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Pink rotator reviews

28 reviews
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28 reviews

I enjoyed this very much, so I have no complaints other than the color which is just down to personal preferences.

If you're looking for an affordable glass toy, this is definitely worth a try. This toy was my first glass toy, and it got me hooked and wanting to try more. The texture isn't like anything else.

Wonderful, wonderful toy. A toy that will have your legs trembling from start to finish and make your sheets soaked. It's a unique and wonderful experience that needs to be in EVERYONE'S toy collection.

This is an excellent toy for couples play, foreplay or masturbation. I think it's fabulous and even my husband is excited when I bring it to the bed. He really enjoys working it inside of me.

Overall, I found this toy to be absolutely fantastic! While wary of the shorter length at first, I quickly forgot my concerns once my partner began turning the handle of the rotator. The coil around the shaft of the toy provides subtle twisting sensations while the overall feel of the entire toy rotating inside me left me quaking from all of the luxurious churning the toy created.

The Pink Rotator is one of the cheaper options when it comes to “twister” style glass dildos. It's a solid toy that will be thoroughly enjoyed by anyone.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to juice your lover? To make their juices run out and all over, talk about wet play. The Pink Rotator juicer is a sure way to get those love juices flowing and your lover hot and ready. Perfect for couples play this juicer is great to use vaginally or anally. Experience the possibilities of juicer.

I love this small pink rotator. It's very discreet and even comes in a small pouch which is a plus and need with any glass toy you buy! It's fun to use and is easy to clean. *To read my full review, please click on the link below*

It was my first glass piece, so I can't compare it to other glass pieces, but as far as pleasure is concerned it delivered! The design is beautiful, sexy, fun, and effective! I honestly don't feel any other glass piece can be used the way this one can, so if you're looking to try new things, or if you want a little bit of everything, or even if you just want something pretty to look at, get this toy today!!!

If you are looking for a good G spot toy or a good anal toy, look no further as this excels at both. If you wanted it for the rotation, you may want to look for an electronic rotation dildo.

Overall, I love this product and would recommend it to anyone asking about glass toys. Great spiral texture with a large head and moderately sized shaft. Excellent base piece to help the toy stay in with a nub-like handle to help with every thrust.

The Rotator does exactly as it describes. Let your partner juice you with it, and you will not be disappointed. Well designed, safe for the body and shareable. What more could you ask for?

This item is wonderful! I would recommend it to my friends, as it is very quickly becoming my favorite toy! It hits my G-spot perfectly and the orgasms are powerful.

The Pink Rotator is a wonderful glass toy; lovely to look at and lots of fun to play with. If you haven't experienced glass, or if you are looking for a different type of glass toy experience, give the Rotator a try. Very versatile, the Pink Rotator can be used either vaginally or anally, and it has something to offer almost everyone.

The Pink Rotator is a gorgeous glass dildo designed to be rotated for maximum pleasure. It is equipped with three different textures to maximize stimulation that the Pink Rotator provides as it's spinning around inside of you. Being made from pyrex glass the Pink Rotator offers some advantages; it's a superior product material for safety and it's perfect for temperature play. Leave this in the hands of your lover and they will be winding you up to some of the most intense Os you can experience.

The pink rotator is an unique glass piece that is meant to be spawn in the vaginal or anal orifice for a different sensation then usual glass dildos. It is aligned with thin texture that can be hard to feel for some, but for others it can be too much. The size is beginner friendly, but some might find it a little large.

Looking for some new sensations? Then the Pink Rotator has what you're looking for! Grab the handle and spin away with a toy that's designed to stimulate the most sensitive areas of a woman's vagina.

This is another awesome addition to any ones collection. It is cute, fun, and comes with its own little carrying case so it won't bump into other things inside your box.

This handy little device delivers a powerful climax every time for me. I'm so certain of it's abilities that I use it to cure bouts of insomnia! Even a brief session will leave my body absolutely tired out and rock me into a happy sleepy complacency. It's easy, quick, and oh so satisfying.

The Pink Rotator delivers intense sensations. Well worth the money! Our favorite way to use it is thrusting. With swirls, rotation and a bulbous head for G-spotting, it's a piece that never fails to please. The O's that I get with this toy leave me wanting more. Each time is just as thrilling for me as the last. Plus having a dildo that also gives a deep muscle massage is enough to make me crazy.

The Pink Rotator is a glass juicer style dildo. It's rotating motion combined with it's texture can provide some unique sensations. It works well vaginally or anally, and while it can be used solo, the Pink Rotator really excels as a partner toy. It's a great toy in it's own right, and it could also serve as an introduction to juicers before investing in one of the more expensive options from Phallix.

If you are just starting out with glass sex toys, then this would be the one toy I would recommend. It is a bit bigger than the thin probes and fingers, but it isn't very long so newbies can can get used to the feeling of having something in their ass without putting a lot of pressure on the p-spot.

I have always been a lover of glass. I love the way the sunlight shines through it, the way it feels against my warm skin when it's cold, Its rigidity makes me feel like I am getting a good hard fucking, and I will always have a glass toy somewhere in my arsenal. The Pink Rotator is perfect for travel or discreet use due to its size, and it can be sanitized so you can lug it around wherever you want. Its texture makes up for its size, and this little package can deliver huge orgasms.

The Pink Rotator is one of the rotational dildos that EF sells. Since most of the pleasure endings are in the first three inches of the vagina, this sex toy takes advantage of that to continue to stimulate those endings through a rotational motion instead of thrusting.

The Pink Rotator has no bells or whistles. It's an effective G-spotter for me, even with absolutely no effort on my part. It has a very specific use that produces a unique but not overwhelming sensation.

The Pink Rotator is a glass toy that is used to be rotated within the body, but can also be thrust to please the g-spot. While rotating is not orgasmic, it is very enjoyable to feel on the receiver's end, and to see from a partner's point of view.

If you REALLY want to get your juices flowing to the brim, the Pink Rotator will do the job! It will leave you gushing like crazy, even if you just turn the knob for only a couple of minutes. It is also pretty, fun and interesting to look at, which makes it aesthetically appealing as well as pleasurable. This toy will give you quite an intense orgasmic high, and also give you something to gawk and admire over for years to come!

Overall this is one piece I use from my toybox often :) Highly recommended to heat things up or cool them down a bit :) Either way, it's a great purchase!

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