Like Churning Butter

If you REALLY want to get your juices flowing to the brim, the Pink Rotator will do the job! It will leave you gushing like crazy, even if you just turn the knob for only a couple of minutes. It is also pretty, fun and interesting to look at, which makes it aesthetically appealing as well as pleasurable. This toy will give you quite an intense orgasmic high, and also give you something to gawk and admire over for years to come!
Pretty, simple, small versatile size, lightweight
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If you REALLY want to get your juices gushing, the Pink Rotator will literally do the job. The essence of this toy is how the rotating, churning motion will make your pussy overflow with your juices, regardless of how fast or slow you rotate the handle. I would say this toy is best suited as a fore-play toy so to make the vagina more lubricated before fucking (esp. those who are always really tight, like myself). Or, if you really want to be filthy and nasty, use it to juice the vagina so much to the point where you can fill up a martini glass, or just let the juices flow on your partner's face (or whatever else that tickles your fancy).

Material / Texture

I own one other rotating dildo like this, but this one is by far the prettiest. It is made of glass with pink swirls along the shaft, cute pink nubs at the round base, and some incision-like accents all around the head. It is simple, but oh so gorgeous. The swirled shaft gives off the illusion that it is bumpy, but internally it feels extremely smooth. The swirls (as well as the incision accents on the head) just further accentuate the churning motion, creating more juice and causing an even more orgasmic sensation. The nubs on the base create a bumpy but smooth sensation along the clitoris and the labia.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of rotary toys like this are always unique and fun (and sometimes funny) to look at. It is literally a churning device, and is used as such. The size is pretty small; it can fit in the palm of my hand. It is also pretty lightweight as well. The base and handle is also small, but it's still just about perfect for the churning orgasmic explosion that awaits you.


This toy may not be for everybody. If you don't know how to use a toy such as this, it may be a bit of an awkward and uncomfortable experience. First, the trick is really finding the right position to lie in so it can make rotating this toy more comfortable and fluid (from my experience, the simple missionary position works best, or lying on your side). Secondly, it takes a couple of rotations to actually find just that right smooth and fluid rhythm going when you rotate the handle. It should be smooth and fluid, not clunky. Once you have a balance of finding the right position that works for you and the fluidity of turning the handle, you will really be quite amazed at just how much this toy juices up the pussy. I guarantee that you will be GUSHING.

The swirled shaft will get those juices flowing like nobody's business all the while the nubs at the base will massaging your clitoris and the labia. What's great about this juicer is that you don't necessarily have to just churn clock-wise; you can also turn it counter-clock wise, up and down, side to side, or in and out. The choice of which direction or rhythm you use this toy is entirely up to you; regardless, you will get the same results: yummy, juicy, gooey orgasmic goodness.

Care and Maintenance

To clean this toy just simply rinse with soap and water, and if necessary, you can boil it, bleach it, or put it in the dishwasher. Take special care in making sure there isn't any residue between the swirls or along the nubs. This toy comes with a storage pouch to ensure that it is in a dark and soft place to prevent lint and breakage. You can use any type of lube with this toy.


I LOVE playing with my toys while looking at my vagina in the mirror. I love how when the toy is inside of me, I can see the reflection of my internal pinkness. That alone always drives me crazy. As I kept turning the handle, I loved seeing how my vagina was gasping and gaping with pleasure. When I pulled out, I just couldn't believe how much cum was pouring out of me, so much to the point that globs of it dripped all along my bottom and down to my thigh.

The faster I kept churning, the more cum that just came pouring out. It doesn't even have to take that much effort or energy to do it, a couple of turns, and I'm already juiced. My partner also enjoyed seeing my pussy getting all juiced up and gushing with cum. This also made this toy a wonderful kind of pre-fuck toy to make my cooch all good and ready so he can just slide right in.
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  • Contributor: Alicia
    Well now this is going on my wish list! I've been wanting a rotator but they've always been too expensive before!
  • Contributor: Foxxy Kitty
    @ Alicia- Yes, it is about time that they sold these rotators for a cheaper price. This one will not fail to disappoint, it is AMAZING! It is one of my favorites now Enjoy!
  • Contributor: Waterfall
    Great review! You made this toy sound like a great time! I love glass but have never tried one of this type, might need to get one of these
  • Contributor: Foxxy Kitty
    @ Waterfall- I have tried the steel rotator, in comparison, I think the glass one is far more smooth, fluid, and more pleasurable, definitely get yourself this one!
  • Contributor: seaofneptune
    I just put this toy on my wishlist! I am looking forward to trying it out now! Thank you for the review!
  • Contributor: Foxxy Kitty
    @ seaofneptune- Enjoy!!
  • Contributor: Annemarie
    Now I'm wondering the difference between the Blue Spiral and the Pink Rotator!

    Great review!
  • Contributor: Foxxy Kitty
    @ Annemarie- Yes, both of them are similar in their beauty and their varied textures, and they are both equally loads of fun and both are a must-have to put in your toy collection. Thanks!
  • Contributor: Lustful Dreams
    Great review! I definitely added this one on my wishlist.
  • Contributor: Sammi
    Good review!
  • Contributor: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Thanks ! nice review
  • Contributor: sydney106
    This is one hell of a review! Very nice!
  • Contributor: VioletMoonstone
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: iLashe
    really like your review. thanks. i'd never heard of a juicer.
  • Contributor: alayamae
    thanks for the review!!
  • Contributor: dbm6907
    Great review! Thanks
  • Contributor: richsam
    Good review!
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