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Deep water G reviews

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34 reviews

Out of the two glass toys I own, the Deep Water G Glass Wand is my favorite. The way it can be used both ways, the excellent texture it has, and the fact it can be used for temperature play, made for a wonderful time.

This toy is one that I tend almost to forget, and once I find it again, I wonder why I let it go. The only thing I find disappointing about this toy is the fact that the bumps protrude so much that they kind of hurt. It's a solid toy that can be used anytime, anywhere. If you're new to sex toys, I wouldn't suggest this one for you.

It's glass, which means it can be used at a range of temperatures. When it's girls' night out, and my girlfriend stays over she likes it frozen, we wet it before going out for dinner and drinks and later when we get home and are feeling good from our drinks we take it out of the freezer and OMG!!! Yes, it's very cold, but when it hits my hot clit, it's instant orgasm. We also use it between each other at the same time.... all I can say it's WOW.. It is well worth the purchase.

This item is totally worth trying, I found it to be super stimulating and exciting. It makes me want to try more glass dildos.

Fantastic for temperature play! Or any other play for that matter! I've had this one for a while and it's very durable and still one of my favorites!

The Deep Water G dildo is a starter toy. It doesn't have any bells and whistles, and it's not fancy. However, it is a very pretty toy that is not intimidating, and it gets the job done. The Deep Water G is perfect as a first toy, for trying something different, or for getting back to basics. This dildo might be a bit boring to advanced toy users, but for me, this is one of my new favorites.

This toy makes you come over and over. You'll be screaming and writhing to no end until you just can't move anymore. From it's naughty nubs to it's healing head, you'll never want anything else but the pleasure this gives.

The Deep Water G is definitely worth a shot! Though the G-spot curve wasn't really right for me, I still love this toy. It's a great length and a wonderful girth and I won't be leaving this in the drawer to collect dust any time soon! It's great for beginners and advanced glass lovers alike. I totally recommend giving this one a try!

My advice? Take the dive with this one. It is just beautiful and incredibly functional. It has interesting textures but is not overwhelming. It is easy to clean and comes with storage. It isn't a superb G-spotter, but it is nice for light to medium stimulation. I think this is a lovely addition to any glass collection.

If you're looking for that perfect introduction into textured toys, I highly recommend Deep Water G. It's affordable, attractive and so much fun. However, if you're really into texture, I think there are more textured toys out there that might better suit your needs.

The Deep Water G is as appealing to look at as it is fun to play with. It is the perfect combination of material choice, desing, and function. We think users of all levels can have fun with this beautiful toy.

The Deep Water G by SSA Glass is a very versatile, double-ended g-spot dildo. You can take this toy just about anywhere and use it however you'd like. It will have you writhing in pleasure in no time but be sure to lube it up or those nubs may rub you the wrong way!

Proceed with caution. This is a gorgeous piece of glass, but the single line of dots ends up being too uncomfortable for me. Even when I use twisting instead of thrusting motions the nubs caused more discomfort than pleasure. This is a personal preference though, if you like nubs on a dildo this one will feel great! If you're new to glass I would recommend a different texture though, either smooth or swirled would be a great choice.

I would highly recommend the Deep Water G for anyone interested in G-spot stimulation, anyone who loves or is even thinking about adding glass to their collection, and for those looking for something new. Really, I would recommend this toy to just about anyone. The textures are wonderful and the G-spot curve just adds to the experience.

This easy on the eyes toy will genuinely please beginners and advanced with g-spot stimulation. It's easily maintained, multi-textured, and double ended; it does not disappoint. I've never had a g-spot orgasm until I met this toy, and it'll be in my life for a long while.

I bought the item through the Eden Friends program for less than $10, and I'm glad that was all I paid. This toy is good, but not great. Certainly not great enough for me to suggest buying it at full asking price.

This is a toy to last a lifetime. It is substantial, gorgeous, great for temperature play and it can be displayed without concern that it looks too much like a dildo! It's also beautiful...It can be used from both ends and if you add a vibrator enhancer it is perfect for P spotting as well as G spotting.

Deep Water is a great glass dildo -- the nubs are delightful, while the two ends provide interesting variety. My only complaints are that it's not suitable for deep anal penetration, P-spotting and the curve of the toy is a little shy for real G-spotting pressure. However, the Deep Water is still a great addition to any glass collection.

The Deep Water G had me rolling in the deep. For a beginner to glass AND G-spot toys, this one was very gentle to me. The curve is very subtle yet functional and the weight of the glass isn't heavy. The only con for me is the last nub on the toy is too prominent. Non-beginners may dislike the small curve and thinness of the Deep Water G. Beginners, on the other hand, may love it for those reasons. The thinness and small curve worked for me and for that I give it 4 stars.

It really sucks that my girl doesn't like the glass. I like her to have good experiences. It is a nice looking piece, but that's about it unfortunately. It's not always about a pretty face.

This toy is definitely worth the buy! You feel satisfying sensation immediately upon insertion and can take your experience in any direction from there using either end of this deep blue double-ended Pyrex glass dildo. It always keeps me wanting more (in a good way) after every single use!

I can fully recommend this dildo for all experienced glass lovers out there as well as those just curious about glass wands. The magnificent bulbous head will rub your G-spot in a wonderful way.

With a nice bulged head, and seven tantalizing nubs along the shaft, this glass wonder is sure to bring about pleasure in the most surprising ways.

The Deep Water G is a delight to use! The deep ocean blue color is beautiful and the petite size makes it easy and comfortable to insert and hold. The added texture of the raised bumps really gives this toy personality. I would recommend this one to any glass lover, a first time glass user or the more experienced. It's an overall great addition to your toy collection.

I really do love this toy; it is beautiful, well designed, and effective. I believe this toy will become a go-to for me. It is lovely.

The Deep Water G is a beautiful G-spot glass dildo with pronounced nubs along the shaft. It can be used from each end, but the head end has a direct G-spot curve. However, if you are sensitive to a lot of texture, then I would keep looking.

This is a good investment if you want to take texture to the next step, or if you are looking for another piece to add to your glass collection. It can be sterilized and is easy to care for. The double heads provide double the stimulation and different sensations. I gave it 3 stars simply because my expectations were a little higher for this.

Hands down my favorite G-spot toy. I squirt almost every time I use this dildo...which is something I can't say of most toys. It is functional and gorgeous...compatible with any lube and amazingly easy to clean. The provided storage bag could use an upgrade, but is fine if you aren't too worried about breaking or chipping the toy. If you have a G-spot, you should seriously consider this toy.

The Deep Water G delivers satisfying stimulation to the G-spot, and its elegant shade of deep blue is reminiscent of deep ocean waters, where beautiful, mysterious creatures swim in the scant sunlight filtering down from above. I've named mine Alvin, after my favorite deep water submarine.

The Deep Water G is not only a beautiful dildo, it also gives the best g-spot stimulation I have experienced so far. It's versatile and easy to use. Any type of user will find pleasure and satisfaction with this amazing g-spotter. You and your bed sheets will be wet in no time.

The Deep Water G is a very beautiful, texture filled dildo. The price is quite modest, and the toy itself is just right. Not too big, not too small, not too many bumps or nodules. `I love the solid color, though it is quite dark. This elegant glass dildo feels very unique and pleasant with its G-spot seeking curve and filling head. Two thumbs up for form & function!

Deep water G is a great toy for someone looking for a non vibrating g-spot stimulator. It also has multifunction sides for a nice variety.

With a beautiful, deep color and a functional design, this double-ended dildo is sure to please regardless of which end you choose to use.

The Deep Water G is a beautiful deep blue glass G-spot toy that is sure to please. It's one of the most effective, easy to use glass G-spot toys I've ever tried, an excellent choice for beginners and advanced users alike.

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