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Oh Such a Cute Little Golden Puppy

Just looking at the cute little big nosed puppy sitting on top of The Glass Wand is enough to make you smile. And if that's not enough, the price is fantastic for a dildo this beautiful and this versatile. Two different shaped ends mean twice the fun. This is one toy that's going spend a lot of time pleasing my prostate.
Easy to clean, can use both ends for different feelings, wonderful prostate massager.
Nubby end can cause pain during deep thrusting and vaginal contractions.
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Obviously this beautiful golden Glass Wand is built for penetration and thrusting. If you're like my wife Di and I you'll realize that, just as soon as you can finally quit running your hands over its wonderful smooth shape. It can be used for vaginal and anal penetration but, caution is need when using it anally because it doesn't have a large flared end. If your new to anal play, please play carefully. With the small size of the nubby end, insertion is very easy. But the shape can also cause a little pain if thrust to hard and deep in the vagina.

Material / Texture

Glass is the ultimate material for a dildo. It's not only beautiful with it's gold coloring, and has wonderful shapes to add to your pleasure, but it's extremely easy to clean. We tried it both cold and warm, and one of the great things about glass it holds temperature well. When it touched Di's pussy cold, I thought she was going to cum instantly.

Design / Shape / Size

I loved the shape for anal play, especially the hook end. The nubby end when you look at it from the side looks like a little puppy with big ears and nose or a pine tree. As for The Glass Wands size it's great for anal sex but my wife said she would have liked it to be a little thicker when we used it on her pussy. Size and shape wise I think the Wand would please both experienced and new users.


The best thing we liked about The Glass Wand was its versatility, being able to use both ends for different feelings. The only fault we found with it was that, when my wife orgasmed while thrusting deep with the Wand and, her pussy contracted so hard that she had to take it out because the nubby end causing a small amount of pain. She said it wasn't enough to keep her from using it again, she'll just take it out and rub it over her clit as she cums.

Care and Maintenance

Glass is extremely easy to clean. Just put it in the dishwasher; if you have one, or use a good anti-bacterial soap and water. Unfortunately The Glass Wand did not come with a nice bag for storage like some of our other glass dildos did so, we keep it wrapped up in a small towel. Lubes are no problem with The Wand, you can use any type of lube you like.


The first experience my wife and I had with the Glass Wand was using it vaginally while I preformed oral sex on her. As I said before we started with it rather cool, Di almost came as soon as it touched her. Insertion was very easy, and Di started to enjoy some slow thrusting right away. She really enjoyed the three bumps on the shaft, and said she really couldn't feel the nubby end that much. We also tried the other end with its nice upturned end, on her G-spot and she enjoyed that a lot.

I gave the Wand a good anal workout on myself, just before sitting down to write this review. The first thing I found out was, if you use the nubby end anally, it's not easy to clean. After cleaning it I decided to try it with a condom, and clean up was a breeze, and there was no reduction in sensation. The nubby end felt wonderful on my prostate, especially when I twisted it in a circle.

While I was all lubed up I thought I'd give the hooked end a try, and WOW was it great. I only inserted it a couple of inches and it hit my prostate. My cock started jumping and the sensations were fantastic. Slow thrusting on my prostate soon turned to wild thrusting and I realized I was moaning like crazy, I just couldn't seem to get enough. I felt like I was having a huge orgasm but when I looked down at my hard cock instead of seeing cum spewing everywhere there were just small white drops of cum slowly oozing out. I continued this without the sensations subsiding for almost an hour. Needless to say The Glass Wand just became my favorite prostate toy.
Follow-up commentary
Yes I still love it. The Glass Wand gets a real good work out in my tight butt at least once or twice a week and it still makes my cock hard and my prostate throb. I use the L shaped end, the bumpy end is okay, but the other end makes my prostate beg for more and more. It's a good thing the Wand is made of glass so it will last and pleasure my butt for a very long time.
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