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Lone star reviews

26 reviews
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26 reviews

The most important thingare body-safe materials this product is made of and how trustworthy it is - for the terms of safety AND for the terms of big O's. That really overweights anything else about this toy. It's 110% quality and if you are hesitant about the price... Well, isn't your vagina worth the best? Harmful rocket fuel or pure perfection?

The Lone Star is a good dildo. No bells and whistles, nothing fancy, just a good, realistic dildo made of a great material. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a size upgrade, or a basic, go-to toy that'll stay on your list for years.

If you are a petite woman and also a size queen, he may be your guy. I was expecting a lot more oomph, but I'm going to give him a while to get used to and see where it goes from there. Definitely better than not having a good dildo around.

I absolutly love Lone Star Vixskin and could not be happier that I bought him. Words cannot describe how amazing he truly is.

If you're looking for a realistic dildo with no smell, made of safe materials, and easy to clean, then Lone Star is your man!

The Lone Star is a well made, realistic toy that will satisfy those of us who prefer girth over length. Its dual core provides the dildo with a sturdy weight without sacrificing flexibility or softness. This is my new favorite toy.

It's realistic, squishy, and has a nice hard core in the middle. What's there not to love about it? When I first got this I fell completely in love with it. Lone Star is definitely my most favorite dildo ever. I doubt that another dildo can come between me and my Lone Star.

Everything about the Lone Star screams "amazing". The realistic look and feel, dual density, material, lack of taste and smell, the size, etc. The only con is that the size would've been better if there was just an inch more, yet this is not even a con. It is more of a simple suggestion, because the size still feels great. This is a definite 5/5 and one everyone who can take his girth should own.

My perfect go-to dildo, this is a great toy for people who want something larger but don't want a "monster" dildo. It's also great for people who would like a realistic dildo.

Goodness, I don't even know where to begin when it comes to lone star. He's simply wonderful, his girth gives you this amazing full feeling, and his texture almost feels life like. He's perfect for vaginal and anal play. You can use him in the shower or bath. I see his only downfall would have to be his girth, but that's only a downfall for some people. If you don't mind girt than there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. I'd recommend him to everyone.

Lone Star is a constant companion of mine. He gives me that awesome feeling of being filled and stretched. I have a ton of realistic dildos, and Lone Star has managed to stand out of the pack. He may look similar to his brothers, but he has certainly made a name for himself. I had a hard time choosing between Johnny and Lone Star, so I got both. If I had to choose today, Lone Star would win. Don't get me wrong. I love both of them, but there is just something about that Lone Star!

Lone Star is pretty much the perfect amount of girth and length. Though he might be a little girthy for some, he is perfect for us.

The Lone Star is a toy that lives up to VixenCreations' motto "worth every inch", being a luxurious thick member of their family of high silicone dildos. The details of the cock, the safety and realism of the dual layers of silicone, and the durability makes it perfect for any one looking for a thick toy to use alone or share. It hits just the right places, and with the life-time warranty, you can hit them as hard as you like!

Lone Star looks like a daunting dildo for size queens, but the perfect rigidity of the core coupled with the perfect suppleness of the surface make this cock absolutely fulfilling without being too challenging. Though I usually love very firm toys, the body-safe Lone Star is now one of my most-used dildos. Even without a pinpoint g-spot curve, the girth is enough to stroke all your spots simultaneously. I expected to like Lone Star, but instead I love it---it even inspired me to write a song!

Lone Star is a larger than average, realistic dildo made of Vixskin. He is great for feeling full and for hitting whatever spot you want (it's hard to miss things when you are this girthy). Anyone looking for a great realistic dildo or for a cock that they would be proud to call their own should invite Lone Star into their home.

In the large-size, realistic dildo category, the Lone Star is a serious contender. The design choices that went into making it were strong. This toy is very close to achieving perfection.

This is my favorite dildo, and I am not usually a fan of toys that don't vibrate. Lone Star is great as a masturbation tool, works great in a harness, and is anal safe. The material is amazing and I am going to make sure that I fill my toy boxes with many more VixSkin products.

Vixen Creation's Vixskin Lone Star is no smooth sip of Southern Comfort - more like a bucking bull that even the most experienced cowboys and cowgirls will have some troubled lassoing. With temptingly realistic details from its lickable head down to its squeezable balls, this cock seduces innocently and easily. But be warned that though it may look squishy and easy to love, all but the most experienced riders may be thrown from this bull!

VixSkin is so soft, pliable and very realistic. Lush and beautifully made. The quality is impeccable. Silicone is washable and can be sterilized.

The Lone Star is, without a doubt, the most amazing silicone dildo I have tried to date. Plush, with a squishy head, sqeeze-able shaft and firm inner core, the Lone Star fills you and molds to your vaginal walls, feeling more like the real thing than I can describe. It is, in a word, perfection.

The Lonestar is a fantastic product. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a realistic dildo. And even if you're not, I highly suggest considering this one because it is made so well. I have to confess I just love squeezing it, even when I'm just watching TV. My G-spot loves it too, since it feels just like "the real thing."

Lone Star is by far the most realistic feeling dildo I've ever used. Its wonderfully soft, beautiful, is a generous size and feels truly incredible. But be prepared to spend more time taking care of it to preserve its wonderful qualities.

This cock is basically Outlaw's little brother, in particular design and feeling. He’s slightly floppier than other Vixskin cocks. While that works well when paired with Outlaw’s generous length, Lone Star comes up a bit short for me.

While the Lone Star looks the part and the outer Vixskin material feels the part, the weight and the solid core keep it from completing it's quest of becoming the perfect realistic dildo out there.

What an amazing cock! The Lone Star not only looks great, it feels great as well. After using this toy once, it became my favorite dildo. I would recommend this chunky cock to anyone wanting some nice girth in an easy to care for realistic dildo.

This is completely worth buying! My boyfriend is FTM and as a couple we demand high quality products. This product met up to our standards in almost every way. It is really well made (unlike some other toys) and has held up to pretty frequent and rough use over more than two years!

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