Contributor: BabyCakesx13 BabyCakesx13
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Anyone know if you can clean this with soap and water?
Only ask cause that would be the easiest/best way for me to clean it if I got it.

I know it says dishwasher safe but I don't have a dishwasher!
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Contributor: Ansley Ansley
It looks like it is silicone so you can use soap and water on it. I'm kind of scratching my head over how it's dishwasher safe if it has a battery compartment, though.
Contributor: Nazaress Nazaress
Silicone IS dishwasher-safe but ANY toy that has a motor inside of it is NOT dishwasher-safe. Never put a vibrator in a dishwasher. You'll ruin it.
Contributor: BabyCakesx13 BabyCakesx13
That's what I was thinking Stormy, I didn't think that the whole dishwasher thing was right, but it says it on the page and I believe it said the same thing in the video that's on this page.

I don't know you would boil it either lol.

I think someone needs to fix this page on how to clean it lol.
Contributor: pliskaa pliskaa
I am just going to use soap and water and hope it does the trick
Contributor: lomejo61 lomejo61
yes soap and water should be fine. Make it hot for extra safety!
Contributor: Creepellah Creepellah
I always wash mine with soap and water