Nite warmer - traditional vibrator by NMC Ltd - review by SMichelle

The "Nite Warmer"

While I was able to find ways to use this toy, it just wasn't for me. The texture is overwhelming, and it's the silicone material feels cheap and sticky. If you like a lot of girth and texture, you might like this one, but I didn't care much for it.
Flexible, Silicone, Waterproof
Texture is overwhelming, Silicone feels cheap, Major lint magnet
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This traditional vibrator is a decent choice for anyone that enjoys a lot of texture. Personally, I don't like texture, so this wasn't exactly my cup of tea. I have found ways that I can get some pleasure from this toy, but it'll never be at the top of my favorite toys list.

The Nite Warmer is intended to be used vaginally. It works well for thrusting, if you enjoy lots of texture. I can't stand the feeling of the texture when I thrust with it -- it's just too overwhelming. Instead, I enjoy simply inserting it, and angling it in a way that allows it to hit my g-spot. This toy is very flexible, so it's easy to angle it in a way that'll work for you.

I also enjoy using this toy as a clitoral vibrator -- though I have other clitoral vibrators that I enjoy more.

This toy isn't really meant for anal use. There is simply no base, so I can't recommend it for anal penetration. You could, however, use it to tease the anus.

Due to the extreme texture, and also the fact that the toy is slightly girthy, I would say that this isn't the best toy for a first timer. Beginners are likely to be overwhelmed, or scared, of the texture. I'm not a beginner, but I was a bit scared of it once the toy arrived.

Material / Texture

The Nite Warmer is made out of food-grade silicone, which rates as a 10 on Eden's safety scale. Silicone is hypoallergenic, latex free, and phthalates free. It is also non-porous, which means that you can fully disinfect this toy. This means that you can share this toy, just so long as you sterilize it! Cool, right? The battery compartment cover is made of, what feels like, a durable plastic.

The head on the Nite Warmer is smooth and prominent. The shaft of the toy features many well-defined veins. The veins offer a great deal of texture that can be felt easily while the toy is being used. For me, they offer too much texture! The veins are meant to give the vibrator a realistic look and feel, but I have never seen a real penis with so many veins. So... it's realistic, but not exact.

The actual feel of the silicone wasn't as high quality as what I'm used to. It felt kind of sticky, actually -- which just wasn't enjoyable. The toy also has a slight drag to it, so you might require water-based lubricant. Actually, I find that using a water-based lubricant makes the texture less irritating to my sensitive bits.

This toy has a little squish to it. It's also quite flexible. At the same time though, it feels like there's a firmer inner core.

The toy does have a very faint smell. I cannot smell it unless I put my nose right against the material, and I'm not really sure how to describe it. It's not a pleasant smell, but it's not exactly bad, either. I didn't notice any taste from this toy.

Design / Shape / Size

This toy is pretty big. It measures 7.5" long, with around 6 1/4" of that being insertable. It's about 1 7/8" in diameter, so it's a fairly girthy toy -- yet it's not really overwhelming in that respect. The great thing about this toy is that it's widest point is at the bottom. I know that that's not really amazing for size queens, but it's great for those of us that don't like girthy toys. This way, I get to take only the top of the toy, and then I can stop when I get to the bottom if I don't feel ready for such girth.

The design of this toy is decent. As I mentioned, the top of the toy is slightly thinner than the bottom of the toy. Also, as I mentioned above, the toy is heavily textured with veins. The veins seem to make the toy feel larger than it would have otherwise.

This toy isn't discreet at all. It looks like a real cock (with exaggerated veins), except for the hideous color combination. For this reason, many people won't feel comfortable traveling it. Personally, I have no issue traveling with it, as I'm not that shy about my sex toys. Still, I wouldn't leave it out when family comes to visit.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Nite Warmer requires 2 - AA batteries to run. To insert the batteries, you simply twist off the cap that is found at the bottom of the toy. You then insert the batteries, and twist the top back on. Pretty easy stuff, right?

The controls for this toy are found on the bottom of the battery compartment cover. There are two buttons. One of the buttons is a power button, whereas the other is used to stroll through the vibrations. The cool thing about this toy is that it seems to remember where you left off, so you won't need to worry about finding the vibration setting that worked for you the last time.

There are 10 different vibrations patterns. Three of the vibrations are constant, steady vibrations. The rest seem to be pulsating patterns. On the highest setting, I would say that this is about 3 vrooms, and on the lowest it's about 2 vrooms. Even on the highest setting, I'd only give this toy 2 bees.

Another thing to note about this toy is that it's waterproof. I have taken this in the bathtub, and I'm pleased to report that it survived. Unfortunately, however, my water-based lube did not work well in the tub, so I wasn't able to get much pleasure out of this toy when using it that way.

Care and Maintenance

I cannot use this vibrator comfortably without a great deal of lubricant. So, what kind of lubricant, you ask? Water-based! This toy is silicone, so you can only use water-based lubricants. Silicone lubricants, though nice, may interact badly with the material.

As for cleaning, I just simply use warm water and antibacterial soap. You can also use a toy cleaner, or a toy wipe. Another option is to wipe the toy down with a 10% bleach solution.

For storage, I would recommend putting this in a ziplock bag or pouch. This toy collects lint and dust, like most silicone toys do. For this reason, you should give the toy a quick rinse before you use it.

I would also recommend that you remove the batteries when the toy is not in use.

Personal comments

You'll notice that I have been spelling the toy "Nite Warmer" -- instead of the proper "Night Warmer". This is because the toy is called the "Nite Warmer" -- so, no, I'm not making typos.

The way that night is spelled here drives me crazy, though!


This toy just left me feeling a bit cold. I can get pleasure out of it if I use it in certain ways, but there are several other toys that I like better.

I also think that it is absolutely hideous. It just doesn't turn me on.
Follow-up commentary
Ah, Nite Warmer... you never did do a whole lot for me. This isn't a "bad" toy, but it just never rocked my world. The texture was too much for me, and the material just felt kind of...icky.

I've only used this maybe a dozen times, but I've never experienced a good orgasm with it. I just don't feel the desire to keep trying with this one, since it never did much for me in the beginning.
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