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The Pink Rotator is one of the rotational dildos that EF sells. Since most of the pleasure endings are in the first three inches of the vagina, this sex toy takes advantage of that to continue to stimulate those endings through a rotational motion instead of thrusting.
Affordable, Interesting motion, unique, pretty toy
Low-quality bag, hard to see pink, can fatigue wrist
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The Pink Rotator is a glass dildo that is intended to be used more in a rotational manner than a thrusting manner. It's about six inches in total length although only three inches of that are insertable. The rest of the length is the handle and base. The toy, at the widest point (which is the head) is about an inch and a half in diameter. This glass toy is made from Pyrex Glass which makes it more hardy than other glass types. This toy is safe for both vaginal and anal use.

This glass dildo does not have any specific packaging to it. It does come in its own little storage bag though. It's worth mentioning that this storage bag is not the storage bag that used to come with SSA Glass toys. This is definite downgrade from the old bags. These bags are just a thin piece of velvet fabric sewn together to make a bag. The bags have no padding at all, and while they'll keep your glass toy from getting scratched, that's about it. They don't drawstring together really well unless you tie a knot in the string, and they won't keep your toy from breaking if dropped. As a sidenote, the picture shows a red bag included with the toy while the bag I received was black, so there might be a variance in bag colors.

The texture of this toy is pretty neat. There are little swirls along the shaft of the toy that can be felt during use. The head of toy is extremely pronounced, and the head has little indentations around it. The base of the toy, when looked at from the bottom, allows you to see "inside" the toy for a really pretty view. The base of the dildo has some little bumps that will add extra texture if pressed up against your body. The little handle has a little bulb the end that makes it easy to grasp - even if you have lubricant on your hands.

Something of note is the fact that the pink is virtually non-existent. You can see the pink on the dildo (barely) on EF's pictures because it has a white backdrop and great lighting, but in your own house, it's going to look like this entire dildo is clear and see-through. Don't expect to be able to see the pink when you receive the dildo. I was actually a bit disappointed by that. There is a minuscule tint, but you wouldn't be able to see in at all.

Pyrex glass is stronger than other types of glass. It's a nice, thick glass that, instead of chipping, will actually break into huge chunks if dropped. It's also amazingly strong, so there's no way your vagina (or butt, for that matter) will break this one, so no worries there. Pyrex is easy to play with temperature since it holds it so well. When I first received mine in the mail, it was downright frigid. This can be placed in warm or cold water to add some temperature play to your sex toy. This will not break easily. It's still glass, so you should be careful, but I've dropped mine on the counter with no problem. If you drop it three or four feet onto concrete/tile, it will probably break though.

This is probably the first toy of this kind that I own. Instead of using a thrusting motion, this glass toy is a "rotator". That means you are supposed to insert the toy then use the little handle to "churn" it in circles instead of thrusting. The little handle works okay for thrusting, but it's a little off-center, so you might find yourself thrusting awkwardly if you try it that way. The rotation motion is pretty awkward to do too, but that's probably more to do with the lack of experience than the toy itself; how often do you "rotate" your sex toys?
Once you get used the motion though, it's kinda interesting. It doesn't hit my g-spot, but my g-spot is stubborn too. However, it does feel really ...well, interesting. There's no other way to explain it. The most nerves of the vaginal canal are in the outer third of the vagina, and that's exactly what this toy targets. You can feel the little swirls on the shaft during use, and you can feel the pronounced head compared to the thinner body of the toy. For those with sensitive g-spots, the large head will probably hit your g-spot. This rotational motion did start to hurt my wrist very quickly though, and since you're rotating against your muscles, when you get pleasure and tense up, the motion becomes harder to do. This is not a fault of the toy, but it's worth mentioning if you have wrist problems already. Overall, though, the toy definitely feels pleasurable with the rotational motion.

The glass can easily be cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap. Be careful not to drop it when it gets slippery. The glass toy can also be sterilized by boiling it or using some bleach. If you want to share it easily between orifices, you can easily cover this one with a condom. This is compatible with all types of lubricant. It can be stored in the cheap pouch it comes in, but I'd recommend buying a more padded pouch if you really want to take care of this one.

Overall, the Pink Rotator is a good rotational dildo. It's the first one I've tried, and it's made me want to try the rotational motion more. This one's pink color doesn't show up as much as I'd like, but it still is a gorgeous glass toy that's extremely affordable.
Follow-up commentary
I still like the dildo itself, butI don't think the rotating sensation is for me. The toy has held up fantastically, and while not optimal, it does work for regular thrusting and insertion as well. The color has not chipped off, there has been no harm to the toy itself, and it's holding up fine.
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