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Nite warmer Nite warmer

Traditional vibrator by NMC Ltd

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Nite warmer reviews

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33 reviews

If you're looking for a body safe toy that has strong vibrations, look no further than the Nite Warmer by NMC Ltd. This toy packs a punch in terms of vibration, and is fairly quiet if you're wanting to be discreet alone or with your partner. Since this toy is waterproof, it's good to go in the shower, but not recommended for submerging in the bath. This is a great toy for the price.

With the appearance and texture of a semi-hard uncircumsized penis, the Nite Warmer is a large girthed but powerful vibrator. Having more of the material characteristics of jelly than silicone, I am in serious doubt about the type or amount of silicone in the material. The power, quiet noise level and multiple patterns of vibrations does give the Nite Warmer some bonus options. I would have called this The Gambler.....

I liked but not loved this traditional vibrator. 2 out of 10 of the speeds felt good, and the others were not really anything to scream over. It did offer some excitement in the bedroom, and the size was good enough for me.

Overall, the toy was just too big for me, but please don't let that sway you from choosing this toy--it could be the next best thing in your toy drawer--like the drawer my sister-in-law has all her toys in.

Nite Warmer is sure to heat up those nights. Be it in bed, or in the bath, this waterproof lovely is 100% body safe, flexible, feels divine, and has 10 wonderful and strong vibration speeds! It is sure to make you blush!

The Nite Warmer has been such a fantastic toy for me for the past few months! Its size, its powerful vibrations and variations, its safety, and the fact that it's waterproof mean that it is probably my most "reached for" toy. I would highly recommend it for those who enjoy a bit of a larger vibe.

I will forever be faithful to this gorgeous and extremely stimulating toy. His girth is thrilling for newbies while the length is just right. The squishy but firm head is one of his best features. The minimal smell isn't enough to knock him down a star since the rest of him is perfect.

A very satisfying toy, but definitely not for everyone! The size may be too much for some, and storage may be a pain. Overall, it's a good toy for the money.

This waterproof multi speed vibrator is a must have for all women! If you like a realistic, veined, above average sized power house you will absolutely want the Nite Warmer.

If you are looking for a strong multi-speed toy, this may be a winner of a wiener for you. I personally wasn't thrilled by it. I don't know if it was the exaggerated veins or smaller head, but I wasn't completely thrilled by this big boy.

This vibrator is extremely satisfying for its price. I recommend it for beginners! The vibrations are good enough to do the job. If you love realistic vibrators, I highly recommend that the Nite Warmer be added to your collection.

Weighing in at just under 10 ounces, this silicone, 100% waterproof toy is a definite keeper. This 10-speed power house provides pulsations and patterns that are sure to please. Targeting women with shallower g-spot placement, this one is bound to be one of the most reached for vibrators in any power queens toy box.

If you are looking for a toy that is fun simple and may be able to reach the g-spot this could be great for you. It is a great toy not too big not too small. Great for anyone from advanced to beginners. Well worth the price and ease of use.

While I was able to find ways to use this toy, it just wasn't for me. The texture is overwhelming, and it's the silicone material feels cheap and sticky. If you like a lot of girth and texture, you might like this one, but I didn't care much for it.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I got this as a free gift and it was the best free gift ever! I love it over my other toys and I love the girth and texture, it was perfect for me to get that real feeling when my man had to go away on business. I would definitely tell everyone they needed to give this a try for a good solo night of fun!

I hated the feel, the size, the colors, the texture, the material. Actually, what didn't I hate? Oh, the packaging and the strength. I wish I would have never met the Nite Warmer. This Nite Warmer needs a warning label.

By far the best qualities the Night Warmer has is the heavy vibrations and lack of noise. It is a very quiet toy for high vibrations, they are not completely earth shattering but better than most to get the job done right! The worst parts of the toy are the ribs. They are quite hard and can be a pain. It also seems to attract any lint in my drawer, making it need cleaned both before and after use, but that isn't much of a problem.

I definitely feel that the Nite Warmer is worth the purchase. The price is great and in my opinion it goes above and beyond the average traditional vibe in its versatility. It's not for those who are looking for a big vroom.

This toy is worth giving it a shot for a beginner or intermediate user. However; if many of the products malfunction only after a month or so then it obviously is better to stay away from this device.

This product would be great for those who prefer the intermitten vibrations, and the flexibility. The feel of the product being inserted was great, but the flexibility I preferred not to be there.

The Nite warmer is a traditional vibrator made of silicone that does not offer enough powerful to excite me. It's thicker than the majority of the toys that I own, and was just too big for me to use fully.

I would recommend this vibe to anyone except maybe those with a cat that sheds unless you can control cat hair around this thing!

Oh Night Warmer, I'd love to be warmed up by your lovely texture and settings! But since I have to clean you before and after each use, you are relegated to the back of my toy box. I'm sorry, but you're too much work for me!

The Nite Warmer disappointed me greatly. It appeared to be a great toy for me, but the ribs were more uncomfortable than pleasurable, the vibrations were weak, and the price is too high for such a disappointing toy. I know others will love this, but it's just not my cup of tea. I would only recommend it to people who love texture A LOT and don't mind weak vibrations.

A great waterproof vibrator that is super cute and made of silicone. This body safe vibe should be in every woman's toy box. It's a great g-spot hitter for women with a more shallow g-spot.

The Nite Warmer is a silicone, waterproof, multi-function vibrator designed to somewhat resemble the male member. The veins and skin folds on this girthly guy have been greatly exaggerated, making it a perfect choice for those who know that they love a thick textured toy. For those who prefer a lighter touch when it comes to texture or who prefer the slightly slimmer member this toy may be more nite-mare than nite-warmer.

I personally find this toy a little creepy looking. It does have a lot of settings though, and it's fairly quiet. It's also waterproof, so if you can get past the looks this isn't a bad toy.

Ok, this guy would be great for a beginner just being introduced to toys, but for someone who is advanced I would not suggest this. It's not very long or girthy, and the vibrations aren't strong like an advanced user would generally prefer.

Great toy for beginners or experienced users. Soft, flexible, pleasurable all around. Definitely a keeper worth adding to any toy chest.

Excellent power and price make this vibe a keeper! I have yet to find a similar toy to pack the punch the Nite Warmer does.

Extremely good value for the price and I can see this toy staying around for a good long time. It is also pretty quiet for the power it has you could not hear it with door closed and under the sheets.

This is a good standby or regular use toy. It is relatively durable and extremely simple in terms of design. It won't blow your mind, but will get the job done without a doubt.

The Nite Warmer is a traditional vibrator that features a g-spot curve and soft, giving material that makes it perfect for your first or your tenth sex toy. The 10 different vibration patterns that the Nite Warmer possesses are quiet in sound and discreet enough for bedroom use. Along with the gorgeous texture and colors, these features will make the Nite Warmer a product you will reach for again and again!

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