So much like the real deal

Lone Star is by far the most realistic feeling dildo I've ever used. Its wonderfully soft, beautiful, is a generous size and feels truly incredible. But be prepared to spend more time taking care of it to preserve its wonderful qualities.
Silicone, deliciously soft, feels incredibly real.
Requires more care than other dildos.
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extremely useful review


Lone Star is the toy to buy for those who want a largish harness compatible cock that feels as close to the real deal as its possible to get. This toy is wonderfully soft and can be thrusted as forcefully as you want without risking any discomfort.

I actually gave this toy a name, Mahib. I selected the caramel version, in keeping with my unrealized fantasy of being with an Arab man, a fantasy I've had since long before 9/11. Mahib means "magnificent" or "majestic." Those adjectives perfectly apply to Lone Star.

Material / Texture

Lone Star is made of silicone, with a firm core and a very soft exterior. When I first squeezed it, it felt just like soft clay, making me wonder for a second whether it would return to its original shape. It does.

It has only the faintest scent, one you will notice only when your nose is almost touching it.

Design / Shape / Size

This is easily the most beautiful dildo I've ever seen. I've never had a desire to go down on a toy before, but this gorgeous cock inspired that urge. Its very realistic in every detail, with small veins all over it and realistic balls. Even the head has tiny striations like you would find on a real penis.

It feels quite soft when squeezed. Its the softest dildo in my collection, even softer than Mr. Softee. But the softness doesn't hinder it being inserted. Its firm core ensures that. I estimate that the core is a third of the width of the toy. The firm part extends along the length of the dildo but only a small portion of the firm core is in the head. The head is deliciously soft.

Lone Star is a little floppy. You probably can't avoid that with a toy with such a plush, squishy feel. When holding the base in your hand, gravity pulls it so it droops down at a slight angle. If you wiggle your hand, it will wiggle back and forth in a very natural fashion.

Lone Star is a bigger than average cock, but if you think you won't be able to handle this 5 3/4 inch circumference bad boy, think again. Its very compressible and will squeeze to fit.


Lone Star's winning combination of softness and a firm core is what makes it feel so incredibly realistic and effective. When squeezed it feels softer than a real penis, but if its warmed before use it feels delightfully realistic. No other dildo I've tried feels as real as Lone Star.

Sometimes toys of this size can be difficult for me to accommodate, but the Lone Star is so compressible that it fits without any discomfort. I've used this toy many times and I'm never irritated by it, despite its size. I can't say that about other toys this size.

Care and Maintenance

Only water based lubricants should be used with this silicone product.

Caring for Lone Star is a bit of a hassle. I used to wash it thoroughly before and after use, then towel dry it and wrap it in t-shirt material for storage with the rest of my toys - can't have them rubbing up against each other. After a week I noticed what looks like oil stains on the fabric. The oil spots continued to increase in size over time. Then Lone Star developed a disturbing stickiness. No amount of washing has succeeded in reducing the stickiness. Its also either losing some of its delicious softness or I'm just used to how squeezable it is now.

I wrote to Vixen Creations about this. In response I received a short email that said only "Don't wrap it. Let it air dry. Use only a water based lube." I'm going to assume its ok to continue using it since it causes no irritation.

In an effort to return it to its original non-sticky state, I tried boiling it for ten minutes. Afterwards Lone Star wasn't sticky, but only because it was covered with a fine white powder. ?! The water it was boiled in also had a considerable amount of white powder swirling in it. Once I washed Lone Star, the stickiness returned. It also has a tiny black dot on it since its been boiled that I can't remove.

So be prepared to find a place to store this where it can air out without touching cloth. This is Lone Star's one disadvantage. I find it to be a hassle to store it separately, upright so nothing touches it. I now keep it in a box in the closet. This is less convenient, but Lone Star is worth it.


It arrived in a simple clamshell package with descriptive information printed on one side.


Most dildos are much firmer than Lone Star. I use firmer toys as g-spot toys, thrusting them in only a few inches. However with Lone Star, I thrust all the way in and out, much like real life sex. Because its both soft and large, it will massage both your g-spot and all other spots you may have. Its not terribly long I can take its entire length, something that's not possible for me with most toys.

I can feel Lone Star's gentle stimulation of every inch inside me. I'm often satisfied with just Lone Star, but I've found that using it followed immediately by a g-spot toy results in intense orgasms that are better than what can be achieved with either Lone Star or a g-spot toy alone. I highly recommend trying this wonderful one-two punch.

Despite the extra care Lone Star requires, it is an excellent toy that is well worth the additional maintenance. You'll find this one on my list of favorites. This won't be my last Vixskin toy. Randy, I'm looking at you.
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  • Contributor: Bunnycups
    I don't like realistic dildos, but this is a great review.
  • Contributor: Tuesday
    Thank you Bunnycups!
  • Contributor: anon male
    you're right. I'm going to stay put for a while. Will pick up something else later. Maybe Johnny now that you mention it's texture. But I'm getting very selective now......Looking at O2 Mark since it will be great for long term wear.....Thanks for your help.
  • Contributor: Waterfall
    Great review! After using Johnny I have found myself in love with Vixskin! I want to try one or two more, possibly Lonestar and Raquel or Buck.
  • Contributor: Tuesday
    Waterfall, I actually just now tried Johnny and Lonestar alternately. I like Lonestar better. He feels better. I think its that Johnny is so soft that Lonestar gives more sensation. Johnny is curved but the extra pressure hits above my shallow G-spot.
  • Contributor: Minxy
    I just love your reviews Tuesday!
  • Contributor: Tuesday
    Thanks Minxy!
  • Contributor: celibacysucks
    Not a fan of realistic looking dildos but your review made this one tempting
  • Contributor: Hotlink
    wonderful review!
  • Contributor: IndependentlyHappy
    Good review! Your video commentaries are really helpful.
  • Contributor: M121212
    Thanks for sharing your experience.
  • Contributor: Love Perpetua
    Awesome review, the Lonestar sounds amazing! I loved your video review.
  • Contributor: Ghost
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: CalebC
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: whoknew
    Great review, but I'm in the need for some help. My wife and I are looking for a first time dildo for her and we're not sure what size should be her first. Her only form of penetration has been me, and I'm 6 1/2 long by 4 3/4 around. When she's highly aroused I move in and out with ease. I wouldn't say she's loose by any means, but I know something much larger would fit. We're thinking the lonestar might be a good one, but she's a bit worried that the circumference might be a bit large, and we'd end up spending a chunk of change on something that never get's used. We won't be buying many dildos, so I want to make sure the one we get will be a keeper. Any advice on moving up from myself to the lonestar is appreciated!
  • Contributor: spiced
    Great review! Thanks for posting it. whoknew: I imagine you got an answer a long time ago, but if not, I think she can handle the lonestar if she can handle you. Just go slow. I don't have the lonestar, but I do have the Vixskin Johnny. It's outstanding!
  • Contributor: karenm
    Great review, thanks!
  • Contributor: Mr. John
    A really informative review. Thans!
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