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Hung vac-u-lock reviews

15 reviews
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Average review rating
15 reviews

The combination of size, realistic feeling and ease of cleaning definitely make it the best large toy in my collection. It is without a doubt, a must own for those who like large toys.

This is a "fantasy toy". One everyone wants, even if they don't use it often. When you do, it's unforgettable!

Considering this toy was purchased with the sole intent of impalement, stretching, and filling - it far exceeded expectations. I have seen a questions on other toys - "Is this toy that can be used for getting prepped for fisting?" In my opinion, fisting is a preparation for the Hung. I used Randy to prep for this toy. I have given birth twice naturally, and I would compare the stretching and pressure sensation to that. For me, inserting this toy is essentially painful.

All in all, if you are looking to feel stuffed get this toy right now. You can't go wrong for the price.

If one can take it all in and enjoys such size, this would be a great toy to add to the collection. Otherwise, unless bought as a gag gift, I would skip over this one.

If you're a size queen or able to stretch more easily, this is a great product with the best quality you can ask for! If you can't handle large sizes, DO NOT begin with this one! However, you can find a great conversation piece or gag gift with this as well.

I'm surprised they don't add extra shipping charges to this. Home security, Smacking power, Softball equipment. You can cause quite an uproar with this one!

Someone looking for the next big dildo for their collection or wanting to try out the next level of strap-on play will find what they are looking for in the Doc Johnson Hung. It is long, girthy, and massive but still soft and comfortable enough to be a real joy to use. Once you get past your initial shock, you may find you don't know how you did without the Doc Johnson Hung.

The Hung dildo is in my opinion one of the best toys to buy if you want a huge dildo to play with. It is totally worth your money, has nice texture like a real cock, and you can use it with the vuc-u-loc system like a strap on or in a fucking machine. It is really easy to use! Remember to order lots of lube for this toy, you are going to need it!

Hung was SO close to a five. A little plusher, shorter, stiffer, easier to insert and it would have been great. The intensity and enjoyability of the size, material and surface texture once it was in saved it from being a three. I'll give it a 4. If you are a size queen, wannabe or playing a joke on a friend, don't forget the lube!

In summary; if you want the Ultimate Sized Dildo for your collection, this is a must. It will fill you up completely and leave you breathless with multiple orgasms whether you are a guy or a gal. Realistic feel, and flexible, but hard enough to feel like a true erect cock. If size really matters to you then get HUNG.

This baby was just a bad match for me from the start like most of my internet dates seem to be. I don't want my toys to weigh more than the average Sunday night dinner roast, and I don't need to try to integrate my work out into my sex life. When I pick this sucker up, I look at it and think "Damn, that's pretty. But it's so big, it's daunting. I'd hate to meet the man that was attached to that in a dark alley some night."

This item is totally worth the money if you want a huge dildo that your partner can penetrate you with. Be careful and use lots of lube before attempting penetration. This dong brings anal penetration to a whole new level. Expect to be shocked by the appearance, and shocked again by the penetration. If you can overcome that, this toy can provide lots of pleasure.

If I was blind folded and had Hung rammed inside me, I'd swear I was giving birth to something I didn't realize I was pregnant with! I'd be reserved to even recommend this one to a size queen. It really requires an extra size queen to be able to fully take him on. This one isn't made for quickies – you'll need a lot of work-up to even consider entering this in any orifice.

This toy is big, and size is a major feature in this toy. The material is easy to clean and flexible so it feels nice when inserted. It is not a toy for the beginner, but if you are looking for the next biggest thing this will do the trick. I only put size in cons because it can be negative to some that are not use to a bigger guy. At first I was scared of this guy, but soon came to love him.

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