my humble opinion, this'll make you sense yourself in my skin those days when I decided to buy this toy.

I'm not a beginner of course(since I considered this toy for use), and I realized the sizes of Severin Medium and compared them to the sizes of my favorite toys Tantus Ryder and The Big End. The most important specification of them all is Diameter, which is 1 1/2" for the Ryder, 1 3/4" for The Big End and 1 7/8" for the subject of this sad review. I'm not good in math but still capable to use my calculator which says that a difference between diameters of these two big toys is only 0.125 inches!
"Now, what is that?!! Is that the Great Wall or maybe it's Grand Canyon for serious anal player? It's only 0.125 inches and after this tiny barrier Great Lakes of pleasure await me!(as is promised by reviewers at EdenFantasys)" - that's what I thought taking this toy out of plastic package. Which was typical Tantus package nice though.

The toy itself is made with great quality as all Tantus products and it's silicone - the best material for sex toys at the present. Seriously, I tried almost all soft materials, but silicone, especially silicone from Tantus is the best among them! I won't tell you why exactly it's the best, my dear reader, you can know it by thyself in almost every review for silicone toys here.

But, we distracted a little from our subject, which totally refuses to take a place of The Big End inside me. And it's right after The Big End was just pulled out and with a lot of lube. And even after an aroma bath. A goblet of wine was useless too....

I gave up and decided to leave it for a time and to return when I'll be in a mood....
After some time I finally made it and was terribly disappointed by everything in this plug except a couple of things: its base is really comfortable and it stays put really well - and the last pros obviously a consequence of a fact that this plug is very hard to put. Other impressions I may express like: "It's a TORTURE!!!". I'd like to add the F-word to this sentence to adequately describe my emotions on this toy.

As you may see, this toy's shape consist of 3 bulges, first and second of them are not noticeable by your sphincter if you're into challenge of third one. The very form of the third bulge is far from conical, like a form of The Big End, for example. The last feature of the Severin turns a play with it into a complete torture. After it'll finally put, this third bulge is tearing your rectum from inside and you won't get any relief after the thing is inside as it happens with most of anal plugs. No, there will be no relief - it'll be worse and the only thing in you mind will be: "I have to take OFF this THING out of me FAST!" No P-spot, no fancy feelings, no arousal. JUST TAKE OFF! Period.

And you know what? I didn't give up after this. When I was in a mood next time, I tried this toy again trying to reach Zen with this plug, which was already reached by others (in their words, at least). I tried hard again, and again, looking forward to the Great Lakes of pleasure....

After numerous attempts when the plug was put and pulled, and then put and pulled out I considered myself a lemming doing mass suicide to my ass.... I just threw the Severin Medium into my garbage once without any regret.
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  • ToyTimeTim
    I am a bit confused with the problem you are having here. Is it the size? If so, consider this. .125 diameter = .392 circumference. I find that when you get into this size range even an 1/8 of an inch can feel pretty big. This size is even bigger when you think about it in circumference, 4 1/2" versus 4 3/4".

    If the problem is something else, I apologize. Your wording is somewhat hard to follow. Sorry to hear you had such a bad time with it though.
  • ghent529
  • Jimbo Jones
    I agree with ToyTimeTim. It definitely sounds like you are having difficulty with the size. I will attest to the fact that 1/8 inch diameter can make a BIG difference. I find 2" diameter toys are kind of my limit, but I can handle this one pretty easily. Also, the Big End might be a small 1 3/4 inch and Severin medium might be a big 1 7/8 inch. It sounds like you are doing a lot of the right things, but the discomfort you are experiencing sounds like cramping right after you get past the biggest point. After you get it in, take a few deep breaths and relax and the feeling should subside.
    Also, just because it is a bad experience for you, doesn't mean it is or will be for everyone else. Thanks for the review.
  • Undead
    Thanks for the review, I suggest getting something smaller, this is too large for a beginner.
  • Falsepast
    "It's a disaster to your bottom and complete torture." Yup, I'm avoiding this one
  • KrissyNovacaine
    Thanks for the review. I was always nervous about the shape of this, but I am totally passing now.
  • MissLoren
    thanks for the review!
  • SecretToyLover2
    Thanks for the first review. Something smaller would be the way to go. It was hard to follow your wording and it truly didn't make sense so I would suggest re-writing sime of this review.
  • pestilence
    Thanks for the review.
    Thank you!
  • ohmai
    Thank you!
  • spiced
    It's good to read one review that doesn't lavish praise on this toy, just because I know that no toy can work for everyone (that's why there are so many toys, right? )

    But based on the other reviews, I went ahead and bought this toy. I will post here again if I don't like it so that you may say "I told you so" if you like!
  • Kwumii
    This is a really good review, thanks!
  • souviet
  • Creepellah
  • AmethystQueen
    Thanks for your very informative, although somewhat hard to read, review!
  • godweensatan
  • buttman
    Thank You
  • Andersonda
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