Double ended dildo discontinued

The Pink Tadpole of Luv

Ok, so it's not really supposed to be a tadpole, but if you like average sized AND smaller dildos, then you'll love how this cute, wiggly, double-ended dildo can give you ever changing experiences in pleasure. Best of all, it's made of body safe medical grade silicone that can last for years with proper care.
Pure silicone, two ends to choose from, looks nice, easy to take care of.
A little too wobbly at times, quite a lint magnet, over-sized packaging.
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Mr. Pink is a non-phallic, double ended, silicone dildo made by Fun Factory. If you're an industrial art buff, it might interest you to know that this dildo was designed by the world renowned Karim Rashid, who has designed everything from perfume bottles to office furniture with a bold contemporary flair. If not, then it doesn't matter-- this toy is rather unique without the added kudos.

Meant to be inserted vaginally from whichever end you choose, it's also long enough to be used anally if you take care to keep a good grip on it for safety's sake. It seems best suited for people who prefer pliable dildos without a lot of girth, but the sensations its shape provides might surprise those who normally favor larger toys.

Material / Texture

Silicone is one of the safest and most sanitizable sex toy materials you can choose, and Mr. Pink is all that. Not a stingy layer of silicone molded over plastic, or a dab of silicone mixed with who knows what, but pure medical grade silicone through and through. Translucent, to be exact, with two wavy lines of opaque bright pink running along either side to create an eye-pleasing blending of color from any direction. It has a dull matte finish, though there are two small icons on either side the narrower end that are glossy: an asterisk and an hourglass-like shape. The mini pamphlet that's included with the toy state that these symbolize "Phenomena" and "Body", but in use they mean little since they can't be felt at all.

The material carries a faint factory clean scent at first, which fades with washing. It's pliable, not "squishy", and creates quite a bit of drag against the skin when it's dry. It doesn't take much lube or other fluid to make it feel slick, though. The only real downside is that it tends to be a debris magnet, picking up stray lint or hairs easily.

Design / Shape / Size

Overall this toy is 8" long, and it offers multiple girths depending on how you look at it. The irregular, ball-like shape at one end is a lightly tapered 2" long, and if you look at it one way it's 1.25" wide, yet 1.5" wide if rolled about a quarter turn to the side. The narrower end is more gradually tapered and rounded, also measuring 2" long, and is 1" wide from one side and a little over that from the other. The center squiggle measures somewhere between the two from either side in a way that's difficult to explain. Suffice it to say, there are no boring consistencies in sensations with this toy, and the size from any angle would be suitable for nearly anyone.


When in its box, this dildo would not be a great candidate for taking along in a travel bag or hiding in small spaces. However, the toy's flexibility makes it possible to bend it around to fit in a Ziploc bag, which would then be easy enough to hide.



All those irregular sizes means that the toy can feel very different each time you play with it, depending not only on which end you use but also on what side you have facing "up". There's plenty of room to get a good grip on either end, and what part remains inside stays straight enough to maintain a good amount of thrusting rhythm. It may not work well for wild vigorous withdraw-all-the-way thrusting, due to the wobble, but it's fine for average use.

What's outside will bend in any direction you need to keep a comfortable grip, and may even be used to rub against the clit or anus for additional pleasure.

The thicker parts of the toy remain firm during use, while the narrow "necks" joining them flex very easily, which may or may not be pleasing to everyone. If you aren't fond of rigid toys, Mr. Pink's tendency to flow with your body shape and NOT get in awkward angles to give you an uncomfortable poke will be great. If you prefer something a bit more unyielding or plan to use it girl-to-girl at the same time, this flexibility may not be such a good thing.

Care and Maintenance

This is one of those toys that takes very little effort to care for. You can wash it with soap and hot water, use a commercial toy cleaner on it, or even toss it in the top rack of your dishwasher. If you're going to share this toy with someone else, or plan to use it both anally and vaginally, you can boil it for 3-5 minutes or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution for added safety.

It's compatible with any water based lubricants, but always remember to avoid silicone based lubricants with silicone sex toys-- most brands will damage the surface of the toys.

If you don't plan to use its box for storage, it would definitely be a good idea to put this toy in something that will keep dust and lint away from it.


Fun Factory has a new design for their toy packaging, and that is a gold cardboard box with a flip top sheathed in a cardboard sleeve that you can slip off from either end. Although rather large at 11.5" x 5" from the front, the box is pretty discreet by itself, with nothing more than a Fun Factory logo and the words "Your Perfect Moment" printed on the lid. The sheath is not so discreet, sporting a big color picture of the toy on two sides, and icons with "Silicone" and Dildo" printed on another amongst other things. The box is sturdy enough to survive without the sheath, though, so you could discard it if more discretion was preferred. Since it's also much larger inside than what's needed to house the toy, you could store a bottle of lube in with it if you wanted to.

A small pamphlet is included that has line art icons indicating how to take care of the toy, which you may or may not find useful. On the back of the pamphlet there are a couple of photos of the designer, along with his short bio and artist's statement.



Alan says:
I thought my wife was going to slap me silly the first time we played with this, because there was something about the name and the way it moved that brought out the Beavis in me. "Wonga Wonga! Come on baby, let me ply you with my Mr. Pink." I couldn't help it, it was just too amusing not to have some fun with. Once I got over my immaturity attack, it turned out to be a right useful toy, though. For me the most pleasure is achieved if we use the shallow end to sort of rub over the prostate. It's not as thrilling as a vibrating toy, but plenty stimulating enough during a bout of oral that I can't complain. For using it on her... well, I like any toy that lets me play without worrying about hitting the wrong angle and hurting her.

Michele says:
At first glance I thought it was pretty, but really I didn't expect much from this toy. I've always favored phallic dildos with a little size to them, so this was something out of the ordinary for us to try. Oddly enough, even with the chubby Kegel exerciser-worthy ball at the end, I still can't get any direct G-spot joy from it no matter how we try. But I really like the caressing sensation the smaller end gives with shallow thrusting. I mean *Really* like it. Frankly I'm boggled that I can get so much out of a toy this small, but I guess it just proves that no matter how much I think I know what I like, I can still have toys surprise me from time to time.

The one thing that I'm not too fond of has nothing to do with the toy itself; it's the new oversized packaging that Fun Factory is using. Yes, it looks nicer than their old wraps, but this is the second new F.F. toy we've had in a week with a box that's way too big for the toy. This one is ridiculously large and won't to fit in our toy cabinet. I wish they would have gone with a smaller package design, or at least included a storage bag like some of our other F.F. toys came with.
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