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My textured nightmare

The Nite Warmer is a silicone, waterproof, multi-function vibrator designed to somewhat resemble the male member. The veins and skin folds on this girthly guy have been greatly exaggerated, making it a perfect choice for those who know that they love a thick textured toy. For those who prefer a lighter touch when it comes to texture or who prefer the slightly slimmer member this toy may be more nite-mare than nite-warmer.
Very Girthly
Exaggerated texture
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The Nite Warmer is a phallus shaped vibrator offering up a variety of vibrations settings, and loads of texture and girth. Due to its large size and prominent texture, it may be best suited for experienced users who know that they will enjoy its large size and lots of texture. The Nite Warmer could very well be overwhelming for a beginner.

The Nite Warmer could make the perfect solo pleasure tool, or you could even leave it in the hands of your lover for use together. It is slightly curved for G-spot stimulation during vaginal use. You could also use the Nite Warmer for external stimulation of your erogenous zones, rub it along you neck, back, clit, or nipples. If your man would like some stimulation, you could use the Nite Warmer to stimulate his shaft or testicles too. Even though the bottom third of the Nite Warmer bulges out slightly further than the rest of the shaft the Night Warmer is not safe for anal play, as this will not act as a flared base. Using this guy for anal penetration could result in a very embarrassing trip to the ER.

For those who like to take there pleasure under water, the Nite Warmer is waterproof to be used as your bath time buddy.

nite warmer

Material / Texture

The Nite Warmer is made from milky white and dark pink silicone which rates a 10 on the Eden Fantasys' safety scale. It earns the highest mark due to it being non-porous, hypo-allergenic and phthalates free. For those who are interesting in sharing this toy with others it can be completely disinfected due to the non-porous nature of silicone. Silicone also retains heat very well, if you wanted to warm this guy up before use you could do so by letting him soak in a glass of warm water for a bit. Since the Nite Warmer is silicone you can only use water-based lubes during play. The Silicone that the Nite Warmer is made from is very squishy and flexible. There is quite a bit of drag to the material and I find that it requires a fair amount of lube for play. This thing also attracts lint and pet hair very well, everything sticks to it. It had a slight odor to it when I received the Nite Warmer, it was not very noticeable and can really only be detected if holding the toy up to your nose for a sniff. I cannot comment on taste as I have not, nor will I, lick my Nite Warmer.

The majority of the Nite Warmer is covered in texture. It is stylized to resemble a penis and has texture to represent skin folds and veins that are found on the phallus. I would not call the texture on the Nite Warmer to be closely realistic, in fact it is quite exaggerated.

You will find three folds under the glans head of the Nite Warmer.

On the shaft of the toy there are numerous ribs that are meant to resemble the veins on the penis. However the texture on the shaft of the Nite Warmer looks more like a rib cage you would find in your chest than veins you would find on an erect penis.

About two thirds down the shaft of the Nite Warmer there is a new texture, one that to me looks like jelly fish tentacles. I assume this is where the Nite Warmer is suppose to resemble the transition to the scrotum.
    • Flexible
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

As I have already mentioned, the Nite Warmer is stylized to resemble the male phallus. It has a head shaped like the glans which is about 1.5 inches long and 4.25 inches in circumference, the head is slighlt curved for G-spot stimulation. There is a veined shaft on the Nite Warmer which is 3 inches long and 5 inches in circumference. After the veined shaft there is what I am assuming to be the part of the toy that is designed to resemble to scrotum, this is 2 inches long and 6.25 inches in circumference at its widest point according to my measurements. This boy is girthly, it may be too thick for some users. Overall the Nite Warmer is 7.5 inches long with an insertable length of 6.25 inches which includes the head, shaft and scrotum like area of the toy. Being that this is a larger toy, and that it is shaped like a penis, I would not call it discreet or travel friendly.
toy comparrison
    • Realistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Nite Warmer is powered by two AA batteries, upon inserting these you will notice that there is a rubber o-ring located where the battery compartment cap screws back on, the Nite Warmer is waterproof.

At the base of the toy you will find two buttons that control the Nite Warmer's 10 vibration patterns. One button is a power button that turns the toy on and off, the other is a button to cycle through the different settings. I love when a toy features two separate buttons for power and for vibration control. I don't have to worry about accidentally cycling to off when operating the toy. Also you can find a pattern that you love, turn the Nite Warmer off, and when you turn it back on it will still be at that vibration pattern, there is no starting back and the beginning and having to find your favorite again. For the vibration settings there are three steady vibrations, low, medium, and high and then seven different pulsation patterns.


The Nite Warmer's motor is located about halfway down the shaft of the toy, where the white silicone transitions to a dark pink color. The silicone that the Nite Warmer is made from transmits the vibrations very well and you can still feel them in the tip of the toy even though the motor is a few inches below that. The Nite Warmer may not be the strongest of toys but it is quiet, no louder than a cell phone's vibration. You could safely use this behind a closed door, or in another room, and no one would be able to hear it.
    • Discreet sound
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

The Nite Warmer is made from silicone which is non-porous and can be completely disinfected. To clean you can wash with warm water and anti-bacterial soap or your favorite toy cleaner. For disinfecting you can wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. Since this toy has a motor it is not recommend that it be boiled or ran in the dishwasher to clean, since doing so would damage the electrical parts. But the Nite Warmer is waterproof so cleaning under running water or soaking in the weak bleach solution is completely safe for the toy. I have found that the space between the ridges requires extra vigilance in cleaning to make sure all lube and other liquids have been cleaned out from between the rides before storage.

Silicone toys can not be used with silicone-based or oil-based lubes. These materials could melt the surface of the toy and ruin it. For use of the night warmer you are going to want to have some water-based lube on hand. There is just something about the Nite Warmer that sucks up the lube, so I have found that frequent re-application during use to be necessary.

The silicone that the Nite Warmer is made out of is very soft and squishy, it also picks up dust and lint more than any of my other toys. I find that it is necessary to protect this guy from all lint and pet hair during storage to keep it from looking like a used lint roller. Also I would suggest storing this separate from all other soft toys, as there is a possibility that different toy materials could react with one another and melt together in storage.


The Nite Warmer came in a basic plastic sleeve with the Eden Fantasys' logo on it. While not discreet at all, since the toy can clearly be seen through the package, I find it good to keep around for storage as it keeps my Nite Warmer protected from lint, dust and other toys in storage. While you may tend to want to gift toys that come with more exquisite packaging, this one makes a great gift for a friend you want to introduce to the wonderful online world of Eden Fantasys, as it list some of the highlights of the site like the rewards points and honest toy reviews.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative

Personal comments

This is a toy that I would recommended for users who know that they like texture and girth. When both of those elements are combined in this toy, it becomes a bit overwhelming for someone like myself who enjoys a decent amount of texture but not so much girth. The girth of the Nite Warmer only makes its texture that much more prominent. If you are not a fan of texture stay far, far away from this toy, similarly if you know that you can't handle the bigger boys, look for a slimmer friend, this one is not for you. If you consider yourself a size queen, and do not mind some texture to your toys, the Nite Warmer just might be the dream toy you are searching for. To me this is more of a nightmare than a dream come true.


Normally I am not a fan of realistic looking toys, but the Nite Warmer was offered as a free gift on a large purchase I made recently so I went ahead and got it to try out. First off the realistic look of this toy is extremely exaggerated, the ribs that are suppose to resemble the veins and skin folds on a real penis have been overdone, had there been less of them I might have enjoyed this toy. Overall I found there to be way too much texture present on the Nite Warmer, that along with the girth of the vibrator made it borderline painful to use. I tried really hard to enjoy using this toy, I used a large amount of lube and kept re-applying it during use to attempt to make the experience more enjoyable, but I just couldn't get past the girth and texture on this guy. Since the shaft is only slightly curved in order to get good G-spot stimulation with this toy it required a fair bit of thrusting, which did not produce pleasant sensations with the ribbed texture on the shaft of the vibrator for me. The texture is just too much for me when combined with this much girth, too much stretching with too much texture equated to a very unpleasant stimulus. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a bit of texture, I really like my Pink Double G and it's dual texture, but it is slimmer than the Nite Warmer, so its texture brings me pleasure not pain. The Nite Warmer for now has been designated to the 'maybe someday I'll like it' pile in my toy chest.
Follow-up commentary
I have not been able to bring myself to enjoy this toy, the texture is all off. I normally love textured toys, but I still find this one painful rather than pleasurable. I've tried many times to give the Nite Warmer a chance to get me all hot and bothered, now I've just given up on the toy. It is not for me.
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