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Glass wand reviews

32 reviews
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32 reviews

This glass wand is easy to clean, sleek and smooth. It offers texture depending on the end used. It can be used anyplace and anywhere and is great for adding a little spice to your romance by helping it keep going or help keep/kick start your romance. This toy might be too hard for some.

This glass wand has a beautiful golden color while being artistic. It does look like something out of a bad science fiction porno though. I can see it being used as a ray gun or something of that sort. It is double ended with one side having girth and texture, while the other has functionality and stimulates the G-spot. Each end has its own drawbacks though. The G-spot end is lacking in girth, while the textured end is actually quite painful to try and use.

This is an interesting glass piece but only one end ended up working for me. It’s not the most beginner friendly but I think most people will be able to handle this glass wonder.

This golden wand is a great addition to anyone's toy chest. Either side can be used for vaginal penetration. With such different ends, this toy is appropriate for both beginner and advanced users. One side provides excellent g-spot massage and the other texture and girth. All around it is a great toy and I highly recommend it. It didn't blow me away, but it has great features and felt good.

I wouldn't suggest this product for folks just entering the world of sex toys, but it could be an amazing product for experienced toy users. It is dual-ended and offers a variety of sensations when you factor in the type of massage and temperature play. For those who love texture and fullness, one end has a pointed tip and bulbs. For those who want a smooth and gentle toy, the other end is slender and curved for amazing gspot stimulation.

Great glass toy designed for vaginal and anal play which could be also used for prostate stimulation as well. Not very discreet, but definitely great looking toy.

This piece is so pretty, and it's my new favorite for P-spotting my boy. We're opening him up to anal and this slim smooth piece is perfect for coaxing his back door open. For vaginal G and A spotting, the thin firm glass piece will certainly suffice, but caution should be taken to avoid internal bruising due to vigorous thrusting.

This item is one of the most worthwhile toys I have come across so far. The fact that it is easy to clean and hypoallergenic is a major plus for me and anyone who has allergies to latex. I am thrilled to find such a toy that I can enjoy safely, and that actually works for what they advertise it to do: G-stimulation. With the proper care C3PO can turn out to be any woman’s best friend just as he has mine.

This is a great toy for experimenting with the G-spot and P-spot. Great price and fun to use. Would recommend this toy to anyone!

Overall, if this wand broke I would buy it again in a heartbeat. I hope everyone who reads my review gives this golden beauty a try. It's up to you on how you use it, but either way, you will be filled with pleasure!

If you're looking for something different, definitely pick this wand up! Although not a great start into the world of glass, more experienced users will for sure appreciate the texture on this bad boy. You could use this as artwork or a sex toy, just be careful you don't overdo yourself!

This glass wand is a very unique piece to be able to own. From the color to the design, there aren't many like it out there. The textured end might end up being too intense for some, but for those who love texture it's got your back. The other end does a good job at stimulating the G-spot as well.

Take a chance on this odd-looking beauty - it's not scary at all! It's lovely to look at, and even more lovely to feel.

The glass wand is a joy for lovers of nubby, bumpy dildo shapes. Being one of those people, I definitely don't regret this purchase. However, the glass wand does produce intense sensations, so if you're easily intimidated by ridged and textured toys, this one may not be for you.

This was a great purchase for me. I used this for solo play, though this could be used with a partner. I enjoy it and definately recommend it.

A wonderful magic wand, with a great unique shape, that gives a great pleasure experience. It's amazing for temperature, both hot and cold. It also has a nice hefty weight to it and is easy to hold on to. Just make sure not to thrust too deep!

This double ended, highly versatile, multi-textured glass wand is a must for anyone's toy box. If you love texture, this wand has got it; if you don't, it has that smooth option covered too. It is also very beautiful; and will service even the most demanding of Royal Majestys.

I liked it. It's my first glass toy that I've bought period. It's worth it for the price and the orgasm.

I wasn't thrilled or disappointed with the Glass Wand. It was really just okay for me. It did the job but not on its own. It would be a good toy to have around for those lonely times or when you just can't wait for your partner to be there. I'm glad I used a gift card for this and not cash. I wouldn't purchase it again, but I will keep it around. It may not be for everyone, and some may enjoy it more than I do.

For the price of $24.99( on sale for $12.49), this magical wand makes a great introductory product into the world of glass. It has multiple purposes, that beginners and advanced users would enjoy. It's simple to use and offers so much in return.

I have fallen in love with this wand. I will recommend it to anyone who asks, and probably a few that don't ask!

The Glass Wand is a gorgeous gold glass toy (rare to see) that is affordable and easily hits the g-spot. For those who enjoy texture, the tree-looking end definitely provides a pretty extreme texture as well.

Overall, this toy is top on my list! I'm a girl of glam and this toy has won me over! Because of this toy, my partner even loves to play with me using glass wands. I love the fact that each side offers a different experience and enjoyment! It is easy to clean, and can change temperature fast. Can be put in boiling water to clean. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

Hands down, this toy is superb and a guaranteed joy ride for it's affordable price tag. It's great for temperature play, spot-on G-spot stimulation, and it can be used as a fantastic body massager. Aesthetically, this wand is stunning and has the most lovely pearly gold luminescence. If you left it around the house, it could be mistaken for abstract art. It's a great investment for glass toy and G-spot beginners.

Because of the smaller, less threatening and easy to use end of this toy, it is a great purchase for beginners. Because of the highly textured and larger end, it is also a great investment for more advanced users. If I had the means I would purchase one for every woman I know. I may even have to buy a backup... or two!

Over all I really enjoyed that glass wand and would recommend it to all my friends. The price was amazing and totally worth. So go ahead and start exploring with the golden glass wand.

This was my first foray into the word of glass and the world of bumpy and lumpy toys and it will be very frequently used. I have not found any complaints about this toy. It's pretty to look at and even more enjoyable to use. The texture is absolutely amazing.

This is a very substantial, hefty dildo with some great textures. The nubs are easily felt internally and the bubbles add a special fullness. The curl at the other end can be great for hitting the "g" spot. This is a versatile toy that scores very high on the safety scale. The price is simply astonishing for the amount of toy you get.

A beautifully designed dildo made of tempered glass with a variety of possibilities. While smooth and seamless, it has one smaller end with a crooked bulb and the other end has nubs and three larger bulbs to provide a different sensation. Depending on your mood and desires, this dildo is sure to please. Whether you're a newbie to toys and glass or a seasoned player, this dildo should be a part of anyone's toy collection.

Whether with a partner or without, this toy can make you scream and shout. This glass wand is undeniably beautiful. Depending on which end you would call a handle this toy can be everything your looking for. If you enjoy the nubbed and ribbed texture and are advanced in your play this toy is sure to give you both pleasure and beauty.

Just looking at the cute little big nosed puppy sitting on top of The Glass Wand is enough to make you smile. And if that's not enough, the price is fantastic for a dildo this beautiful and this versatile. Two different shaped ends mean twice the fun. This is one toy that's going spend a lot of time pleasing my prostate.

If you're looking for a unique glass wand and you're a fan of bulges and nubby texture - this one is for you. This piece is beautiful and functional - just be careful when thrusting, as the textured tip and solid glass could make for bumped cervix and sore orifices.

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