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The li'l end reviews

28 reviews
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28 reviews

This toy does exactly what it advertises, it's an unintimidating introduction to anal toys. It's simple, very high quality, and stylish. You may grow out of it but I think its a great way to get warmed up to this category of play.

This item is worth buying if you do not care about the offensive odor. It is fun and great for beginners but you won't need it for long. This toy is so slender that you can almost immediately switch to the next size. This might also be a reason why you may want to just take it up one size more.

I'm glad I got this toy and it definitely serves it's purpose. I'm also really excited that it encouraged my boyfriend to want to try more adventurous sexcapades. I will definitely continue using this toy as a warm up though, since it isn't quite big enough to use by itself.

This is a quality toy, made of easy-to-clean silicone. I feel like it can be shared, used for stretching, or for teasing. Its easy-to-hold base and small size makes it good for anyone.

The Li'l End plug by Doc Johnson is a great buy for anal beginners. Its smooth, soft, flexible design makes for easy insertion and a comfortable experience. The silicone is very easy to clean and does not collect bacteria. Although its wide base and tiny "bulge" make it easy to accidentally push out, this toy is great for working up to anal sex. Practice relaxing your muscles or add a new sensation to your bedroom adventures, this toy is a great product to add to your collection.

This toy is a great intro to the world of butt plugs. This is the perfect size for someone who is intimidated by all those behemoth toys out there and just wants to see if they like this sort of thing. If you start gradually beginning with Li'l End, you'll find that anal is enjoyable and move up to something bigger in the future.

Despite the slight stickiness, I still believe this is a great anal toy for first time users. The size is non-threatening, and the material is very safe and of high quality. The biggest drawback is that the shape of the toy is not conducive to wear-ability. This somewhat defeats the point of a plug, but I still see this toy as useful for warm up, and for just starting to explore anal play.

Worth every penny. The beginner should look no further for a first anal toy. It is the best thing out there to get you comfortable with having something in your ass and is far superior and more comfortable than fingers. This toy might also help convince the reluctant. As a male, it's a great accent to a sexual experience. But writing on behalf of a beginner female, it can be also be used to produce a mind-blowing orgasm.

In summary I'd rate the Li'l End five stars. It does an excellent job as a beginner toy and there's not a lot you can expect from it besides that. If you're curious about anal play or content with smaller plugs, I absolutely recommend it. My bum and I are quite fond of this little toy.

The Li'l End is a great solution for those just starting out in anal play. Body safe material and just the right size that you won't outgrow it with just a couple uses. Because I am a more advanced anal user than what this plug is designed for, its use was limited for me. But using it in conjunction with other Doc Johnson silicone toys has been a fun challenge and experience.

The little end is a decent toy for anal beginners. Its well constructed for its price. Unfortunately the plug suffers the same design flaw as many thin plugs in that its flare from head to neck is too small to stay inserted during movement for most individuals.

This was my first time playing with my rear end. I definitely recommend the Li’l End if you are new to anal play. I was very pleased with the Li’l End. It’s silicone, small and not intimidating. It’s perfect for beginners! If you are experienced in anal play, the small size will be too little for you. My only complaint is that the plug tends to fall out during activity. However, I can overlook that for my first plug. It was great getting myself comfortable with my back door.

This is such a great plug! Pretty, silicone, non-porous, and affordable! I am so happy with it. Try it! You can't go wrong!

Are you curios about anal play? Are you looking for a small, comfortable and discreet anal plug? The Li'l End by Doc Johnson is a great way to enjoy your journey into the erotic anal play you have always dreamed about. There is no need to fear with The Li’l End, you will love how non-intimidating it is and how much pleasure it brings.

Looking for a good beginner's anal plug? The Li'l End by Doc Johnson is slim and easy to insert, making this a great first plug. Made of silicone, it is non-porous and rates a 10/10 on the safety scale. I personally thought this was such a good toy that I'm opting for the next stage: "The Big End," by Doc Johnson.

While more for the beginner, the Li'l End is versatile. You can wear it in public, during sex, or for solo time. The shimmering silicone adds for easy maintenance and flair for your sex toy collection.

The li'l end is a great little toy for those completely new to anal play. It's soft and comfortable and definitely worth a try for anyone on the fence about trying butt plugs.

I don't have anything bad to say about this butt plug. It was the perfect toy for a beginner and I still love using it to this day!

This is what a person buys when they're not sure if want to try butt toys. Buy one of these, give it plenty of lube and see if you like the feel. If so, have fun and enjoy knowing that when you advance to new toys, you'll be more prepared by starting here, rather than buying a Kong right off the bat.

Once again, this toy is awesome for the anal play newcomer, with its very affordable price point of just $16.99, and its smooth surface and small size you will be wanting to do it all over again with this awesome product.

Other than the slippage issue, the Lil' End is the perfect beginner's butt plug. If that is not a big deal to you, I would definitely say go for it. But if so, I would look elsewhere.

I DO recommend this product for all the reasons I stated above. It's great for beginners and stepping stone on the way to different and bigger anal toys. I found it very helpful to me when I was first starting.

"The Li'l End" offers a great, humble beginning. This toy is slightly bigger than a thick middle-finger and is perfect for those looking into anal play. It is smooth, seamless, soft, and pliable. While you can't leave it in while you walk around, I think most toys of this small size would have similar slipping issues. It is perfect to wear during vaginal intercourse, or simply as a warm-up toy during foreplay.

Overall, the Li'l End has made a drastic difference in my partner and my sex life. Its opened new doors of pleasure to us in a safe and very comfortable way. For those of us looking for the next big orgasm, go for it!

This is the perfect product for those looking to branch into the anal realm. The soft feel and small size make this the perfect product to open the door to bigger things. But I will caution, this tool is great for a beginner.

Li'l End is the perfect beginning to anal play. It isn't intimidating, and with some lube, you will make your way to great anal play adventures.

The perfect ally for beginners venturing into the stormy seas of anal play. Just the perfect fit for taking it to the next stage.

The Platinum Li'l End is a quality silicone plug for the anal beginner or the bum-shy. While those preferring more filling plugs may be disappointed with this little guy, it is perfect for those of us who can enjoy just a finger or two comfortably. An unexpected bonus: The Li'l End has a surprising amount of suction on its base when you press it down to any hard, smooth surface!

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