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Double ended dildo discontinued

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Mr. Pink is a great toy. I would suggest it to anyone who likes smaller toys, a bit of texture and soft g-spot stimulation.

Mr. Pink is now my go-to thrusting dildo. Those soft, flexible curves provide a variety of sensations that will have you coming back for more! I would definitely recommend picking one up to experiment with. It's great for both partner and solo play.

This one is great for everybody. I didn't think that I would like the flexibility of this Dildo but it rocks and it does a great job with G-spotting. It isn't the greatest for thrusting but the sensations that you get from the shape is wonderful!

The Mr. Pink dildo will be best for those who enjoy slimmer dildos without g-spot pressure and tend to use their dildos for slower and more sensual strokes. The Mr. Pink may not appeal to a wide audience because of the slimmer size, but for people that fit those specific criteria, this is one of the few unique toys like this.

Are you looking for a new experience with your partner? Maybe you crave the flexibility of jelly toys with safety of silicone? Mr. Pink is just what you need. Perfect for couples play, Mr. Pink’s unique design allows him to react to the slightest movement of your body. What’s more is it can be used virginally or anally to suit any desire you may have.

"I may not know much about art, but I know what I like!" And I really like this ArtTOY from Fun Factory. Its modest size keeps it from giving me a sense of fullness, and the flexible silicone is too bendy and giving for any G-spot pressure. But this dildo shines as a thrusting toy. The simple curved end is especially good for vigorous thrusting, and the lumpier bulbous end has many possibilities.

The Mr. Pink is a very unique looking style of dildo. It's this beautiful pink work of art. It's perfect for beginner and advanced alike. He's perfect for everything from kegel workouts to g-spot stimulation the dual ends give you two different stimulations to choose from. I love the design of this dildo and I love the colors, it's just a simply beautiful dildo.

Ok, so it's not really supposed to be a tadpole, but if you like average sized AND smaller dildos, then you'll love how this cute, wiggly, double-ended dildo can give you ever changing experiences in pleasure. Best of all, it's made of body safe medical grade silicone that can last for years with proper care.

Mr. Pink or Mr. Right?

When I saw Mr. Pink, I knew I had to have it. While the name is on the lame side, the design is brilliant. It's unique, interesting, and just plain fun. The wavy curves of the design feel amazing no matter if you thrust or rotate with it. It can even be used on its side for a new experience. The flexibility makes it straighten out when you pull for the thrust, but it's a minor issue in relation to the overall greatness of Mr. Pink.

Displeasing name, pleasing toy

The Mr. Pink, an ArtTOY by Fun Factory, is unlike anything else on the market right now. While it's not quite what it seems like you're getting (it's not dual density) it's super high quality and, if you prefer smaller toys, I recommend it.

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