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Nite warmer - traditional vibrator by NMC Ltd - review by Kayla

Nite Rider! Vroom! Vroom!!

The Nite Warmer is a traditional vibrator that features a g-spot curve and soft, giving material that makes it perfect for your first or your tenth sex toy. The 10 different vibration patterns that the Nite Warmer possesses are quiet in sound and discreet enough for bedroom use. Along with the gorgeous texture and colors, these features will make the Nite Warmer a product you will reach for again and again!
Neat texture, varied vibration patterns, flexible and giving material.
Lubricant absorbs quickly, can be hard to hold the vibrator.
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The Nite Warmer is a traditional vibrator intended for vaginal use. The curve on the body of the toy makes it a prime candidate for g-spot stimulation for those with sensitive g-spots. This sex toy puts out vibrations as well, so this can work as a great external stimulation toy. However, because of the lack of a flared base, this sex toy was not intended for anal use.

The Nite Warmer is not a discreet toy. It's obvious made in the shape of a penis and has bulging veins all over the body of the sex toy. Even when in its original packaging, this is not a sex toy that should be left out where curious eyes can find it.

Material / Texture

The material for the Nite Warmer is made to be 100% silicone. The vibrator does give off a very, very light scent and only if placed directly under the nose. This is nothing that the average user will notice, and the scent smells pleasant and natural.

The material of this vibrator is soft yet firm. It's firm enough to be perfect for g-spot pleasure and insertion yet soft enough to make insertion more pleasurable. The Nite Warmer seems to be more soft and pliable than the average silicone toy.

The texture included on this sex toy seems like it was based off a realistic penis and then the company ran with it. The vibrator does have a pronounced head and it has lots of veins around the body of the toy - enough veins that it sometimes looks like the vibrator has stripes. One side of the vibrator, along the curve, is barren from texture to better serve for insertion and look more realistic. Although the base of the toy, the silicone gets wider and the upper-texture transforms into this lower, no-texture portion by a small layer of texture made to look like flames. From there, the no-texture portion connects to the base of the vibrator and the vibration controls.

The material does have a slight bit of drag to it, so lubricant seems to absorb into the material at some points. Generous use of lubricant makes this toy much more pleasurable and comfortable to use.

Design / Shape / Size

The sex toy is a full seven and a half inches - 6 and 1/4 inches of that length is insertable. The diameter is 1 7/8 inches which is the perfect girth for most females. The bottom battery compartment portion does make up about an inch of the full height of the vibrator.

The traditional vibrator features a slight curve in the body of the toy to better work for g-spot pleasure. The bottom 3/4 of the length of the vibrator is pink on the inside - anywhere pink can be spotted on the toy is where the internal motors are located. At the top, where the material is clear, this is where the motors aren't at. In the parts where the motors exist, the silicone is much more firm while at the top, the silicone has a lot more flexibility to it.

The bottom of the vibrator features the two vibration control buttons as well as little scoops along the edging of the bottom compartment to help assist in gripping the vibrator even when it may be slippery. Both of the bottom battery compartment pieces are made of plastic which makes them even more prone to being slippery in the face of lubricant. The inside of the battery compartment does have the little rubber piece to make it waterproof.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The battery compartment is easy to reach. The entire black, bottom portion of the vibrator is twisted off and the two AA batteries can be inserted. The inside of the battery casing has little stickers that have been placed to show which ways the positive and negative sides go. Once the batteries have slid in - which is an extremely easy task - the vibrator can be closed back up and is ready for use. Once closed up, the two buttons on the bottom of the vibrator can be used to control it. One button is for On/off and the other button goes through the different vibration patterns once the vibrator has been turned on. Because of the buttons on the bottom of the vibrator, the vibrator is a little tipsy when set to sit down on its base.

The vibrations on this sex toy are relatively strong. This doesn't come close to matching the Hitachi, but it does surpass the vibration levels on most average traditional vibrators. The ten vibration levels that this vibrator includes can be changed by hitting the button and the list of the patterns is listed on the back of the packaging. The vibration patterns include high, medium, and low vibrating, step, hi-lo, dip, high pulse, high and low steeplechase, and low pulse.

The vibration noises are of average volume. This could easily be heard in the same room, but if used under a blanket and behind a closed door, there's no way that someone outside the door could hear any of the vibration patterns included.

The vibrations are focused in the middle of the sex toy at the tip of where the motors are located. However, the silicone material transfers the vibrations wonderfully, so the vibrations can still be easily and clearly felt at the top of the sex toy. The motor produces vibrations throughout the toy, so when turned on, the entire body of the toy will vibrate strongly.

The controls seem to be perfectly placed for most users. The dedicated on/off switch means that the vibrator can easily be turned off when finished or in case of an emergency. The location of the buttons, although it makes the vibrator a little tipsy to sit up, don't get in the way during regular usage and are easy to switch. If the vibrator is accidentally shut off mid-usage, when turned back on, it will resume the setting it was turned off on.

Care and Maintenance

Since this material is silicone, silicone lubricant should not be used with it. Instead, a water-based lubricant will guarantee that the material of the toy stays in nice condition. Attempt to only get the lubricant on the body of the toy itself since getting it on the battery compartment can make the vibrator difficult to hold.

To clean this, use warm water and antibacterial soap. It is recommended that you clean it before and after every use. If you plan on using this with a partner, place a condom on it first and switch condoms between partners.

For storage, keep it somewhere covered. Just by allowing it to sit out on my night stand, the vibrator has picked up quite a few different fuzzies. The plastic packaging it came in will work fine, but it does take up a lot of room. A large-sized plastic baggie from the grocery store should work well also.


The packaging on this vibrator is pretty darned wild. The packaging itself is pretty basic - it's just one of the regular "plastic" packages where the dildo is in slot made specifically for it. Minimal packaging really. However, it's what is printed on the packaging that makes it interesting.

There aren't any nude bodies. Instead, the packaging is all made in pink to match the color of the vibrator itself and text all over the packaging boasts the different features of the vibrator. Some of the text includes "100% Silicone", "Attractive 2-Color Design", "Controls at Base", "6.5", "Heat Stable", "Highly adjustable", "Odorless", "Non-Toxic".

The most unique part of the packaging is a small little "sample" of the silicone in the lower right-hand corner where you can feel a small piece of the silicone to know exactly how the sex toy is going to feel. To open the package, the two pieces of plastic that hold the packaging together just can be pulled apart. The small piece of "sample" silicone stays stuck to the piece of paper that decorated the package.

Personal comments

I was extremely impressed with the packaging. If this was a vibrator hanging at a local sex toy store, the packaging would have caught my eye - that's for sure.

I wasn't sure how fond I would be of the texture itself. Actually, when I pulled it out, I thought that it almost looked like a little tiger because of the stripes. I'm a little unsure about whether this is 100% silicone or not. It feels kinda "grippy" for silicone, I've never seen a cloudy/clear silicone, and it feels a lot more flexible than the silicone toys I own. I'm split on that bill. I may refer to it as silicone, but I really don't trust that it is. Someone with more experience might be able to tell me one way or another.
Follow-up commentary
This poor vibrator just never gets puled out anymore. I just have other toys I like a lot more. However, it still is hanging out just fine after a couple uses, and sitting in storage hasn't seem to affected it. It's a good vibrator though, just not a good one when its main competition for me is the LELO Mona.
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