Deep Water G

The Deep Water G is definitely worth a shot! Though the G-spot curve wasn't really right for me, I still love this toy. It's a great length and a wonderful girth and I won't be leaving this in the drawer to collect dust any time soon! It's great for beginners and advanced glass lovers alike. I totally recommend giving this one a try!
Nice girth, beautiful piece, great for temperature play, firm
G-spot curve isn't curved enough
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This toy is the most useful when used vaginally. I have not used this anally because I bought this as a g-spot toy and this won't cut it for anal play. This toy is a 'no-go' with anal play because the bottom of the toy isn't flared enough to deem in anal safe. I do suggest proceeding with caution while thrusting with this toy. Because it is a glass toy and has no give to it, if you thrust too hard you might end up hurting yourself (or your partner). Someone might end up with a bruised cervix and that's no fun for anyone and hurts more than you know until it happens to you. SO BE CAREFUL, KIDS!

Also, this toy is double ended, so don't forget about the two bulbs on the end! They are ever so slightly smaller than the head of the toy. The two bulbs on the end feel great vaginally too but you might not notice the nubs as much. (I had to maneuver it around to feel the nubs.) This end is very filling, but I found it a little bit harder to hold onto the head of the toy for thrusting, but it's not impossible.

I believe it's safe to say that glass is my favorite material that I've ever come in contact with. It's super durable and you can do so much with it. This toy is great for temperature play, you can warm it up or cool it down to totally change the experience. I am not a fan of cooling it down, but I love running it under warm water right before I use it. This toy is great for use in tubs, showers, pools, hot tubs or whatever watery endeavor you choose because glass is waterproof which opens up a whole variety of things you can do with it!

Material / Texture

This toy is made of Borosilicate glass (also known as Pyrex) which has a material safety rating of 10 out of 10, making it totally 'body safe'. Since this dildo is made of Pyrex glass, it is non-porous and hypo-allergenic.

The Deep Water G is a G-spot dildo that also has little nubs right beneath the head, as well as down the shaft in a straight line. There are a total of 7 nubs, 3 around the head and 4 in a line running down the shaft. The rest of the toy is very smooth. This toy is a hand made piece so no two will be exactly the same. With this in mind, the nubs on mine are nice but not overdone, and are all pretty even in size.

Since this is a glass toy, it's extremely firm and has absolutely no give to it whatsoever. I suggest this toy to people who want to begin venturing into textures but don't want something super textured quite yet. This toy is great for those new to glass (who like a bit more girth than something thinner, such as the Amethyst) or people who are seasoned glass toy users who want to try it out!

The toy doesn't have any smell or taste to it, yet another reason I love glass more than other materials. There is no drag to the material either, it's very smooth and sleek.
Up close shot of the 7 nubs

Design / Shape / Size

I love the design of this toy! It has just enough little textured nubs to add an extra bit of 'umph' to it without compromising its sleek, smooth texture elsewhere!

The circumference of the head of the dildo is a solid 4 7/16", a full inch larger than my Amethyst that sits at 3 7/16". This is a huge deal to me because I love thicker toys that mimic the girth of a real penis.

The only thing I don't like about this toy is that it is sold as a G-spot dildo but unfortunately, it wasn't really the case for me. The curve just isn't steep enough to hit my G-spot, no matter how hard I tried and how many different angles I attempted. I truly think that if the Deep Water was as curved as the Amethyst, this would be my favorite toy in existence and nothing could touch it. That aside, I really enjoy the girth of the Deep Water G. It is 3 1/8" in circumference, which is larger than either of my other glass toys by at least a whole inch, which makes this toy much more satisfying and 'filling'. The length of the Deep Water G I received is 7 1/16" and a diameter of around 7/8". I don't know if mine was made considerably smaller than the specs on the Deep Water's page or I'm just not measuring right but the specs say the following:

Length: 7 3/4"
Circumference: 4 1/2"
Diameter: 1 3/8"

If mine is, in fact, just made smaller, this is a bit of a bummer because I prefer the length and girth of the specs and it puts a slight damper on my experience.

The two bulbs on the other end measure at 4 1/8" (bottom) and 4 1/8" (top). They are only slightly smaller than the head of the toy. This end is great also because it's still 'filling' but gives you a different sensation than the head.

I have to note the deep blue color also. Though blue is usually not my first choice when it comes to toys, I have fully embraced blue for my glass choice. The deep, dark blue is beautiful and when you shine a light over it, it lights up and looks like peering into the depths of the ocean!

I believe this toy to be great for the average glass user; it's great for advanced users and good for those who are new to glass. If you are looking for a super stimulating glass G-spot dildo, I suggest the Amethyst or possibly the Bent Graduate though. (Unless of course you don't like a steep curve, than in that case this one will do great!)

I think this would be okay for travel if you know how to keep it safe and keep it from getting knocked around in your luggage. (I plan to take it with me to Mexico so I'll let you know how that goes!)
Up close shot of the 7 nubs
Amethyst (left) compared to the Deep Water G (right)
Another comparison of the Amethyst (left) to the Deep Water G (right)
Amethyst (left) compared to the Deep Water G (right)


I think the best thing about this beautiful piece of glass is the girth. I love my Amethyst and I like my Icicles No. 8 but the Deep Water G is much more of what I was looking for in the first place. It's got a very nice, filling, bulbous head and the little nubs are just enough to feel a little something extra without being too intense and making me feel uncomfortable. The length is perfect for my body size and the toy in general is fulfilling. I love thrusting with glass toys because the feeling is VERY powerful and with this one, it feels the closest to a real penis that I'm going to get with a glass toy. Upon first solo use, this toy gave me one of the most powerful orgasms I've had while using a glass toy. It just felt so amazing that it didn't take much work before I was a trembling mess and I loved it!

My only issue with the Deep Water G is the G-spot curve. It's not a very deep curve and for my anatomy, I need a deeper curve to really reach and stimulate my G-spot. This didn't do much for me in terms of G-spot play but it did feel amazing just as a regular glass dildo. If this toy had the Amethyst curve, I would be totally sold on this and probably never need another glass piece again. I tried multiple positions and angles but none could really hit my G-spot, which is unfortunate but all in all, this toy is fantastic!
    • Great girth
    • Slight g-spot curve

Care and Maintenance

This toy is, as mentioned above, Pyrex glass with a 10 of 10 on the material safety scale. I love glass toys because they are impeccably easy to clean. You can boil it to sterilize it, wipe it down with toy wipes, pop it in the dishwasher or even just wash it off with some soap and water. It's quick and super simple and that's a huge reason why I prefer glass to almost any other material. Some might worry that because this is a glass toy, it will break or shatter. This is very, very, VERY unlikely because Pyrex glass is extremely hard to break. This though, does not mean you shouldn't be careful with the toy when storing it, cleaning it, etc.

I store the toy in the red velvet pouch it was shipped in, though I would like to invest in a pouch with padding and a better draw string in the future. (And I suggest everyone do that to keep all glass toys secure and safe.)

Since glass toys are very versatile in terms of lube compatibility, any lube can be used with the Deep Water G. I prefer the use of water-based lubes in general, but glass can handle any type of lube and all types of lubes clean off of the glass very easily.


Upon receiving the package, I cut open the box and beneath some crumpled up, thick brown paper was my Deep Water G. The glass dildo comes in a red velvet pouch with a draw string which can be used for storage, but keep in mind that the draw string is loose so if the pouch is turned upside down the toy will fall out. Be careful! When I opened the pouch, the toy was wrapped in a sheet of bubble wrap for extra protection. You can definitely use the velvet pouch for storage, but again you must remember that the draw string doesn't do much to keep the pouch closed. This is the only negative thing about the packaging, the pouch is rather flimsy and does nothing to actually keep the toy inside. This is a longer toy than some other glass pieces I have (the info on the toy's page says it is 7 3/4" in length) and this doesn't aid in the pouch staying closed at all. No instructions (cleaning or use) were included with this toy, but since it's a dildo with no motor, it's pretty easy to figure out.

Also, the brown packaging paper is recyclable so remember the 3 R's!

Packaging of Deep Water G
Unwrapping of the Deep Water G

Personal comments

Though the G-spot curve wasn't really right for me, I still love this toy. It's a great length and a wonderful girth and I won't be leaving this in the drawer to collect dust any time soon! It's great for beginners and advanced glass lovers alike. I totally recommend giving this one a try!
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