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The Golden Wand

A beautifully designed dildo made of tempered glass with a variety of possibilities. While smooth and seamless, it has one smaller end with a crooked bulb and the other end has nubs and three larger bulbs to provide a different sensation. Depending on your mood and desires, this dildo is sure to please. Whether you're a newbie to toys and glass or a seasoned player, this dildo should be a part of anyone's toy collection.
Glass, beautifully constructed with much versatility.
It would have been nice to have a padded storage bag included.
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This glass dildo wand is designed to be used for trusting and insertion but it so so beautiful you want to spend time admiring it and rubbing your hands over its balls and bumps. Being pleasant to look at adds to its overall appeal. The glass massager is made of tempered glass and is 8 3/4" long. 7 3/4" of this is insertable. The circumference is 4 1/2" and the diameter is 1 3/8". The golden wand weighs 0.5 pounds.
The dildo can be used as a G-spot stimulator, P-Spot stimulator, clitorally, vaginally, or anally.

While it doesn't have a flared base, there is ample length to hold on to when being used anally and if the smaller, curved end is inserted, the bulbs help to prevent accidentally losing it.

The wand is glass and non forgiving so care should be given when thrusting is being done to prevent pain and injury.

This dildo can be used with a partner or solo. The length allows for the user to hold onto it and still be able to thrusts at the same time.

Material / Texture

The Golden Wand is made of tempered glass, is seamless, smooth, non-toxic, and easy to clean. While glass is durable and sturdy, it should be checked routinely for cracks or chips. I actually dropped mine on ceramic tile shortly after receiving it but thankfully, after a careful check, there were no chips or cracks. There is no smell or taste to glass. It is non-porous and easy to clean with warm water and anti bacterial soap or a commercial toy cleaner. It can also be placed in the dishwasher or boiled.

Glass is also easy to heat up or cool down. I heat mine up by submerging it in a bowl of warm water and cool it by placing it in a bowl of ice water. The box does state that it can be placed in the freezer for a few minutes but I have not tried this.

Glass is compatible with water, oil, or silicone lubes. If it is going to be shared during one outing, a condom is recommended for hygiene purposes.

Design / Shape / Size

The glass massager is made of tempered glass and is 8 3/4" long. 7 3/4" of this is insertable. The circumference is 4 1/2" and the diameter is 1 3/8". The golden wand weighs 0.5 pounds.

One end is a curved nub, perfect for hitting the G spot. The other end has three blown ball shapes followed by a pointed end with three rows of little nubs. Either end can be used for vaginal insertion but care should be given especially with the pointed end being inserted. Since glass is non flexible, too much of a good thing can become painful or cause injury.

When either end is being used for insertion, the other end makes a great handle. Since there are two different sizes in one toy, it is ideal for most users. Depending on the mood and desired effect, this dildo can meet most needs/wants.

We have used the toy for both vaginal and anal use. It was able to reach and stimulate my G-spot without any problems and when I used the curved end anally on hubby, it hit his P-spot. When used anally on me, it provided a full feeling, not uncomfortable but stimulating. Care should be given when using this anally as there is no flared base but there is ample length to hold onto and if the smaller curved end is inserted, the bulbs are helpful in preventing the toy from slipping inside.

As far as travel goes, it is a little large to carry in a purse and being glass, I would be afraid to put in a piece of luggage that was going to be thrown around. It was be fun to have with you on a get away but I think this one will have to stay at home.


This dildo is designed for clitoral, vaginal or anal stimulation. It works great at hitting the G-Spot or P-Spot using the smaller, curved end. The bigger, more bulbous end is great for clitoral or vaginal stimulation. The bulbs and nubs provide extra stimulation and sensations.

Since glass is non forgiving, care should be given as to not get too rough with thrusting as it can result in pain.

This dildo is great for both partners and everyone can get some enjoyment out of it due to its various sizes and textures. It can used with a partner or during solo play.

Care and Maintenance

It is non-porous and easy to clean with warm water and anti bacterial soap or a commercial toy cleaner. It is also microwave and dishwasher safe. It can be boiled or cleaned with bleach.

Any glass toys should be checked routinely for chips or cracks. Glass is compatible with water based, silicone, or oil based lubes.

When not in use, I would suggest wrapping in carefully and storing it in an safe area where it won't get bumped or dropped.


The dildo arrived in a medium sized oblong box and the golden rod was nestled in a Styrofoam bed. It was strapped in with a tie around the middle. The box clearly promotes that this item can be iced up or heated up and that is hygienically designed. There were instructions, directions on the back of the box indicating how to use this dildo and precautions while using the toy. Comparing it to some vibrators that have many more features, this box had more instructions than those items.

The Styrofoam piece can be used for assisting in storage if you have enough room for it. I prefer to wrap mine in a washcloth and store it in another washcloth bag. It is placed in the drawer with my other glass toys were care if given when removing or placing them in the drawer.

Personal comments

I absolutely love this toy. Every time I get a new glass toy, I think that it is the best and can't be beat but I really think this one may be unbeatable. It is versatile in size, shape, and usage. The price is excellent and even at the regular price, it is a bargain. I caught mine on sale for $10.00 which is unbelievable.

This toy is so pretty, it could be used for decorations on the coffee table. The only problem with this is that every time I would walk by it, I would want to use it. This could be a problem if company were at our home!


The first time we used this dildo, my hubby surprised me by getting it out and having it handy while I was getting ready for bed. He gently inserted into me and the instant I felt it, I knew I was going to like it. Initially, he used the smaller end and it landed on my G-Spot almost instantly. A few short rubs and I was ready to explode.

The next time it was used, he tried the larger end with the nubs and bubbles. While it was larger than the other end, it was not uncomfortable or unpleasant. He was careful not to thrust too hard and cause me pain for which I am grateful. Then he turned it (and me) around and used the smaller end in my ass. With an adequate amount of lube, it slipped in easily enough. He kept a firm hand on the bulbed end and gently thrust the dildo. It was a great feeling.

I used the smaller end on him, stimulating his p_spot. Within a few minutes, he was ready to explode and while he is not as willing to have things inserted into his ass, he did seem to enjoy this one.
This is one toy that will remain towards the top of our list to use over and over.
Follow-up commentary
Glass is always a girl's best friend. Forget the diamonds!! I love this piece of glass and use it on a regular bases. It is so easy to clean and so maintenance free, it could be part of anyone's collection. There have been no problems, no broken areas, or any chips in it even after numerous times being used.
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