Dive into beautiful deep water

The Deep Water G is a beautiful deep blue glass G-spot toy that is sure to please. It's one of the most effective, easy to use glass G-spot toys I've ever tried, an excellent choice for beginners and advanced users alike.
Beautiful color, easy to use, very effective G-spot stimulation, and a storage bag is included
Slight imperfections and the storage bag is much larger than necessary
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The Deep Water G is a wonderfully effective glass G-spot toy. Women trying to learn to squirt or who just want a toy that will make it easy to achieve G-spot orgasms will be pleased with this product.

This toy is suitable for beginners but experienced users will appreciate it as well.
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Material / Texture

The Deep Water G is made of Pyrex glass, a hard, non-porous, easy care material. As long as you're careful not to break it on hard surfaces, it should last forever.

It has small nubs along the shaft, but they are small and surprisingly, don't provide much extra stimulation. Those worried about the extra texture can take a measure of relief in the fact that the nubs probably won't bother them. I have a checkered history of response to textured toys, yet the nubs on the Deep Water G didn't bother me at all.
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Design / Shape / Size

Deep Water G is almost eight inches long. The head has a circumference of four and a half inches. The head flares out from the shaft quite nicely, a feature present in many of the most effective G-spot toys.

The shaft of mine isn't as curved as the one pictured on this site. Almost certainly each one is hand made, so variations in size and shape are to be expected.

Along the top of the shaft are five nubs. Each nub is about a quarter of an inch wide and stands out about three sixteenths of an inch. Two more nubs are on each side of the nub closest to the head. The nubs are made of clear colorless glass. This you can only see if you hold it up to strong light.

The toy is made of very dark blue glass. It almost looks black. It looks bright purplish blue when held up to the light.

The end of the toy has two bulbs that serve as a handle. This end could also be inserted, but won't give the sensations that the head will.

There are multiple small bubbles on the tip of the head of my Deep Water G and two on the shaft. They are more a slight visual blight than a problem. You can barely feel the larger ones when you run your fingers over them. They can't be felt at all when the toy is in use.

It comes with a eleven by five inch storage bag with a black faux suede like exterior fabric and a pink satin interior. It closes with a shiny black drawstring closure. There is no padding other than the two layers of fabric, but its sufficient for everyday storage.

The storage bag looks like what Harry Potter would use to store his toys or potions. It is much larger than is needed for this toy. After I put the Deep Water G inside it I fold it in half lengthwise then tie the ends of the drawstring together.


I had high expectations for this toy and it met them. The shape of the head and the way it flares out from the shaft make it incredibly effective for G-spot stimulation. It's able to push against, massage and move your G-spot, which is exactly what is needed to achieve G-spot orgasms.

The nubs along the shaft provided only a subtle extra sensation. I tried inserting it further than I usually do with the goal of evaluating how the nubs felt. They certainly didn't irritate or hurt. I couldn't feel them as much as I expected that I would.
    • Heavenly good

Care and Maintenance

The Deep Water G is Pyrex glass and therefore nonporous and easy care. Just wash with soap and water after use, dry it and slip it into its storage bag.

Any lube is safe to use with this, but glass is slippery enough that you probably won't need any.

It can be soaked in warm or cool water before use for added temperature sensation.


It arrives inside its storage pouch and inside a clear plastic bag which is wrapped around it and sealed with a bar code sticker. I love the earth friendliness of the minimal packaging.


I've been looking for a glass G-spot toy that could equal the effectiveness and ease of use of the Clear Ribbed G-spot Wonder. I believe I've found it in the Deep Water G.

The Deep Water G holds its own when used alternately in the same session with the G-spot wonder. Its head is smaller than the G-spot wonders, but it has enough of a flared head to fully compensate.

In multiple glass G-spot toy reviews I've have said that several products are excellent, but this is the first one that I'm declaring to be the equal of the clear ribbed G-spot wonder, the one I consider to be the gold standard of glass G-spot toys. It truly is amazing, easy to use and incredibly effective.
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