Double ended dildo discontinued

Mr. Pink or Mr. Right?

When I saw Mr. Pink, I knew I had to have it. While the name is on the lame side, the design is brilliant. It's unique, interesting, and just plain fun. The wavy curves of the design feel amazing no matter if you thrust or rotate with it. It can even be used on its side for a new experience. The flexibility makes it straighten out when you pull for the thrust, but it's a minor issue in relation to the overall greatness of Mr. Pink.
Unique design, Can be used at different angles for new sensations, Wavy shape
Flexibility can make it a little hard to maneuver
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extremely useful review


Fun Factory recently released some new toys to their line, all with unique designs. Mr. Pink is a not so cleverly named dildo in this line. While Fun Factory is great at designing toys with a whimsical appearance, this time they pulled in a designer to work with them. Karim Rashid is someone I'd not heard of before seeing this toy, but apparently he's pretty famous and designs all sorts of things. On his site I could find things ranging from pens to iPhone cases to furniture. All of them look pretty cool, so it then comes as no surprise that the design of Mr. Pink is, well, pretty cool.

Mr. Pink, the designer dildo, is double ended. It features one end that's bulbous and rounded and another that's thin and more of a rounded point. It can be used on its side as well, producing an entirely different sensation than if you use it straight on. It does not have a flared base, so it's best use will be vaginal. The larger end does increase in size, but not enough so that I would personally use this anally.

The larger end may be able to provide G-spot stimulation for some, so long as you don't need a lot of curve or firmness. Mr. Pink is very flexible, which can be both good and bad.

Material / Texture

Fun Factory is known for their silicone toys, so of course Mr. Pink is also made of silicone. Silicone rates a ten on the safety scale as it is non-porous and phthalates free. It is a completely body safe material and can be sanitized between uses. This means it can be shared with another partner.

The silicone of Mr. Pink has a medium amount of drag to it. I can run my finger along it without it hopping around, but it's met with resistance. Mr. Pink attracts a lot of lint, dust, hair, and other things floating around. If you drop it or place it somewhere less than perfectly clean, be prepared to have to wash it again.

The silicone itself is firm and cannot be squeezed inward. Still it remains extremely flexible. The two areas where Mr. Pink comes inward allow for greater flexibility than is seen in many toys. Rather than just being able to fold it in half, you can fold it into a triangle shape. I don't think I've run across any dildo I could get into this shape before, so I was a bit shocked when both ends folded in to bring it to that.

The flexibility of Mr. Pink may be good or bad, depending on preference. It does get a bit of a floppy feel, but not in the same way that a true "floppy" dildo does. I think this is because the flop is coming from two specific points on the toy rather than the overall dildo.

There's no texture added to the toy. It's smooth throughout. There are two symbols on each side of the smaller end that can be felt with the hand. I didn't notice these in use at all, but if you're sensitive to seams these might be an issue. The manual states that these symbols mean "phenomena" and "body." There's some really arty explanations for what these words mean:

When one has a phenomenological experience it is an authentic experience for the first time. My symbol of phenomena is an unveiling of actuality.


Body symbol is our physical being that should be worshipped [sic] and nurtured. It is experiential of our physiological and biological state.

Err....okay? Maybe it's been too long since I've been in the art world, because all that sounds like is airy nonsense to me. Stop trying to make my dildo deep and meaningful, Karim!

Design / Shape / Size

I got some discrepancy on the measurements versus the product page. I'm not sure if there's a special production of this that produces some variation from piece to piece or if there's an error on someone's side. Anyhow, the length of mine is 8". You can pretty much insert all of it if you can, leaving a small amount to hold at the end. The big end measures 1.5" in diameter and 4.25" circumference. The small dip after this is .5" diameter and 1 7/8" circumference. Below this is a sort of S shape which measures 1.25" diameter at its widest and 4" circumference. It comes inward again, this time measuring .75" diameter and 2.25" circumference. The bottom end measures 1 1/8" diameter and 3.5" circumference.

The size of Mr. Pink is best for those who prefer smaller to average sized toys. For those that are new to penetration, Mr. Pink is a good option. You can start with the smaller end and if you're comfortable with that, switch to the larger one. For those that simply prefer toys in this size range, Mr. Pink is a good way to get an interesting design and shape in a toy that isn't too large.

Of course, since it's a special design Mr. Pink looks unlike other toys. The larger end isn't perfectly circular. Rather, it comes out on one side to a slight point where the circle would be widest. From the side it makes an oval shape. The smaller end is a more traditional shape - a elongated oval that comes to a rounded point.

After each end, Mr. Pink comes inward, creating a wave effect. The inward curve on the large end comes in the most while the inward curve of the smaller end is only a bit smaller than the end itself. The middle has a curve that looks somewhat like a jagged S. When placed on its side, it looks very different. Instead of seeing the shape of the curves you notice humps in the design and the wave appearance. You can see how the larger end comes up on one side and how the S curve bulges outward. The cool thing about the difference depending on how you hold it is that it also feels different depending on how you hold it. Between the two ends and two sides, it's like four dildos in one!

The coloring is also of note with Mr. Pink. The center (when placed flat) is a hot pink streak that traces the curves of the toy. Surrounding this streak is baby pink coloring. When held to the side, it appears that the colors have changed sides. In other words, it looks like the hot pink surrounds the baby pink instead of the other way around. The color of this is just plain awesome and I had a lot of fun turning it from side to side to see how the colors would appear to shift. I guess that's what they pay a fancy designer for, right?

This toy is far from realistic in appearance. I'd venture to say that if you put this out on display and pretended it was an art piece, no one would be the wiser. I even took a photo of it in plain sight to prove it blends in given the right placement. Of course, someone with knowledge of sex toys may come around and call you out on it, so better to store away if you don't want to risk it. The size makes storing it easy, as well as travel.


My little disclaimer here is that wavy designs are one of my favorite things in a dildo, so my opinion here may be taken with a grain of salt if you're not as big on wavy pieces.

Mr. Pink is a ton of fun to play with given the unique design and how it feels different depending on how you hold it. Try both ends, but also try them held to the side. I found that the bigger end felt best if I held it to the side or rotated it around. The smaller end I liked best on the correct side. Rotating that end wasn't as good as the other because the dip in size wasn't as noticeable. On the larger end, you can really feel where the dildo comes in and then bulges back out.

I'm not able to use either end to hit my G-spot, but mine requires a lot of curve and a very firm material. Even if I could hit my G-spot with the head, the flexibility would render it useless for that purpose for me. I know some people have good luck with bulb shaped heads for G-spotting though and I imagine this would be a great G-spotter for those people.

The only issue I noticed while using this is that sometimes the flexibility would work against me. Not so much once inside, but on the end I was holding. What would happen is that if I thrust with it, it would stretch out some in the little dip before finally pulling out or going in. I've had toys in the past that had this issue to a higher degree. With Mr. Pink it was only a small issue. I had expected it not to stay put once inside due to the flex, but it really only seems to happen on the end that's outside of the body. The internal end holds its shape well and once angled one way, stays that way.

Mr. Pink is not harness compatible. It doesn't suction in any way.

Care and Maintenance

As a silicone toy, care is easy. You can wash it with soap and water, toy cleaner, boil it for three minutes, or even place it in the top rack of the dishwasher. The only note is that it does collect lint, dust, etc. easily. If not stored properly, you'll want to wash it before use.

Mr. Pink can be stored in its original packaging, but it's bulky in comparison to the toy. If you're short on storage space a plastic baggie or cloth pouch will be a better option.

Only water based lubes should be used with Mr. Pink. Silicone lubes could potentially damage the material.


Fun Factory packaging has never really been my favorite, but they stepped their game up a bit with this one. An outer shell encases a gold box inside. The outside packaging is white. One side features a photo of the toy with "Mr. Pink Karim designed by Karim Rashid ArtTOY Made in Germany." The side panels have one with a photo and one with little bubbles depicting some of the features. The back has the same text as the front in a gold bubble, a picture of the designer in another bubble, and a photo of him drawing the toy in a final bubble.

The inner box is plain gold and much more discreet. This could be used for storage. The box opens upward to reveal the toy placed inside. The manual, which is more information than instruction, is placed below this and difficult to get to without destroying the box. The manual has information about the toy and about Karim. It has some bubbles with pictures that I guess are supposed to make up the instruction part of the manual.

While I am more impressed with this packaging than I have been with previous Fun Factory packaging, it's still not quite up to par with LELO, Je Joue, or other luxury lines. I do like the outer box though as it shows the fun quality of the toy and the art slant to it.

Personal comments

The Designer

If you, like me, had no idea who the guy designing the dildo was, it's worth a quick look at his site. He has over 3000 designs that cover all sorts of things. I found quite a few little knick knacks on his site that looked like something I would buy. On top of his items, he's also done the interior design for some hotels and restaurants. He's won multiple awards for his designs.


If you like either wavy designs or a bulb shaped head, grab Mr. Pink up as soon as possible. It's an incredibly fun toy to play with and is unique to other toys out there. The only instance I would say to skip it is if the flexibility may be a big issue to you. Or perhaps if you really hate pink. Even if you really hate pink this may be worth getting.


I had a feeling I would love Mr. Pink when I saw the look of it. A few hundred toys in and I guess I'm getting pretty dead on with my guess on things, because this has quickly become a favorite. There's just so many ways to use it. Thrust with it, rotate it, try it on different sides and angles. I haven't had so much fun playing with a toy in ages. I'm not thrilled with the pull due to the flex when thrusting with it, but it's minor in comparison to how awesome this toy is otherwise. I love the way the wavy design feels. I find the waves to be much more interesting than a straight shaft or simple curve. They hold my attention longer. Considering I get ADD even during masturbation, that's a big deal.

Even if it didn't feel great, I'd have to give some respect to Fun Factory and Karim Rashid for the design of this toy. It's one of the coolest looking dildos I own. It's so different and whimsical. Of course, I expect unique designs from Fun Factory, but they've really topped themselves on the new additions. Mr. Pink, even though I'm not big on the name, is as visually appealing as it is pleasurable.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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