Insert, spin, repeat and repeat and repeat!

The Pink Rotator delivers intense sensations. Well worth the money! Our favorite way to use it is thrusting. With swirls, rotation and a bulbous head for G-spotting, it's a piece that never fails to please. The O's that I get with this toy leave me wanting more. Each time is just as thrilling for me as the last. Plus having a dildo that also gives a deep muscle massage is enough to make me crazy.
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The glass rotator dildo has a handle at the end for rotating, also known as "juicing" for a unique experience. Holding the handle with the Rotator inserted and spinning creates the rotating. It is wonderful, but with this toy I can't resist thrusting!

Swirls, nubs and a handle mean a lot of stimulation! The ribbon like design along the shaft is raised to provide texture. The bottom is decorated in small, raised nubs which also provide some texture when rotating, although I have yet to really notice them when using the toy.

Since rotating with the handle can be a little awkward, I would suggest having a partner to help! I had a little trouble rotating it, but with extra hands, who can complain? The rotating handle isn't hard to use, but it can be hard to reach for some. I like it best for couple play/forplay, but it's great for solo use as well.

With only 3 1/4 insertable inches, this is a good first glass piece since you don't have to worry about thrusting too hard and bruising your cervix. It is glass so you should still be careful, but I found it to be nothing short of perfect for thrusting.

As most of us already know, glass can be cooled or heated for temperature play. You can place it in ice water or warm water. I simply run it under the cold water and it holds for a long time! More about that in my experience section.
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    • Couples
    • Solo
    • Temperature play
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    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool

Material / Texture

The Rotator is made of glass, scoring a 10 on the material safety rating scale. It is non-porous meaning you can use this with any lubricant (yay!). I rarely need lubricant with this particular piece.

Glass, as we've read many times, is sure to be around for a long time, if not forever. While glass is super durable, it's still possible to break, chip or crack so taking care to check for these things before use (especially when it's been dropped!) is important. Another thing we all read often is that glass will more than likely break in chunks rather than tiny splinters. This makes it easier to tell if you've broken your rotator. The glass has no smell and no taste, but for some reason the smooth, cool glass feels nice when ran across my tongue!

Glass is unforgiving. There is no squish to it. It's hard and unlike plastic will hold temperatures like a dream! It's so smooth!

The Rotator has a raised ribbon that runs around the shaft for extra texture. This ribbon is noticeable during use and can either feel amazing or irritating. I personally love the swirly ribbon, but after a rough 10 minutes of play, it can irritate the outer area of the vagina.

The bulbous head is the biggest part of the toy and for some, can provide G-spot stimulation. I have a shallow G-spot so this works for me, but doesn't provide a lot of stimulation there. That's OK though because I don't think it was designed for G-spotting anyway.

It has crevices in it, but those aren't detectable to me during use. The round base has nubs around it, but unfortunately, I hardly ever feel them.

Not that this is extremely important, but worthy of noting still. The "pink" swirls and nubs do not show up pink. Instead, the appear clear unless in certain light such as fluorescent lighting.

Even with the texture, I still have to recommend this. I think it's a great first glass toy, but I would not recommend it as a first ever toy. In fact, this is only my second glass piece! If you're new to glass, the short shaft and 1" diameter makes it a really good pick. The only thing that makes me wary about this being good for beginners is the texture. I suppose for those who really dislike texture, this could be a bad idea. Otherwise, it is an outstanding piece!
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The 3 1/4 insertable length and 1 1/2 inch diameter makes this a great pick for both those new to glass and those who have had plenty experience with it. Since it is fairly short there's less concern with cervical bruising so thrust away! I love the size. For size queens, this may not be enough, but I would think it would still be worth the experience of the rotating. I would also recommend the size for those new to glass. It couldn't be more perfect! Compared to the Icicles No. 16, the head is larger and more noticable.

The bulbous head does provide some G-spot stimulation for those like me with and easy, shallow hot spot.

The base is flat and round, it's a little over 2". I don't know how this works anally as I am far too chicken to ever go there, but it can be used anally. The handle is a small stick with a ball at the end. Of course I was curious and had to try the handle out. It won't provide much of anything for inserting into the vagina, but it was fun to let it get cold and use it.

As for discreteness, this has been an easier toy to hide for me. It's not bulky so it can easily be tossed in a small purse or luggage, but I would strongly suggest getting a padded pouch for it! Since there are no vibrations, there's no worries with batteries or accidental turn ons. I would travel with it. It does make an awesome toy for on the road play, if you're going to be alone with a partner.

The design is not discrete. Even if I hadn't seen it before, I would know what it was and most people probably would. It's best to keep it in a toy box. As much as I'd love to leave it on display, it's clearly a dildo.
    • Partner play


I love the rotating aspect of this pretty little baby, but I have yet to be able to sit through the rotating without wanting to thrust away. I love the rotating and those swirls noticably twirl around inside. I do wish I was able to get more contact with the nubs on the base, but for me they need to be more prominent, I believe. I had hopes that I'd be one of the lucky ones who can feel the nubs against the labia and clitoris while rotating, but I'm not. Still, I can't complain.

Keep in mind this can be taken in the water since it is glass and has no motor! I used it in the bath and loved it! I'm usually not one who can focus enough to play in the bath or hot tub, but this makes a perfect toy for the tub!

I worried at first that the rigidity and the bulbous head would be uncomfortable for me, but it's been very comfortable to use, besides those swirls irritating the outside after vigorous thrusting, which is to be expected.
    • Comfortable
    • Not very discreet

Care and Maintenance

Another plus with using glass (besides the ahh-mazing sensations) is it is compatible with all lubricants. Silicone lube lover's rejoice! And to put the icing on the cake, you can even store this amongst your other toys with no worries. Glass will not cause melting or degradation of other materials and your other toys will not degrade the glass!

And for extra icing on the cake, you can sterilize it with a 10& bleach mixture! The Pink Rotator can be boiled (I believe 3 minutes if you plan to boil it.) It can also be put in the dish washer although I have not used this option. Toy cleaner or soap and warm water does the trick. I actually use Dawn dish soap on all of my glass decorations in my home since it makes it extremely shiny. I use Dawn on this too and it leaves it looking gorgeous.

I had no problems with swirls being hard to clean as others have said with swirled toys. I simply use soap and warm water or 10% bleach solution. If you happen to have problems with cleaning around the swirls, you can simply soak it in very warm water and soap (Dawn works wonders!) and it should come clean.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


As for storage, it does come with a velvet, red draw string pouch, but this will not suffice for protecting it at all. The inside is not padded and only the outside is velvet. There's also the issue of the draw string not closing the pouch. The pouch will work only to keep it concealed while in a purse or something. I keep it in it's pouch and leave it in my toy box, but a better pouch or a home-made one will be the best option.

It came in a box along with a couple other items. The Pink Rotator was right on top only stored in a pouch. It's protected in a box with paper labeled "FRAGILE".

Even in it's pouch it stores easily in my jam-packed toy box. If you plan to travel with it, get yourself a padded pouch.

Since there is no tacky photos on the packaging of this and no sexual words and it does come in a pouch, it would make a perfect gift. If you don't want to give it in the pouch, you could take it out and simply put it in a nicer box/pouch.

It came with no instructions, no papers.
    • Good for storage


Most hard plastics cause me pain and I tend to stay away from all rigid toys, but I had to give glass a try and actually fell in love! Like I said, so far I only have two glass pieces (my other being the Icicles No.16), but this one is my favorite. Letting it get cool in an air conditioned room or with ice water creates a very one-of-a-kind experience. This piece holds temperatures amazingly! After using it for a few minutes, it almost feels hot. I like cool temperatures so this works wonderfully. I'm still so fascinated with the way it holds temperatures.

Another thing I wanted to mention about my experience with the Pink Rotator was that I dragged it across my skin, over clothes and it felt amazing! Slightly running the bulbous head across my body, even with clothing on felt amazing. This resulted in my partner giving me a super long neck/back massage with this which eventually turned into a butt cheeck massage! Ha.

I was pretty amazed at how wonderfully it felt as both a dildo and a massager. Using light pressure, it's like a deep tissue massage and with a small dab of massage lotion/oil it can lead to a very nice massage!

This lead me to trying my Icicles No. 16 out for back massaging and it worked, but was nothing like the Rotator. The thick, bulbous, tapered head of the rotator is perfect for this.

My partner was also impressed with the Pink Rotator. When asked which of my toys he prefers using (on me) he replied with "That one that that spins! Then does *spinning hand motions*. Ha Ha. While he doesn't use toys himself, he enjoys using them with me and really enjoyed the back massage he got with the Pink Rotator. It's been a favorite and I have to wonder if any other will live up to it.

After experiencing a great massage with the glass I had to check out the Crystal Massager by Evolved Novelties which I will be reviewing soon!
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